Why The Yaasa Adjustable Bed Is Better Than The Tempurpedic Adjustable Bed 2019

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Tempurpedic is a reputable brand of mattresses and has been the biggest manufacturer of adjustable beds for several years now. They created their name with the Tempur memory foam. For the past few years, though, new companies have rolled out their breakthrough mattresses and have started to rise to the levels of manufacturers like Tempurpedic.
One prime example is the Yaasa®; they have very much surpassed the rest of the competition in selling mattresses directly to shoppers with their many top-of-the-line bed products.
Yaasa® is a world-class adjustable furniture company that intuitively adapts to improve customers’ lives. Derived from ‘yasa’, meaning success or glory, they offer a way to live life better. They create products that enhance individual living experience, simply & affordable, and all their products are conveniently delivered right to your doorstep. They offer innovative products such as adjustable beds, mattresses, adjustable desk, blankets, and more.
Tempurpedic Adjustable Bed
By any standard, Yaasa® and Tempurpedic are two of the most solid options when it comes to finding the perfect adjustable bed for your home.

However, Yaasa® is well-loved over Tempurpedic for the following reasons:


  1. Yaasa® adjustable beds offer enhanced edge support.

A lot of couples who share beds with kids or pets often find it necessary to use as much of their sleep surface as possible. The Yaasa® bed has coils that provide above average edge support in comparison with Tempurpedic mattresses. The hybrid design also helps minimize any vibrations you may feel on the bed.

  1. Yaasa® beds offer various firmness options.

Unlike Tempurpedic, with Yaasa® you have multiple firmness level choices. You can either choose between the soft and firm comfort options. For the best possible sleep experience, a sleeper should choose a mattress that best matches their sleeping needs.  
Stomach sleepers, as well as individuals weighing over 220 pounds, should choose the firm option. On the other hand, back and side sleepers are best served using the soft option.
One problem that occurs when choosing a bed that is too soft for your sleeping type is that there is a tendency for the foam to “swallow” you as you get stuck being hugged by the mattress.

  1. Yaasa® has sleep hot aerated foams with cooling gel added on the topmost layer.

Yaasa® goes beyond customer expectations by ensuring they have comfortable beds to sleep on in any weather. They contain aerated foams that are equipped with cooling gels and have inner coils that help you to feel cool throughout the night.
Its tencel covering helps ward off moisture and keep heat away from the body. Tempurpedic mattresses do not have this feature.

Why shoppers might not like Yaasa®

If you prefer the quicker surface response, then this may be a problem for you. The upper layer does not offer a quick response, and it instead responds rather slowly which leads to the foam reshaping slower over time. The coils found on the inner part of the bed may be able to offer adequate bounce to help reposition a breeze, but for many sleepers, this is not a big deal.

Firmness Levels

Compared to Tempurpedic beds, sleepers will easily feel some comforting pressure as they lie on the soft upper portion of the Yaasa® foam. There is a deep cradling contour that conforms to your body and offers support and spine alignment to avoid neck and back pains. The cover is soft and very cool to the touch, which is an excellent choice for those who have a tendency to sleep hot.

Materials and Overall Quality

The Yaasa® adjustable bed and mattress comes with a hybrid cutting edge mattress that has foam and individually pocketed bed coils. The mattress can be placed on any flat surface of choice.
The adjustable bed frames are also available depending on your preference. Their tencel cover is light, soft, and very plush to touch. They offer added comfort and pressure relief for sleepers.
The initial layer has cooling infinity foam which is infused into the cover to allow one to sleep very cool and avoid moisture from the body as it helps heat to circulate throughout the Yaasa® bed. It comes with a removable cover that is very easy to use owing to its hassle-free zipper closure.

