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Quick Overview

Sleep is crucial. If you are having a hard time falling asleep and waking up with aches and pains, it may be time to evaluate your sleeping environment, specifically your bed base and mattress. A lot has changed in the bed and mattress world. If you want a little bit of DIY sleep therapy, it may be time for a “do-over” and look at one of the top-rated adjustable bed frames and shop for a new mattress.

What is the Top-Rated Adjustable Bed in 2018?

Top Rated Adjustable Bed

What makes a good bed? A bed base and mattress that serves your needs. Bed frames have changed a lot thanks to technology. If you are looking for the best adjustable bed mattress, the Yaasa® adjustable bed is a perfect choice. A Yaasa® adjustable makes your bed the perfect sleeping sanctum, as it is easy to change your sleeping position from your head to feet with the touch of a button. Add to it, Yaasa’s hybrid mattress made of special foam and pocket coils and you won’t have to worry about undue pressure on your joints.

A bed base matters regardless of whether you want to watch TV while in bed, work on your laptop, alleviate your snoring, or decrease body aches. Yaasa® adjustable bed bases and hybrid mattress can be invaluable.[1] You’ll no longer have to constantly prop your head or back with pillows because of the adjustable bed frame. Furthermore, a Yaasa® mattress includes an Edge to Edge pocket coil system so the mattress will not fail you when you sit on the edge of the bed.

Benefits of A Yaasa Adjustable Bed

Why should you invest in Yaasa® adjustable bed? This modern adjustable frame is the result of 20 years of evolving technology. A Yaasa® adjustable allows you to make your bed an oasis of comfort, workstation, and entertainment hub. With their special bed frame, you can adjust the head of the bed, foot of the bed or both simultaneously using a simple remote control. A Yaasa® adjustable work well with a memory foam mattress, hybrid mattress, or pocket coil mattress.

There’s a reason that electric beds are popular in hospitals. Since bed frames can be adjusted, sleepers are able to find relief from various symptoms such as edema, sleep apnea, acid reflux, snoring, fibromyalgia, and other illnesses and conditions with the help of a type of moveable frame.[2]

Yaasa Sleep System Benefits
In addition, adjustable bed frames are particularly in demand by those with mobility issues. Those with severe mobility issues can reduce stress on their joints and other pressure points via remote control. Adjustable bed bases also allow sleepers to get out of bed with ease because the bed frame can be adjusted to a sitting position to make it easier to swing their legs off the bed.
Yaasa® adjustable bed bases allow you to elevate the head of the bed, foot of the bed, or both the head and foot. This special frame allows pressure relief throughout the body to ensure a good sleep.
But, why wait until you need a moveable frame to take advantage of its benefits?  Any age can benefit from the comfort of an adjustable bed base. Whether you want your child to be alert for their next day lessons, you need to be up and moving on a daily basis or you want your elderly loved one to find pain relief, the Yaaza adjustable bed is the perfect solution to a refreshing sleep for the entire family. Their bases ensure movement from head to toe.
Yaasa Sleep System Benefits

  1. Wall sliding technology. A Yaasa adjustable bed stands out from the crowd of electric beds due to numerous features. For instance, this adjustable base includes wall sliding technology. That means, no more overreaching when you adjust the head and want to grab your drink off the nightstand. The Yaasa frame affords wall sliding technology allows your mattress to sway back. This means that your head is raised while your body will remain in its original position.[3]
  2. USB outlets. Another feature that you can enjoy is that a Yaasa’s adjustable base comes with USB ports on either side of the bed frame. These built-in USB outlets come in handy for those who use their electrical gadgets while in bed. Neither you or your partner will have to worry about charging their mobiles or tripping over unsightly cords. The USB ports were smartly placed on the underside of the frame within easy reach.
  3. Under bed storage. Do you take advantage of under bed storage? You’ll be able to continue with a Yaasa it doesn’t take up there is plenty of still under bed storage. Its minimalist design frame helps provide precious bedroom space while still providing maximum comfort.
  4. Backlit wireless remote. Another feature that you will love about Yaasa’s adjustable bases is that it comes with a backlit wireless remote control. No longer will you lose your remote in the dark. Its sleek design with light adjusting LED is just the item you need to settle yourself in for a good night’s sleep.[4]
  5. One touch flat sleep. What else can you get from Yaasa adjustable? You don’t have to worry about returning your bed to a flat position by pressing a multitude of buttons. With Yaasa’s One Touch Flat Sleep, you can return the bed base to a flat position with just a press of one button.

