Why The Yaasa Adjustable Bed Is Better Than The Sleep Number Adjustable Bed 2019

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Why The Yaasa Adjustable Bed Is Better Than The Sleep Number Adjustable Bed 2019

The demand for the adjustable base has been on the rise over recent years, as people see the value of having control of their sleep position at night with just the touch of a button to improve their night’s sleep. Often associated with hospital use, the adjustable frame has come a long way over the years to serve its users in the comfort of their own homes.
For sure, you’ve come across several mattress manufacturers that are offering an adjustable base, such as the Sleep Number adjustable bed and the Yaasa adjustable base. If you are having a hard time deciding which of the two you should get, let’s compare them first.
Yaasa Adjustable Bed Is Better Than The Sleep Number Adjustable Bed

Sleep Number Adjustable Bed

The adjustable Sleep Number bed comes in different sizes to match the mattress that you have, including adjustable legs to add or reduce the height of your bed as you see fit. The sizes available for purchase are Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King. If you check out the Sleep Number store, you will find that they are offering the FlexFit Adjustable Base which comes in three variations:

  • FlexFit 1. The key feature of the FlexFit 1 is that it comes with smartphone compatibility, where you can pre-program your adjustable bed frames using your handheld device. There are numerous positions to choose from, plus it comes with their patented, Partner Snore Technology where the sleeping position of your snoring partner can be adjusted without waking them up. Also, this Sleep Number adjustable bed comes with under-bed lighting, so in case you need to go to the bathroom at night, you will not stumble around.
  • FlexFit 2. This FlexFit adjustable Sleep Number has the same features as the previous one; however, this option is equipped with numerous head and foot positions.
  • FlexFit 3. What makes this FlexFit stand apart from the first two is that it now comes with a foot warming option which can help you fall asleep faster. [1]


Who Can Use Sleep Number Adjustable Mattress?

Is the adjustable bed sleep number for you? If you are wondering whether or not you should invest in the FlexFit, you should consider these factors:

  • If your preferred mattress is an air bed. The heart of the Sleep Number bed is the adjustable air mattress, so if you are into this kind of mattress, then it is certainly worth the investment since it gives you complete control over how much air you wish to have on your side of the bed or your partner’s.  
  • People with medical conditions or injuries. If you are suffering from acid reflux, snoring, or have a bad back, the combination of adjustable mattresses and FlexFit bases make it easier for you to find the comfort that you need, regardless of whether you want to sit up or lie back down.  
  • Couples with different sleep positions. If you have a partner who has a different preference when it comes to the firmness of their mattress, the Sleep Number mattress is going to be a great option for you to consider. The dual air chambers of these mattresses give you control on how firm your side of the bed will be. They even have a comfort layer too that can be adjusted as you see fit. [2]


The Downside of Sleep Number Bed Adjustable

Although the adjustable sleep number beds do provide a comfort layer for you to enjoy, the Number mattress and adjustable base may have some downsides to them as well such as:

  • Foam insert. Couples may feel uncomfortable when they need to cuddle because the mattress has a foam insert in the middle.
  • Trapped heat. Customers are complaining about the heat that gets trapped in the mattress which can be problematic when they sleep.
  • Thin foam toppers. Thin toppers can make firmer bed settings to be too hard, particularly for side sleepers. [3]
  • Mattress compatibility. The adjustable base may not be compatible with all types of mattresses in the market, and it doesn’t come with a free mattress either.

Yaasa Adjustable Bed

Now that you have an idea on what adjustable Sleep Number beds are all about, another option that you should consider is the Yaasa adjustable base. This brand is dedicated to providing its customers with a good night’s sleep that you can get with just the press of a button. If you are wondering what sets this apart from the rest, here are some features that you can get from it.
Yaasa Adjustable Bed Is Better Than The Sleep Number Adjustable Bed

  • Wall sliding technology. Yaasa’s adjustable bed frame comes with a wall sliding technology that will not take you away from your nightstand. This way, even when you raise the head of your bed, you can still reach for things on your nightstand easily.
  • Backlit wireless remote. You don’t have to turn on the lights just to adjust the position of your mattress because the remote control is backlit for you to easily see the buttons even at night. You don’t even have to worry about losing it while in bed, as the backlight will make it easy to locate.

Yaasa Adjustable Bed Is Better Than The Sleep Number Adjustable Bed

  • USB ports. What other features does Yaasa adjustable base have? Well, there are USB ports conveniently located on either side of the base, so you can stay connected to your devices even while in bed. You can work on your laptop, tablet, or even your smartphone while you are enjoying the comforts of an adjustable base with foam mattresses.

Yaasa Adjustable Bed Is Better Than The Sleep Number Adjustable Bed

  • Under bed storage. Because of the sleek design of the Yaasa adjustable bed, you will find that there is plenty of storage space available underneath it. This is important, especially when you have limited foot space in your bedroom because you can easily store your personal items out of sight, under your bed.

Yaasa Adjustable Bed Is Better Than The Sleep Number Adjustable Bed

  • Mattress compatibility. Unlike the Sleep Number where its compatibility with other mattresses is minimal, you will find that Yaasa adjustable base can be used with all kinds of mattresses, from memory foam mattresses, to latex mattresses, and even hybrid innerspring mattresses. Plus, it can easily fit any existing bed frame.
  • One touch flat sleep. With just one touch on your remote, you will be able to bring your adjustable base back to its original position. [4]


Why Choose Yaasa Adjustable Bed?

The FlexFit has certainly gained a following ever since it was first introduced into the market, but it seems that Yaasa has already picked up traction too, with customers seeing the value of investing in this type of adjustable bed for their home. If you are wondering why you should choose this brand, here are a few more reasons as to why you should.

  1. Great for alleviating pain. If you are suffering from sciatica pain, back pain, GERD, or any other discomforts, lying down on foam mattresses placed on top of an adjustable bed frame is guaranteed to provide you with relief from the usual aches and pains you may be experiencing.  
  2. Changing sleep positions. Sometimes it is hard for us to find a suitable sleeping position to help us fall asleep quicker and better, which is why having an adjustable frame that can provide you with plenty of control with just a remote, would be desirable. You can raise your upper body, or your feet, or even go into a zero-gravity position if you like. It will not be long before you find an adequate sleeping pose that will guarantee you with top-quality sleep.
  3. Compatible with various mattresses. As mentioned before, Sleep Number’s adjustable bed is compatible with their air mattresses only. In the case of Yaasa, however, you can use any mattress that you like. This is great especially when your mattress is still in good condition and you’d still like to use it. If you have a tempur-pedic mattress,  a foam mattress, or anything similar to the two, you can easily use it on your adjustable bed.
  4. Operational with other bed frames. What else is there to like about this adjustable frame? Well, it can still work without its legs, which means that you can place it in the middle of your existing bed frame too. This is perfect especially when you want to keep your current bed frame. This feature means that there is less cost on your end.
  5. Cleaner sleeping environment. Yaasa’s adjustable bed base is also advantageous to your health because it is easy to clean. Since it is made from aluminum and wood panels, there is no chance for dust mites and bed bugs to make a home in your bed.
  6. Easy to move. Another reason why you should choose this smart bed is that it is easy to move from one room to the next. This is because of the lightweight design of the bed frame which means that you won’t have to struggle when trying to move it around. [5]

There is nothing wrong with going FlexFit, but if you want to get the best value for your adjustable base, Yaasa has you covered. From queen size beds to split king type, you will always find an adjustable frame to fulfill your needs. Why worry about compatibility issues with your mattress, when this brand can accommodate them all? If you want to get the best value for your money, this is the brand that you should go for.