Serenity Knit Weighted Blanket

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This highly breathable, hand-knitted weighted blanket promotes more restful sleep and induces calm. Select from four stunning colors and two amazing weights. What are you weighting for?

Made from 100% organic cotton.

Because of the size and weight of the blanket spot cleaning is recommended. However, you can wash the blanket on a cold cycle and lay it flat to dry.

The blanket that hugs you back.

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Sleeping under an evenly distributed weight has been shown to promote a deeper, more natural sleep cycle.

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Relaxing with a weighted blanket feels like being cuddled. It increases serotonin, making you feel positively happy.

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The feeling of being hugged lowers stress and anxiety by reducing cortisol, making you feel calm and relaxed.

The hug that looks as good as it feels.

Whether you are trying to relax after a long day, or simply want to fall asleep faster, the Serenity Weighted Blanket will be your new best friend.

Just like the feeling of a gentle hug, this ideal pressure sensation, known as Deep Touch Therapy (DTT) has both physical and psychological benefits, promoting a healthy heart rate, circulation, and inducing a wonderful sense of happiness and wellbeing.

Heavily stylish, breathably cool.

Created from layers of the softest fabrics, this Serenity Weighted Blanket feels as amazing as it looks. All blankets are hand-knit and provide maximum breathability, which means you will never sleep hot. The open weave design also provides excellent weight distribution.

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Weighted Blankets have been shown to help combat stress and anxiety. They can alleviate restless leg syndrome and may help improve sleep.

Learn more about the science and the many benefits of weighted blankets.

We currently offer the following weights & sizes:

15 lbs

Length 72″ x Width 49″


Length 78″ x Width 55″

The weight of your the blanket should be approximately 10% of your body weight, for example if you are 150 lbs our 15 lb option is right for you.

Wash on cold or delicate cycle and lay flat to dry.

Weighted blankets can definitely be used by children, and can especially help kids with sensory issues.

Serenity Knit Weighted Blanket

4.84 Based on 285 reviews

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  1. Sarah D (verified owner)

    Love this blanket!!! The knitted pattern allows airflow so it never gets too hot at all despite being perfectly weighted. Got the light color and love it.

  2. Sara (verified owner)

    I purchased one for my grandfather for Christmas last year, and my most recent purchase was for my fiancé’s birthday. Both LOVE these blankets. As soon as the were received, they were out of the bag and wrapped up in them. My grandmother had to insist that my grandfather not take it to bed with him. That’s how much he loves it. These are excellent quality blankets and also a great value compared to some other products in the market. The only thing I wish is that they came in more colors. Overall, very satisfied. I would definitely purchase again.

  3. Kristen (verified owner)

    The perfect weighted blanket. I sleep hot and have been searching high and low for a weighted blanket that will add sufficient weight, but still keep me cool. This is it! It’s also very stylish and looks great on my bed. Love it!!

  4. Michael (verified owner)

    Excellent weighted blanket. No beads means the weight is always uniformly distributed. Knitted design is extremely breathable. Layer with other blankets or sheets for warmth.

  5. Emilie J (verified owner)

    Tried other weighted blankets in the past and none were as comfortable as this one! Love that it doesn’t have beads that shift around and pool, also love how breathable it is!!

  6. Tina Kelso (verified owner)

    These blankets are amazing! I originally ordered 1 each for our daughters for Christmas by request of one. They absolutely loved them and are touting about them all the time SO I ordered one for myself and my husband. He does suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome and generally doesn’t sleep or nap well. First try of it for a nap he fell right asleep, which is normal, but then he stayed asleep for over two hours with little to no leg twitching. Usually his legs twitch and jitter around and wake him up a dozen times so he just gets up after about 20 minutes. Not this time! Now when I asked how he slept he said “not well at all”… Which I came back with “Oh? Not well at all for over 2 hours of no twitching around?” He confessed that he was just use to that response and couldn’t believe he’d napped for that long! I love it too and it despite the weight it doesn’t make you hot. In fact it’s very airy.

  7. Janelle C (verified owner)

    Blanket came fast and the color matched the pictures online. It looks so much nicer than my old weighted blanket. It really does hug your body more, so you feel the weight more than the typical style (which I really like). Happy with my purchase!

  8. Richard H. (verified owner)

    I am absolutely in love with this blanket, not too warm, not too cold and the weight is perfectly evenly distributed. The materials are of high quality the shipping was fast and there is not one night that I sleep without this blanket! Best purchase ever!!

