Split King Adjustable Bed Sheets – Everything You Need to Know

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Quick Overview

A split king adjustable base is a good option for couples who want independent control over the positioning of their beds to get a good night’s sleep. Although it has the same dimensions as a regular king-size bed, the split king is made up of 2 xl mattresses, which means that you will have to use split king adjustable bed sheets.

What are Split King Sheets?

Compared to standard king size bed sheets that typically come with one fitted sheet to cover a single king mattress, split king adjustable bed sheets come with two twin xl sheets for the 2 xl mattresses. These sheets come with corner straps or elastic to help with fitting. This way the sheet lies well regardless if it is in a flat position or raised at an angle. It also comes with a single top sheet that can cover the two mattresses as well as pillowcases too.[1]

Are Split King Sheets the Same as Split California King Sheets?

Split California King Sheets are a rarity. Split king beds are created from two twin XL mattresses. Thus, a Split King is equipped with two twin XL fitted sheets that have a measurement of 39 x 84 inches.

What Type of Sheets Are Available for Split King Sheets?

There are several split king adjustable bed sheets being sold today such as the cotton split king, Supima cotton, microfiber, Tencel, and Egyptian cotton sheets. Each one has its own benefits that you need to take into account if you are looking for the perfect sheet for adjustable mattresses. Make sure you check the tags so that you know the specific machine washable instructions.

Benefits of Cotton Split King Adjustable Sheets

Cotton split king adjustable sheets provide you with wrinkle-free sheets for your split mattress. The thread count can give you an idea on the quality and softness of the sheets. What’s more, cotton makes your bed sheet set breathable, so you will feel cool and comfortable while in bed.[2]

Benefits of Supima Cotton Split King Adjustable Sheets

In the case of Supima cotton split king sheets, it is considered to be one of the best cotton fibers in the market in terms of strength as well as comfort. The natural fabric is 35% longer compared to regular cotton which means that you will have a more durable king size sheets to use for the twin extra-long mattresses on your adjustable frame. It is breathable and durable which means that you will be able to sleep better at night as these sheets are made to induce a good night’s sleep.[3]

Benefits of Microfiber Split King Adjustable Sheets

As the name suggests, microfiber split king adjustable sheets are made from finely woven fibers. When describing, the “denier” or thickness defines the thickness of the fiber used. A high denier means that the sheet has a higher thickness. A low denier means that the sheet is of lower thickness. If you are looking for bedding for your mattress that fits a split type adjustable bed, microfiber can be considered as quality sheets because they are smooth, soft, and durable. It is machine washable just like cotton sheets but can be prone to shrinkage during the first wash.[4]

Benefits of Tencel Split King Adjustable Sheets

If you are looking for sheets for adjustable beds, you might want to consider Tencel split king adjustable sheets because they are extremely strong but has a soft and smooth consistency. The fibers are made from the pulp of the eucalyptus wood instead of cotton hence the superior strength. Compared to cotton, Tencel sheets are softer which makes it a good option for those who have sensitive skin. Another plus to using this type of sheet for XL mattresses, queen mattress, split queen mattress, or extra-long mattresses is that it can wick the moisture from your skin, so you will feel comfortable throughout the night as you sleep.[5]

Benefits of Egyptian Cotton Split King Adjustable Sheets

Many people associate Egyptian cotton sheets with superior and luxurious sheets for mattresses. There are numerous benefits associated with this sheet. One, there is no piling since the fibers are made from long fibers. Two, it has a higher thread count which means that your sheets are made from higher quality materials. What’s more, Egyptian cotton sheets are breathable which is perfect for those who experience night sweats when they sleep. And lastly, these sheets are durable making them a worthwhile investment as a bedding.[6]

Can You Use Split King Sheets on a King Size Bed?

No. For those wondering whether investing in split king sheets is a good idea for your king size mattress, split king sheets are not adaptable on a king size bed. Split king adjustable bed sheets are designed specifically for split type adjustable beds. Typically, a mattress set comes with 2 fitted sheets to cover the twin XL mattresses. It also comes with king pillowcases. A mattress protector also includes 2 pieces to accommodate the two beds in order to protect it from dust mites.

What is the perfect bedding for your adjustable bed frame? Organic cotton bedding will ensure a better night’s sleep regardless of whether your twin XL mattress is made from memory foam, innerspring or latex. When looking at bedding, take into account the comfort, price, durability, and strength of your bed sheets to get the best value for your money. Once you find the best brand and style for your split king adjustable bed, you may find it hard getting out of your bed.