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Quick Overview

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how to reduce pain while sleeping — or does it?

As it turns out, the Zero Gravity sleep position, which was invented by NASA for astronauts as a way to reduce pressure on their bodies during takeoff, is actually a dreamy way to get some shut-eye for us down here on Earth as well. Designed to eliminate the constant weight of gravity on the body by supporting every part of the body equally, Zero Gravity sleeping may just be the perfect solution to reduce pain and tension and enjoy many essential lifestyle and health benefits.

Believe it or not, you actually don’t need a special zero-gravity mattress or a spacesuit to achieve Zero G, in fact, you can use almost any mattress, including one you already have along with a Yaasa Zero Gravity bed frame. As long as you are able to achieve a neutral spinal alignment, NASA will give you a thumbs up. Commence countdown to perfect slumber in 3…2…1…

What is the Definition of Zero Gravity?

First off, what is the definition of Zero Gravity as a concept? Zero Gravity, or Zero-G as it is commonly referred to, is a state of weightlessness or feeling of near-weightlessness, where gravity’s pull seems to not affect objects or the body.

Wait, isn’t gravity good?

Well, yes and no. Of course, we can all thank the Earth’s gravity for keeping our feet firmly on the ground. However, gravity is also responsible for aging our bodies with a slow, day by day pull downward. Gravity is the cause of much of the strain we feel in our joints, muscles, and bones over time. So, it makes sense that we would seek a way to fight back against gravity’s force when it comes to the negative effects and experience Zero-G while we are sleeping. [1]

What is Zero Gravity Sleeping?

Zero Gravity sleeping is taking the principle of the Neutral Body Position designed by NASA and putting this to use with an adjustable bed sleep system, like The Yaasa Adjustable Bed.

To sleep at Zero-G means that your spine has the least amount of resistance possible, reducing pressure, increasing blood circulation, and stimulating numerous other lifestyle and medical benefits. The body’s weight is distributed exactly evenly across all points, giving the feeling of total support and weightlessness.

How a Zero Gravity Sleep System Works

While sleeping on a Zero Gravity sleep system, your body will be positioned according to very precise angles. The upper body is raised at a 120-degree angle to your thighs so that pressure felt on the back, neck, and shoulders is completely eliminated. This is called the zero-stress zone, which is the best position to reduce swelling and promote wellbeing. Your head and neck are completely supported and are elevated the most. Your knees will be bent slightly and raised to the level of your heart. While this may sound like a game of Twister, it’s actually extremely comfortable; the most comfortable position out there, according to NASA. 

zero gravity sleeping

To make things easy, there’s a built-in Zero-G preset on the remote that comes with your Yaasa bedframe, so you push a button and the bed automatically adjusts to the perfect angle. You feel like you’re sitting in a lounge chair in a spa. It almost gives the feeling of weightlessness — sounds nice, right?

Why Buy a Zero Gravity Bed?

If you’ve been struggling with insomnia or waking up with back pain, neck pain, or shoulder pain, a Zero Gravity position for sleeping may be the cure to your snoozing blues. Our spines follow a natural S-curve that can make sleeping while lying in a flat bed position very uncomfortable and even harmful to our joints and lower back. Even with a memory foam mattress that contours to your exact body shape, you will still feel the effects of gravity putting stress on pressure points in different zones of the body when you are lying flat.

A Zero Gravity adjustable bed frame allows your body to relax in the most ergonomic position possible, raising your quality of sleep and restoring health to your life in one fell swoop.

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While you don’t need a new mattress to achieve Zero Gravity sleeping, you can upgrade your whole sleep system to suit your particular needs. Yaasa Adjustable Beds work with almost any mattress, but for the best night’s sleep, we’d recommend a super supportive memory foam mattress like The Yaasa Mattress. The two-inch high-density support memory foam envelops your body in cushy comfort and is so pliable that it molds to the bed frame in any position.

To further complement your sleeping, our Memory Foam Pillow is great if you have neck or shoulder pain as it contours to your head and neck and supports you in any position. Experience pain relief for your lower body as well as neck and back in the Zero-G sleeping position!

How to Get Zero Gravity Position on Adjustable Bed?

Wondering how to adjust your bed to the Zero Gravity position? It’s simpler than you think. An adjustable bed frame like The Yaasa Adjustable Bed can easily be positioned into Zero-G with the one-touch control system. With the touch of a button, you can go from sitting upright to a comfortable Zero Gravity reclining position whenever you are ready to sleep. If you need to make any modifications to suit your medical needs or comfort levels, you can do so. You can adjust to the Zero Gravity sleep position regardless of whether you are lying on your back, or on your side, because your head and your feet can be elevated to the desired position, not only alleviating the pressure but cradling your body in amazing support.