  9. Victoria Syracusa (verified owner)

    Best weighted blanket I have purchased

  10. Jon C (verified owner)

    I bought one of these for for a family member who has trouble sleeping through the night and by all reports it works well for her. I’ve slept with a weighted blanket (silica beads) for a while, but when I saw this one in person I definitely wanted to upgrade to it. One of my biggest problems has been that I am a hot sleeper who likes a heavy blanket when sleeping and serenity blanket solves both my problems. While its less warm, I can throw it over a comforter in the winter and its works great and I’m looking forward to this summer to see how it does alone.

  11. T Kelso (verified owner)

    I initially purchased a couple of these for my daughters for Christmas (per their request). They both have gone on and one about them so I ordered one for myself. These are indeed a very cozy blanket that leave you feeling hugged all over. My husband has restless leg syndrome and has used it as well. He says it didn’t help much BUT I’ve been right there when he’s used it and he sleeps MUCH longer, isn’t fidgety at all and is more rested so I’m going to have to say it really does help… he’s just being a guy about it! LOL

  12. Wade Sellers (verified owner)

    I could not be more please. The 20lb’r is perfect for me. It’s so snug, I feel like I’m getting a medium hug all night over my whole body. I use this blanket in combination with the Sleep With Me podcast and I’m literally in dreamland in like 10 minutes. Thanks Yaasa!

  13. Julie Gremillion (verified owner)

    I could not be more pleased with the serenity blanket. I work night shifts and sleeping during the day has always been a struggle, no matter how tired I am. I’ve been contemplating this purchase for some time and after trying black out shades, sleep masks, melatonin, etc I decided to go ahead and splurge. I should have done it a long time ago. As soon as I am under my blanket, my muscles are immediately relaxed in my legs and all tension is relieved in my back. The blanket is perfect. I’m never hot, never cold and I sleep as long as I need.

  14. Nicole (verified owner)

    Bought this blanket as a gift for my son, and he loves it! His prior weighted blanket bunched up and was too hot on some nights. Also, he wanted a different color than what I originally purchased and customer service was great – the exchange was easy and fast. I can’t wait to get one for myself!

  15. Joel (verified owner)

    Interested in a weighted blanket but was concerned about getting too hot while I slept. Not so with this perfect creation. Looks beautiful, feels great, and sleeps cool!

  16. Amy

    I love this blanket! Allows me the deepest, most restful sleep:-) My puppy loves to snuggle under it too!

  17. Lila M (verified owner)

    This blanket has transformed my sleep. I used to toss and turn and this blanket is like a warm hug and I don’t move around anymore. It is so comforting. Strong recommend!

  18. Carolina (verified owner)

    Feels like someone’s cuddling with me every night 🙂

  19. Debra Schott (verified owner)

    My son bought this for his girlfriend for Christmas, she was so excited. Great color too.

  20. Christine (verified owner)

    Nice neutral color, love the nice even weight. Feels like I’m being hugged!

  21. Sam Lee (verified owner)

    I ordered the knit Serenity 20 lb blanket in Mist for my sister for Christmas. She loves it after just 1 week. I already had a knit weighted blanket from another company, but it was 25 lbs, somewhat stiff and smaller than the Yaasa one. So I just ordered another 20 lb Mist colored knit blanket for myself and I’m SO in love with it. The Yaasa blanket is more flexible and much softer and the 20 lbs is much better for me. I fall asleep so quickly and I’m having much deeper sleeps. Plus the Mist color is so beautiful, it’s like a light heather grey color and looks so fantastic on my bed and couch. The quality, presentation and delivery service from Yaasa is exceptional and I love the little pouch of lavender it comes with, which smells amazing and is very relaxing!! Thank you Yaasa for making such beautiful and functional products.

  22. Parker (verified owner)

    Met the high expectations. Bought as gift for my wife and I end up using it my than her at night. Great quality and color (Mist).

  23. Bradley Newbold (verified owner)

    I bought one for my wife for Christmas. I now I have to buy two more as everyone in the house is fighting over it!

  24. Garrett Ruth (verified owner)

    Got the Yaasa woven blanket for my mom for Christmas. Planning on getting my own now. Great product would highly recommend.

  25. Sophie (verified owner)

    I bought the 15lb weighted blanket and am thrilled with it! The weave evenly distributes the weight and keeps it from slipping off the couch or bed, as I’ve experienced with cheap, solid layer models. I was a hesitant about the price point, but I’m now really glad I got one and am already planning to give another as a gift.

  26. Ari

    Really helped my anxiety and has been helping me fall asleep!

  27. Joshua stone (verified owner)

    Not too impressed. Wished I went with a flat weighted blanket instead of knit. The quality seems okay,just the style isn’t for me. To stretchy and hard to work with to fold,and cover the bed.

  28. Korin (verified owner)

    I could not be more pleased.

  29. Minnie (verified owner)

    Lovely all around. Great purchase.

  30. Jeff (verified owner)


  31. Martie (verified owner)

    Feels good.