Yaasa® Motion Transfer

Motion transfer happens when movement in one part of the bed is transferred to the other parts via wave motion of the bed material. To minimize motion transfer, Yaasa® foam uses Individually pocketed coils. This technology dampens the wave motion from moving through the foam material. Additionally, the foam naturally absorbs the wave energy which passes through the mattress.
These two properties combine to ensure that motion transfer is kept to a minimal. A bed with a low motion transfer characteristic is a great fit for restless individuals, as well as those who have children or pets.
Tempurpedic Adjustable Bed

Yaasa® Edge Support

As a new owner of a Yaasa® bed, you will notice the top foam layer compress as you sit or lay on the edge of the bed. The inner coils work hard to offer excellent ‘above-average’ support to assist you in staying stable regardless of the initial foam compression. This feature is perfect for co-sleepers or those who prefer to sleep around the edge of the bed. The edge support for Yaasa® beds is merely superb and beyond comparison.

Other Important Considerations

Yaasa® comes with multiple firmness options; therefore, you can avail of the soft or firm types depending on your desired comfort levels. They offer a 10-year warranty for your mattress and bed as well as a guaranteed 100-night trial period, so you have ample of time to break in your brand new mattress and have a feel of the new bed without the need of fully committing to buying it. Moreover, all the foams used in Yaasa® beds are certified low to zero VOC emissions, and so they are absent of harmful chemicals and heavy metals that can be a potential health hazard.
Consequently, Yaasa® works to help the environment by recycling and or donating returned mattresses to charitable institutions. Their beds are 100% made in the USA and all Yaasa® beds ship for free within the USA.
Without a doubt, there is something for everyone to love about Yaasa® adjustable bed frames and mattresses, thanks to their innovative and breakthrough products.

Why Choose Yaasa® Adjustable Beds Over Tempurpedic?

Why are Yaasa® adjustable metal bed frame and mattresses so in demand and top rated? It has many features and technological breakthroughs incorporated into this one wonderful innovative product. Here are the leading and top rated features of the Yaasa® adjustable bed frame and mattress:

Design & Innovation

Yaasa® has over 20 years of engineering and innovation as well as design experience which enable them to offer the most comfortable, adjustable, and the best sleep experience in the world.
Tempurpedic Adjustable Bed

Superior Bed Contouring

The Yaasa® mattress is a hybrid mattress that is specially crafted for active contouring, thus providing precise comfort.

Engineered For Enhanced Contour Reactivity & Targeted Support

Yaasa®’s 20 years of expertise in engineering and design ensures that they come up with the perfect duo. That is why they come up with the Yaasa® adjustable metal bed frame alongside the Yaasa® mattress in order to deliver the ideal sleep experience possible. With its slim, compact, yet hybrid construction, their mattress targets pressure points effectively, so that the sleeper can genuinely feel the many benefits of every single adjustment to guarantee a high quality sleep experience like no other.

Split King Feature

With the various presets of the metal bed frame, you can soothe any pressure you have and have a highly personalized experience as the bed can perfectly match your bed needs and requirements.
Tempurpedic Adjustable Bed

Modern Style

Yaasa® One sleep system is specially designed with customers in mind. The sleep system is clean, simple, elegant, and flexible and can be easily adapted to any interior design and bedroom space.

Yaasa® Bed Adjusts To Your Every Need

This bed is perfect for the meticulous and picky people. It is the right bed that simply adjusts to your every single need. Nothing to worry about when you have Yaasa®. It also guarantees the following for you:

Pain Relief

Your bed can be adjusted to help relieve you from stress and provide relief especially if you have a medical condition and are suffering from certain aches and pains. You are guaranteed to improve your overall sleep quality with Yaasa® bed.

Anti-Snore Technology

Since the bed is highly adjustable, you can achieve the right inclination for your neck, shoulders, and head to allow your body to have proper circulation, open your airways, and inhibit snoring.

Perfect Entertainment Partner

This bed comes with a breakthrough technology that makes it a perfect entertainment partner. Adjust the bed to your liking to enhance your viewing, reading, or working experience.
Tempurpedic Adjustable Bed
Yaasa® continues to strive to utilize creativity and keen attention to detail to offer a spectacular product that can be customized to match your individual sleeping needs and preferences. Yaasa® adds value to your shopping experience and never fails to amaze by ensuring quality customer satisfaction and that every sleepers’ needs are met accordingly.
With Yaasa®’s bed cooling technology, highest quality materials, eco-friendly components, improved edge support, pressure relief, and multiple comfort options, this bed should surely be one of the leading priorities in any homeowner’s shopping list.