Zero Gravity Mattress: What You Should Know

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Quick Overview

Want to experience what it’s like to sleep in Zero Gravity? Well, you may not be able to book a seat on the next trip to Mars, but you can get the benefits of a Zero Gravity sleeping position right at home.
Despite what you may have heard, achieving a feeling of weightlessness is possible without a special Zero Gravity mattress; all you need is an adjustable bed frame.

First Things First: What Is Zero Gravity?

Zero Gravity, or Zero G as it is commonly known, is a feeling of weightlessness that occurs when gravity is seemingly no longer pulling your body downwards. Scientists at NASA devised a Zero G position for astronauts during takeoff to feel as little strain on their bodies from gravity as possible. In the position, the thighs and torso are equally elevated to alleviate lower back strain, neutralize the spinal column, and provide pain relief. Eventually, sleep experts recognized how beneficial this position was to all people and adapted it to be a part of adjustable bed settings.
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What are the Health Benefits of Zero G?

Sleep experts have identified that the benefits of sleeping in Zero Gravity are numerous, from helping you get a good night’s sleep to soothing painful acid reflux. You’ll be able to reduce pain and pressure felt in your upper body and lower body, and aid sleep apnea. Read more about the many medical benefits of Zero Gravity in this guide to zero-g sleeping.

Is there a Zero Gravity Mattress?

The short answer is no. The feeling of entire body weightlessness comes from the body being in the right angle while you sleep, which is not dependent on a Zero Gravity mattress, but rather the bed frame. With an adjustable bed frame, you can sleep in your favorite positions and reap the health benefits of Zero-G.
We offer two adjustable bed frame options, The Yaasa Adjustable Bed and the ONE Adjustable Bed. Both beds work with almost any mattress!

How to Set the Adjustable Base to Zero-G

Setting your bed to the Zero-G position couldn’t be any simpler with a Yaasa adjustable bed. With the remote control power of adjustability, you can shift into the Zero Gravity preset position with the touch of a button. Whether you prefer the Yaasa Adjustable Bed or ONE Adjustable Bed, our adjustable beds are pre-programmed to the precise angles for Zero Gravity sleeping, so all you have to do is press a button, kick back, and enjoy the elevated position. Our Zero Gravity bed options are designed for sleeping as well as sitting up, reading a book, and even doing work in bed. On top of all of this, The Yaasa Adjustable Bed has a sleek aluminum base and numerous luxury features, from USB ports to under-bed storage. Enjoy everything you need right at your fingertips!

If Not a Zero G Mattress, Then What Kind Should I Get?

As we mentioned, most adjustable bed frames, including the Yaasa Adjustable Bed are compatible with whatever type of mattress you prefer, from memory foam to a traditional innerspring mattress. However, we’d recommend you opt for a memory foam mattress for several reasons.

Memory Foam Vs. Innerspring Mattress: Why Memory Foam is the Best

In addition to inventing the concept of the Zero Gravity Position, NASA also takes credit for inventing memory foam, which was first used in airplane seats in the 1960s. With a high-density foam content, mattresses made of memory foam are extremely comfortable and supportive. Instead of looking for a Zero G mattress (that doesn’t exist), try one of our advanced memory foam mattresses. Here are the top benefits of memory-foam:

  • Memory Foam Molds to Shape of Bed Frame: A memory foam mattress is preferable for use on an adjustable bed frame because of its pliable nature. The memory foam is malleable, whereas a traditional innerspring mattress is more rigid. The foam will shape exactly to the setting of the bed frame, whereas an innerspring mattress will shape somewhat, but not completely.
  • Memory Foam Is Better for Zero Gravity Sleeping Support: The intention behind Zero Gravity sleeping is to distribute weight evenly across all points of the body so that no one part feels excess pressure. The precise angle of the bed frame in a Zero Gravity sleeping position provides the right adjustable base, but it’s also very helpful if your mattress is touching all points of the body. Memory foam contours to your shape, so you feel softly supported all night long.

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Why Buy a Yaasa Memory-Foam Mattress

In addition to the reasons listed above, The Yaasa mattresses are perfect for Zero Gravity Sleeping because they provide extra benefits that create a more restful slumber.

  • They Provide Temperature Control: Yaasa memory-foam mattresses are designed to keep you cool. The 2” YaasaFlex Foam is infused with titanium antimicrobial properties that provide a fresh, cool feel at all times. Plus, each mattress comes with a Quilted YaasaCool Cover that uses a humidity-reducing soft weave with our YaasaCool Phase Change Material. This temperature control fabric keeps you cool when it’s hot and warm if it’s cold.
  • They are Allergy-Friendly: All of Yaasa’s products are hypo-allergenic to suit even the most sensitive sleepers.
  • They Feature Built-in Motion Isolation: Tired of being woken up every time your partner gets out of bed? The 2” high-density support foam combined with 6” supportive pocket coil system in Yaasa mattresses block motion transfer from one part of the mattress to the other. Your partner could literally be jumping up and down and you’d sleep peacefully on the other side without knowing!
  • They Support Achy Joints and Relieve Pain: We’re proud to say that our memory foam mattresses can support your body fully by relieving pressure points. If you suffer from neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, or knee pain, a Yaasa mattress can help you achieve comfort, better blood flow, and the best sleep of your life.

At an affordable price point, you can achieve a feeling of weightlessness every night while you sleep on one of our adjustable beds. Use your own mattress or savor the squishy comfort of memory-foam after a long day. Stop wasting time counting sheep — it’s time to hit the refresh button on your sleep system and start getting the rest you deserve!