5 Ways to Work From Home Like a Boss

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Quick Overview

Stuck at home under quarantine? Us, too. Since the outbreak of coronavirus, many people have moved their work home to stay productive and prevent the spread of COVID-19. This has created some major lifestyle changes as we all persevere without our colleagues nearby. Here are some easy tips to follow to get into a work from home flow!

1. Stick to Your Regular Morning Schedule

Even though you don’t have to travel to work, you should wake up at the time you usually do. Drink your coffee, take a shower, and do your normal morning routine. Then, put on real clothes; this is essential. It’s very tempting to stay in your pjs all day. No one will see you, so why does it matter what you’re wearing? Believe it or not, there’s a science to getting suited up in the morning. It gets your head in the right space so that you can be productive and not feel like you’re ready to go back to bed at any moment. Plus, it will come in handy when your boss conference calls you out of the blue.

2. Create a Comfortable Workspace

Your setup is probably the most important part of mastering your work from home routine. You have to be comfortable, supported, and not distracted by clutter lying around like laundry and takeout containers. Choose a quiet space where roommates won’t barge in unannounced. Do a little tidying before you start to work, but don’t let this cut too much into the time you should be working. Starting with a clean slate will keep you from getting distracted throughout the day.
In a small apartment or shared house, you may not have a desk from which to work. If this is the case, you can use your adjustable bed as a makeshift chair. With the one-touch button system, The Yaasa Adjustable Bed can go from lying flat to upright in a completely supportive position that’s comfortable for sitting all day.
There are USB slots and lights on the bed frame, so you can plug in your phone and have enough light to read. If you’re going to do work on your adjustable bed, we recommend raising your legs up or putting a raised tray on your lap so that your laptop is propped up. This will protect your neck from straining to look downward.
If you’d rather use a desk, opt for one that’s engineered to adjust to all your needs and activities. Standing and sitting ergonomically helps alleviate pressure where needed, and effectively reduces back aches and pains. There are numerous standing desk health benefits that make it well worth any investment. It’s also arguably the best desk for students.

3. Pick 5 Things to Get Done and Time Block Your Day Around Them

Working from home can be really distracting for many, particularly if you’re not used to it. To help organize your calendar, pick five crucial things to get done that day and then set limits on how long to spend on each. For example, you might need to spend an hour responding to emails, two hours writing a press release, two hours working on a project, etc. It may take longer or shorter than you think to finish these tasks, but at least you have a general timeline of what to expect from the day.
Don’t work more than the regular hours you would at the office — this can lead to a burnt out feeling that is counterproductive. Anything that you haven’t gotten done, put it on your five item to-do list for the next day.

4. Check-in with your Co-workers Often

This is a great time to work on your office communication skills. Checking-in on what your colleagues are doing is beneficial to stay connected with the team and keep yourself motivated. Plus, it’s a little way of making sure they know you’re not slacking off and sleeping until four. Keeping each other accountable will make for a much more productive work from home routine.

5.  Take Little Breaks Throughout the Day

It’s hard to sit alone all day working and you deserve a break! Normally you would have a nice lunch with your colleagues or at least stop to chat before a meeting. When you’re home alone, let yourself have little breaks to stretch. You can even take your dog for a walk around the block to enjoy a bit of sunshine, or take a refreshing power nap under a weighted blanket – something you likely can’t do while at the office! Taking these small breaks will keep you feeling upbeat in mind and body.

Working remotely is a dream for some and a recipe for going stir crazy for others. Hang in there, it won’t last forever. This can be a great time for self-reflection and creativity as it’s necessary to be innovative in a time like this. Try to stay focused and savor the freedom before it’s back to wearing shoes everyday!