  32. Jan (verified owner)

    Its nice.

  33. Caroline (verified owner)

    My daughter requested a weighted blanket that did not gather weights to one side of the blanket and falls off the bed. The blanket has worked out well.

  34. Star (verified owner)

    The buzz is deserved. This is very nice.

  35. Grace (verified owner)

    Only thing I want at bedtime.

  36. Danielle (verified owner)

    I love that I can use this weighted blanket without getting cooked underneath it.

  37. Sonia (verified owner)

    The only part of my sleep hygiene routine I never forget.

  38. Jordan (verified owner)

    My wife loves hers and I use mine almost every night.

  39. Graham (verified owner)

    Really nice quality.

  40. Jessica (verified owner)

    Took this with me on my trip to see my sister recently, that is how much I rely on it for good sleep.

  41. India (verified owner)

    Now if I could just get it to make me dinner when I get home it would be the perfect product.

  42. Farrah (verified owner)

    The shipping was timely. Packaging beautiful. Blanket stunning.

  43. Odette (verified owner)

    I bought this thinking I would try it out and totally open to returning if it wasnt for me. I have been loving it and can end my search.

  44. Tim (verified owner)

    I’ve tried other brands of weighted blankets. This is the only weighted blanket I did not end up returning. Its great.

  45. Sherry (verified owner)

    Could have used this back when I have having massive insomnia, but I love mine. It helps me relax.

  46. Halle (verified owner)

    This blanket is really beautiful. It feels good too.

  47. Olsen (verified owner)

    I love how this doesnt trap heat like my other weighted blanket.

  48. Zane (verified owner)

    Only buy it if you are prepared to be dependent on this to fall asleep.

  49. Susan (verified owner)

    This looks and feels so good. I recommend this one.

  50. Ira (verified owner)

    Im not sure how I lived before getting my knit weighted blanket. I dont remember how I managed to fall asleep before. I use mine every night.

  51. Hannah (verified owner)

    This knit looks is just so pleasing to look at.

  52. Jim (verified owner)

    Treat yourself. I’m glad I did.

  53. Jeremey (verified owner)

    I’ve had mine for about two weeks now and have been sleeping better and better every night.

  54. Char (verified owner)

    More than just a pretty face haha. This really works.

  55. Louis (verified owner)

    I got the 15lb for myself and love it. Ill be gifting my husband the 20lb twilight this year for the holidays.

  56. Murphy (verified owner)

    So pretty. Would buy again.

  57. Kea (verified owner)

    I’ll take 6 more please. I love!

  58. Franklin (verified owner)

    The more I use it, the more I am confused as to how I ever lived without it.

  59. Jonie (verified owner)

    You will be glad you got it, I certainly am.

  60. Barb S (verified owner)

    Such a nice looking knit blanket. Feels good, keeps me cozy without stifling me.

  61. Liv (verified owner)

    The moment I get home from work I get under this blanket. Its the most comforting, beautiful thing I own.

  62. Evan (verified owner)

    I wish I had one of these when I was in college and a complete anxious insomniac. This is really game changing and spectacular.

  63. Tiff (verified owner)

    Just stunning! Im so into mine I bring it up in conversation all the time haha. I have become a real advocate for this blanket.

  64. Jane (verified owner)

    Im giving it 5 stars but you will just have to try it for yourself. I didnt have high expectations but I ended up loving this. Well made, beautiful color, feels so good and looks better.

  65. Erin (verified owner)

    My only complaint is that it is near impossible to wear out and about! I never want to be without mine.

  66. Candice (verified owner)

    My blanket is very lived in now. I use it ALL the time. Works like a charm for my sleep issues.

  67. Trey (verified owner)

    Deserving of the hype. This is a great blanket.

  68. Charmine (verified owner)

    I had to try it. Im glad I did. I didnt know what to expect, but I have really felt the benefits of reduced anxiety while using mine.

  69. Jen (verified owner)

    Really nice blanket. I would buy this again. Feels great on and looks chic on my couch.

  70. Bonny (verified owner)

    This blanket is wonderful. I only have good things to say about it. My daughter and I both use it regularly. She loves it too. I will be getting her one for the holidays this year.

  71. Michael

    5 stars

  72. Kelly

    I get really hot in the middle of the night but like having something on me at all times. I don’t like it when my feet are exposed. This blanket works great and does make me overheated because it has open pockets were the knit is, but still feels really even all over. I highly recommend this for those who overheat at night time.

  73. Betty Wilson

    You will fall asleep in minutes with this blanket☺️
    Mine came in the mail yesterday and it already works so well
    Buying another for my husband

  74. Jay W.

    Wish I knew about this product sooner.