An Adjustable Bed Deserves A Quality Mattress

Best rated adjustable bed
The quality and perks of your adjustable bed base do not matter if your mattress does not provide comfort. It’s true that there are several mattresses does being sold today, but you need to keep in mind that you should look for a mattress that is flexible, durable, and one that can withstand the constant adjustment on your bed frame. Most mattresses are compatible with a Yaasa adjustable base. These adjustable bases work well with memory foam, pocket coil, hybrid, foam mattress, gel-infused memory foam, high-density foam. In fact, only innerspring mattresses are not recommended with any moveable bed base.

A Quality Mattress
Yaasa offers two types of hybrid mattresses: The Yaasa Mattress and the ONE Mattress. All include pocket coils and foam to offer you the best of both worlds. All YAASA Mattresses are made in the USA.

The Yaasa Mattress
Yaasa understands that people have different firmness needs. The Yaasa Mattress has both a soft and firm version. Both types of hybrid mattresses are 12 inches thick. They include a removable Tencel cover and premium leather moving handles. All Yaasa mattresses are adjustable compatible.

  • The Yaasa Mattress: Soft.
    Enjoy 2” of Cooling infinity foam before the bed transitions to 1” Hybrid Transition Foam. Then, the bed employs an 8” Edge-to-Edge Coil System followed by 1”High-Density Support. On the bottom of the mattress is another layer of foam.
  • The Yaasa Mattress: Firm.
    For those that prefer a firmer mattress, Yaasa has you covered with their Yaasa Firm. Sleepers will enjoy lying on 1” Cooling Infinity Foam followed by 2” of Responsive Natural Latex. Similar to the Yaasa Soft, there is an 8” Edge-to-Edge Support Coil System. On the bottom, of the mattress is 1” Density Support followed by a final layer of foam.
  • The ONE Mattress
    This mattress offers 4 layers culminating in a 10-inch thick mattress. Enjoy ¾ Cooling Infinity Foam on top of 2” Hybrid Transition Foam. The middle of the mattress is 6” of an Edge-to-Edge Coil System. Next to the coils is ¾”High-Density Support, followed by a Foam bottom. The One Mattress has a quilted top and includes kevlar stitching.

Customize Your Bed

Even the best partners have different sleeping needs. Yaasa® thought of you when they developed their split king dual adjustable bed. Each side uses a twin XL mattress providing both partners plenty of room. For further personalization, each partner controls their own side of the bed. The split king frame may be the perfect solution for those with individual comfort needs.

Yaasa ONE Sleep System

best adjustable bed in 2018

Are you afraid you’ll lose sleep over the cost of this top-rated adjustable mattress set? Put your worries to rest with a Yaasa ONE Sleep System. The Yaasa ONE Sleep System includes a Yaasa One Mattress when you purchase a Yaasa adjustable bed frame.

These days taking care of our bodies is a 24-hour job. We’ve learned the importance of keeping our muscles strong and eating healthy. Just like weightlifters use adjustable dumbbells, it’s now time for adjustable bed frames. Elevating the head and foot for pain control, work ease, or to ease breathing all make a difference in our health and well-being. With the Yaasa special bed base if your child has allergies sleeping with the head elevated a bit can help support a good night’s sleep.

Yaasa understands that “one-size-does-not-fit-in.” That’s why they’ve specialized in moveable bed frames and different mattress firmness. Yaasa recognizes that the one thing everyone feels has in common is that we all feel better after we sleep well.