The Future of Bed Time

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Quick Overview

When you hear the phrase “adjustable bed” your mind may track back to those creepy hospital rooms of the past. Let us tell you, they are much more than that today.
Think of it as customizing the way you position your rest and sleep. The health of your body doesn’t end when you hop into bed, this is actually a crucial time for your body to reboot itself for the next day to be refreshed and alive.
The Yaasa Adjustable Bed is your one-way ticket to the future of beds. It’s time to debunk the myths and make you realize what you’re missing out on!

Aren’t adjustable beds only for hospitals?!

Adjustable beds are seen in hospitals, but today they play a huge role in perfecting your rest and sleep and are the perfect accessory to any bedroom.
Why should you only have the ability to adjust your bed when you’re not feeing one-hundred percent? You should have the ability to choose your perfect position whenever you’re in bed, and now you can! Add a supportive luxury mattress on your adjustable bed and you have the best of both worlds! The Perfectly Adjusted Night’s Sleep.

Don’t adjustable beds only come in a one size fits all, clunky, old fashioned style?!

This is old news! The Yaasa Adjustable Bed has been precision engineered to fit in almost all bed frames so you have the choice of either using the bed as it comes, or placing it into your existing bed frame to retain your own personal style.

Why don’t you just buy some more pillows if you want to position yourself better?

More often than not, most people find themselves using pillows to prop up and adjust their body into a position for reading, watching TV, or finding the right support throughout the night. This can work, but eventually, your pillows flatten and get pushed around, making it so that you need to fluff them and reposition constantly. They can trap heat causing you to get hot, and eventually will just get in the way when you want to lay flat again. With the Yaasa Adjustable Bed you can put your pillow fights aside. At the touch of a button, you can incline both your head and feet to get into your favorite position. Best of all is that it’s effortless to go from flat to an adjusted position and then back to flat when you’re ready for sleep.

Don’t you need a box spring to support your mattress?

In recent years, traditional box springs have become an uneccessary addition to bedrooms. They take up unnecessary space, and reduce the area beneath your bed that could be used as a perfect space saving solution to store your things. Boxsprings also tend to reduce airflow, which works to prevent you from having a nice cool night’s sleep.
The Yaasa Adjustable Bed is complete without a box spring. The platform surface provides complete support throughout, allowing you to adjust your bed to your lifestyle, and with hidden technology and cord management there’s plenty of free space to store things.

Your health isn’t important when you sleep… because you’re asleep, right?

Taking care of your health never ends, it’s a constant 24/7 cycle. The way you sleep has a profound effect on the way you feel throughout your day. When you have the ability to adjust the position of your bed to fit your body’s needs, you can promote a more restful night of sleep. Say goodbye to stacking your pillows, that dreaded snore of your partner, or those aches and pains from back pressure. With the Yaasa Adjustable Bed you can find the balance of comfort and wellness and adjust to an infinite amount of positions, all perfectly made for you.

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