You can also read, write, or watch Netflix comfortably in a Zero-G sleeping position. The Yaasa Adjustable Bed gives you the power of adjustability, so you can rest easy in any position, including the Zero Gravity position. The bed frame has a sleek aluminum base and numerous luxury features, from USB outlets to under-bed storage, so you can have everything you need right at your fingertips. You can even charge your phone without getting up. Basically, you’re not stuck in one position, which means in this case, you actually have a big advantage over the astronauts in terms of comfort!

zero gravity adjustable bed

A Zero Gravity adjustable base allows your entire body to be supported in the way that it needs every night so that you can get the best sleep of your life. You can combine the power of a soft memory foam mattress with an adjustable Zero Gravity bed frame to create a truly blissful sleeping experience. While using a Zero Gravity bed, it is likely that you will notice better blood flow, a reduction in inflammation, acid reflux, and even less snoring.

What Are the Health Benefits of Zero Gravity Sleep Position?

The Zero Gravity sleep position benefits include improving your health and quality of life. [2] From correcting minor disturbances like snoring to aiding more major body functionalities like heart health and blood circulation, a Zero Gravity bed frame can make a world of a difference to your rest. Below, discover some of the most touted health benefits and pain relief capabilities of a Zero Gravity sleep position.

Say Goodbye to Snoring 

Do you snore at night? If so, you’re not alone. Up to 20-40% of the general population snore on a regular basis. [3] Snoring is a common problem while you sleep that arises when there is not enough air passing through your airways. It’s not only annoying to your sleeping companion, but it’s also not great for your body as you strain for air during the night. The sound you make is caused by the vibration between the loose muscles of your throat and nasal passages. It can either be loud or a low buzzing sound that can interrupt other people’s sleep and be embarrassing.

zero gravity for snoring

The best bed for snoring is one that adjusts to Zero-G, like The Yaasa Adjustable Bed. To eliminate snoring, the Zero Gravity sleep position raises your head higher than the rest of your body, which keeps your tongue from sliding back and blocking your throat. This allows more air to pass through your airways, thus reducing, or eliminating your snoring completely. Your partner will be pleased with the quiet night and you will sleep better as you are able to take in more oxygen. Without snoring, you are more likely to fall into rapid eye moment, or REM sleep, which is crucial to your overall health as this stage is when your body repairs itself.

Achieve Better Breathing 

Related to the reduction in snoring, you will experience better breathing while sleeping in the Zero Gravity position. With your head and torso positioned higher than with a regular pillow, the pressure on the lungs and air passageways decreases. If you suffer from allergies, sleep apnea, a runny nose from a cold, or can’t figure out how to sleep with asthma… We recommend the Zero Gravity sleeping position as a way to help you breathe properly at night.

zero gravity better breathing

When you breathe better, you take in more oxygen, which has crucial mental and physical health benefits for the body. Though it is an essential source of life, we greatly undervalue the importance of getting enough oxygen. Oxygen not only cleanses our lungs, but also rids our blood and muscles of toxins like free radicals, poisons like air pollution, bacteria, and even viruses. The more oxygen you can get while you sleep, the better your mental clarity will be the following day. Oxygen also promotes healing, from external wounds to internal pain and acts as an anti-inflammatory. [4]

Promote Circulation Throughout the Body

The 120-degree angle of the Zero-G sleeping position is the best sleeping position for blood circulation. With your legs raised slightly, blood flows easily, reducing swelling, particularly in the feet and legs and making it difficult for clots to form. For this reason, Zero Gravity sleeping is highly recommended for anyone with high blood pressure, diabetes, or weight problems.

Relieve Insomnia and Sleep Better

Insomnia is so common in adults that there is a national Insomnia Awareness Day to draw attention to the disorder. Statistically, insomnia affects one in four Americans each year. [5] It may be that you have an occasional night where you can’t shut off and fall asleep, or you might suffer from more chronic insomnia in which you have trouble sleeping three nights per week on average. Either way, not being able to fall asleep and stay asleep at night can greatly impact your life and health for the worse.


Sleeping in Zero-G won’t cure chronic insomnia, but it will provide a more comfortable base for sleeping at night. Without pain and with reduced stress levels, your body is in a better state to actually fall asleep. Once you are asleep, your body will have fewer distractions like snoring and pain to wake you up during the night.

Achieve Better Heart Health

The best sleeping position for heart health is definitely the Zero-G position. With your torso supported in a more upright position than when you are lying flat, less pressure is put on your heart. This reduction of pressure means your heart can function more efficiently, pumping your blood throughout your body. Combined with the fact that you have better overall circulation and more oxygen flooding your system every night, you can start to see how the Zero Gravity position is truly beneficial to your wellbeing.

Enjoy Relief from Heartburn and Acid Reflux

If you’ve ever had acid reflux after a meal of heavy or spicy food, you know how painful it can be. Acid reflux happens when stomach acid goes back up your esophagus, leaving that burning sensation that can be quite uncomfortable. Sleeping in the Zero Gravity sleep position, where your head is elevated, can prevent the stomach acid from going back up. When your upper body is tilted up, even slightly, uncomfortable stomach acid can be kept at bay.

