Queen Size Adjustable Bed – Best Reviewed Adjustable Bed Frame in 2019

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Our sleeping needs change as we get older. Sleeping on a traditional bed may no longer provide the comfort you need. This may be the perfect time to think about getting a reclining bed to help you get better sleep at night.
Don’t assume an adjustable bed is the same as a hospital bed. Modern designs have made it aesthetically pleasing and more compact. Adjustable bed bases come in a variety of sizes and configurations which means that it is easier for you to find the right reclining bed for the bedroom in your home. For couples or those who want to have more room to sleep, a queen size adjustable bed may be the perfect solution.

Adjustable Bed Dimensions

A queen size adjustable bed typically measures 60” x 80” as opposed to the king size which measures at 78” x 80” inches. Many couples favor a queen-size adjustable bed compared to a king size. With either queen or king size mattresses, you can easily fit your kids and pets in the bed for more bonding moments. Be aware; a cal king mattress does not fit on an adjustable bed frame.
Queen Size Adjustable Bed

Queen Size Adjustable Bed Compatibility

An adjustable foundation typically lifts from the top as well as the bottom of the bed to help you find a comfortable position for you to watch TV, read a book or sleep. It’s essential that you find the proper bed and mattress that will be able to withstand any adjustment that you do to find a comfortable position.
When shopping for a mattress for adjustable beds, you should look for one that can follow the adjustable base shape without compromising the integrity of its firmness and shape. Fortunately, you’ll find several options to choose from such as:

  • Latex mattresses
    If you are looking for a mattress and base that will give you an optimal position at night, combining a latex mattress with an adjustable bed may help you get a good night’s sleep. Latex can alleviate pain and provide relief to your pressure points. However, latex mattresses tend to be a bit more firm than memory foam.
  • Memory foam mattresses
    Memory foam is a popular choice by many because it offers pressure relief which means it can help soothe painful joints and pressure over bony areas. If you tend to toss and turn at night, sleeping on a memory foam mattress can help you find the optimal position for a restful sleep. Because a foam mattress can easily follow the contour of the adjustable bed base, you don’t have to worry about its support and comfort being compromised. All foam mattresses like Tuft & Needle, Casper, and Leesa are appropriate for a king or queen size adjustable bed.
  • Hybrid mattresses
    As the name suggests, hybrid mattresses are combinations of two or more types of mattresses in one. DreamCloud, Nest Bedding, Brooklyn Bedding, and Sapria by Leesa are just a few examples of hybrid mattresses that can move and contour according to your body as well as the position of the adjustable base. All that you have to do is to look for the right size mattresses for your adjustable bed base.
  • Innerspring mattresses
    Innerspring mattresses have been around for decades. Traditional innerspring mattresses are not recommended for adjustable frames. However, pocketed coils work well. Many of these mattresses are topped with a padded cover adding to your comfort. Fortunately, manufacturers have developed more flexible innersprings like Saatva, Zenhaven, Loom, and Leaf did, to accommodate the adjustable bed.
  • Airbed mattresses
    Airbeds are convenient because they can be stored away when done, but if you are looking for a mattress to use with your adjustable bed, pass on this type of mattress. Airbeds do not work on adjustable bed bases.
  • Hybrid mattresses
    As the name suggests, hybrid mattresses are combinations of two or more types of mattresses in one. DreamCloud, Nest Bedding, Brooklyn Bedding, and Sapria by Leesa are just a few examples of hybrid mattresses that can move and contour according to the position of the adjustable base. All that you have to do is to look for the right size mattresses for your adjustable bed base.


Features of Queen Size Adjustable Bed

If you’re still on the fence about purchasing an electric adjustable bed, perhaps you might want to check out the features they offer. In the case of Yaasa, it actually comes with several appealing features.

  • Wall sliding technology
    Your nightstand will never be out of reach when you are using this adjustable bed frame thanks to its wall sliding technology.
  • Under-bed storage
    Another plus to investing in a king or queen size adjustable bed from Yaasa is that you will have ample under-bed storage since the design is cleaner and less bulky. Now you can keep more of your personal items out of sight and organized.

Queen Size Adjustable Bed

  • USB outlets
    You’ll find that these adjustable bed frames come with USB ports on the sides so you can charge your devices while using them. Staying connected allows users to enjoy working on their tablet or computer while in bed.

Queen Size Adjustable Bed

  • Backlit wireless remote
    A quiet motor allows you to change the position of your Yaasa adjustable bed frame. Using the Yaasa backlit wireless remote makes it easy to adjust the bed when all the lights are turned off. This way, you don’t have to get up from your sleeping position just to change your mattress’ position. The wireless remote even has preset controls for zero-gravity and anti-snore. The latter can be of benefit for those that suffer from sleep apnea.

Queen Size Adjustable Bed

  • Mattress compatibility
    Yaasa’s adjustable bed frame is compatible with a wide variety of mattresses. You’ll fall asleep easily with this modern tech-savvy bed.
  • Bed frame compatibility
    Yaasa’s adjustable bed can fit into many bed frames. If you choose not to go with a bed frame, Yaasa has a footboard to ensure your mattress stays in place.

What Do Reviewers Have to Say?
Customers who have tried a Yaasa adjustable bed had a lot to say about the matter. Here are a few pointers from them that you should consider when looking for a king or queen size adjustable bed. [1]

  • Easy to follow instructions
    Assembly will only take you a few minutes thanks to the clear instructions that were included in the package. The instructions details how you can attach the legs the various planks. What makes Yaasa an ideal choice is that if you have an existing bed frame, you can simply place the bed inside of it. This way, you will be able to retain your current bedroom’s overall look.
  • Mobility
    The wireless remote comes with two buttons that are connected to the head and the foot of the bed. And because the two move independent from one another, you’ll experience various angles with every push of the button. The best part is that the head of the mattress will move without taking you far from your nightstand which you’ll truly appreciate.
  • Support
    Yaasa adjustable bed supports either a queen and king size mattress and can easily carry weights up to 700 lbs. If you have been suffering from snoring, or backaches and the like, the adjustable bed provides you with adequate support that the aches and pains disappear come the morning.
  • Construction
    You’ll find that a Yaasa adjustable bed makes use of metal and wood construction to ensure durability. It comes with four legs and has a height of 15”. The legs are connected by side rails that are made from metal to provide adequate support to the planks of wood. [2]

Now that you have an idea on what you can expect from a queen size adjustable bed from Yaasa, you’re probably considering getting one for your home. Whether you are sleeping alone or with someone, a queen size adjustable bed is a good option since you have more room to sleep in.
The comforts offered by an adjustable bed can be heightened with the right mattress. Whether you choose memory foam or hybrid mattress, you’ll find that your sleep is considerably better compared to before. No wonder many are investing in adjustable beds these days. Whether you want to elevate the head for watching TV, raise your legs to increase circulation, or just lie flat, a Yaasa adjustable bed is the perfect solution for gaining the best nighttime experience.