Improve Digestion 

Another plus to investing in the Yaasa Adjustable bed is that it can help boost your digestion. Sleeping in a horizontal position can hinder your digestion, but when your upper body is positioned higher, your digestive system will function more efficiently.

Better digestion will result in a healthier gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Having a healthy GI tract means that you can achieve a better night’s sleep without stomach upset and a feeling of being refreshed, not sluggish in the morning. Having a balanced GI tract can actually promote weight loss by stimulating the removal of toxins in the body. Some other possible benefits you can experience from achieving a healthy GI tract include a better mood, increased mental clarity, and more energy.

What are the Pain Relief Capabilities of Zero Gravity Sleeping?

Pain, pain, go away! How can you get rid of pain while sleeping? Incredibly, the Zero Gravity position was invented to relieve pressure and also, to help people suffering from pain in specific areas. Below, discover some of the pain relief capabilities of Zero Gravity Sleeping.

Relieve Pressure Points

Many people who suffer from chronic pain seek out a Zero Gravity bed frame to help them prevent pressure points from being aggravated. Our spines are not flat, so it makes sense that our beds should not be either. An ordinary bed can put undue stress on places like your neck, back, shoulders, and knees, causing tension and pain. By perfectly angling your body to support the S-curve of your spine, a Zero Gravity bed eliminates the pressure on these vulnerable points of the body.

Reduce Back Pain 

80% of adults experience neck or back pain at some point in their lives. [6] If this is currently you — take the steps to relieve the pressure so that you can actually heal. According to MattressInsider.com CEO Jonathan Prichard, by resting in the best bed for back pain, you can relieve any lower back pain you may have. As an added bonus, you can stretch your back in bed with the one-touch button system that can take you from upright to lying flat. You can experiment to find the most comfortable position for your body and add in pillows as necessary.

How To Sleep With Lower Back Pain And Sciatica

Reduce Hip Pain

Whether you have a condition like bursitis or are simply sleeping wrong on your hip, getting the best bed for hip pain can help to alleviate your symptoms. It is even possible that your back pain is causing your hip to hurt, so investing in the proper bedding can solve multiple problems and keep more from arising.

Reduce Neck and Shoulder Pain

The best bed for shoulder pain and neck pain is one where you can rest in the Zero Gravity sleeping position. It aids your neck by placing it in the same alignment with your head and shoulders as when you are standing up. This neutral body position eliminates disc pressure on the neck and shoulders, so your spine is protected and supported while you sleep. You will find that with a combination of the right neck pillows, your neck and shoulders are more comfortable than ever with a Yaasa adjustable bed.

neck pain

Relieve Sore Muscles and Joints

By taking away the pressure on the body felt by gravity, the Zero Gravity position can be an effective way to find comfort for all those aches and pains. The Yaasa Adjustable Bed even lets you save your own personalized adjustments to the Zero Gravity memory position so that your body can achieve the maximum possible relief, all from the comfort of your own bed.

Reduce Foot Swelling

There are numerous reasons why your feet might experience swelling, from walking or standing all day to pregnancy. When your feet are very swollen and you suffer from edema, it can be difficult and even painful to move around. To reduce swelling, a Zero Gravity bed elevates your feet so that your blood circulation flows better throughout your body, rather than pooling at the feet. This eliminates swelling overnight so that you feel refreshed and healthy in the morning. Plus, your shoes will fit again!

zero gravity adjustable bed

To Sum It All Up…

We have NASA to thank for the concept of Zero Gravity, but you only have yourself to thank for making comfort a reality at home.

The Zero Gravity position is one of the most comfortable positions to relax, read, watch tv, play video games, or even just spend time with your loved ones. It can help with pre-existing health conditions like back pain or neck pain from sleeping and can ease you into a full night of sleep with its comfortable design.

Living in constant pain is no way to spend your one, precious life, so take a weight off and experience the many lifestyle benefits of Zero Gravity sleeping for yourself!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to sleep in a zero gravity position?

Yes, it is completely safe and recommended for many people. A zero gravity position aligns the body so that pressure is evenly distributed, giving you a weightless feel. This prevents strain to any one area and is great for people with back and neck pain, poor circulation, swelling, digestive issues, and more.

Is a zero gravity sleep position good for back pain?

Our spines follow a natural S-curve that can make sleeping while lying in a flat bed position very uncomfortable and even harmful to our joints and back. Sleeping in a zero gravity position eliminates the stress put on the spine, allowing you to rest in the most ergonomic position possible. This can help relieve back pain.

How do you get the zero gravity position on an adjustable bed?

Many adjustable beds will come with the zero gravity position already programmed onto the remote control to make it easy. If it has not been programmed, you should set the upper body at a raised incline that is approximately 120 degrees to your thighs. Your knees should be bent slightly and raised to the level of your heart.