  75. Pernilla (verified owner)

    The Mist was such a good call for me. Love my Serenity blanket, love the color, the look, the feel, the experience. I have no regrets.

  76. Emily (verified owner)

    Serenity is the PERFECT name for this blanket. I feel so serene when I am wrapped up in mine. I would purchase this blanket again for sure.

  77. Toby Trauntvein

    I gifted the Yassa weighted blanked to my girlfriend after wanting one for some time. She loves it, and uses it religiously every night. The material is soft, heavy, yet very breathable. Would highly recommend to anyone in need of a weighted blanket!

  78. Logan Pettigrew (verified owner)

    The weighted blanket took some time to ship, but it is an absolute dream. The weight and construction is perfect for year-round use and the design is super modern and attractive for year-round use. It’s also very easy to spot clean, as necessary. Highly recommend!

  79. Austin J Allan (verified owner)

    This is the bomb! What a luxurious thick weave that looks so beautiful. The blanket itself is a delight to lie under. It’s not too warm, which is a good thing, but leaves you feeling like you’ve been hugged by someone. I will say, though, that it is long, and when not in use, if you don’t leave it draped on your sofa/chair, can take up about as much space as a small coffee table (so plan for this in your space). We like to leave it draped on the sofa, it looks so inviting!

  80. Erica (verified owner)

    Love the 15lb blanket in mist, it is so comfortable to sleep with and I use it every night!

  81. Shelby

    Obsessed with my weighted blanket. Hands down the best quality.

  82. Michael (verified owner)

    Purchased this blanket as a gift for a family member and it is kept in their room. Unlike most blankets this size that end up in the living/family room this one is kept for them only. Definitely very satisfied and enjoyed as no one else is allowed to use it hahaha.

  83. Landon

    High quality. Purchased for my wife and she loves it. First and hopefully last weighted blanket…at least for a while…

  84. Claudine

    Beautiful blanket and it is helping relieve insomnia

  85. Kelly

    100% in LOVE with this blanket. I haven’t slept as soundly as I am now for years. I’ve literally forgotten what it’s like to get eight hours of sleep and to actually be excited for bedtime. THANK YOU!!!

  86. Charmane E

    I have bought several of these weighted blankets now. I needed a few colors and enough on hand that when my husband or daughter inevitably takes the one I have been using then I still have one to grab to help me sleep.

  87. Marcia W

    I am so obsessed with my weighted blanket. I went on a trip a couple weeks ago and did not bring it with me. This was the first time I had tried sleeping without it since getting it back in January. I did not sleep a wink the first night without it and the second night was hardly any better. I 100% recommend this blanket, but beware, once you get used to it you might rely on it for great sleep.

  88. Ute Wood

    Ordered the 20lbs sand colored blanket for myself. husband fell in love and hijacked it for himself. the blanket is absolutely fantastic. it does feel like it is hugging you when you crawl under it. since the hubby hijacked mine I of course went and ordered one for myself. this time I ordered the 15lbs, mist colored one. having tried the 20lbs one I do believe that the 15lbs one will be perfect for me. we had checked out other weighted blankets before, but did not like the beads inside of them. having something that makes “noise” while trying to go to sleep is not something we wanted. so we continued our search until we found Yaasa. the material is soft and comfortable and no “noise”.

  89. Teesha E

    The hype around this blanket is called for. It looks and feels so good.

  90. Adrian R

    Totally worth it. I didn’t often have sleep issues but when I did it was really upsetting. Since getting this blanket even on the most restless of nights I find myself better able to drift.

  91. Jeff H.

    This blanket is stunning. I love the airy open-knit design. The weight is so nicely distributed on my body. Even though I am 175 lbs I went with the 15 lbs and I think that’s enough weight.

  92. Tanna L

    The only thing I would change is having it be slightly bigger so I could place it on top of my queen bed and have it reach the edges, but honestly I love this blanket so much there isn’t much to complain about. It feels great and works the way it says it will.

  93. Kristina R

    This weighted blanket is my absolute favorite present I have bought for myself in years. There is nothing like the feeling of being hugged. This blanket feels just like that and is beautiful too!

  94. Livvy J

    Nothing like the steady, consistent pressure of this blanket to lull me to sleep.

  95. Gabriela Q

    I wanted nothing to do with beads in my weighted blanket so the knitted design of this blanket is what drew me in. I am absolutely 100% satisfied with this purchase. It feels amazing and has done wonders for my insomnia issue.

  96. Caren K

    My son suffers from immense anxiety. I bought this blanket for him and he says it has changed the way he sleeps and winds down at the end of the day. I would buy again.

  97. Kendra W

    Wouldn’t change a thing. I have been loving mine since I received a few weeks ago. I use it every night.

  98. Gabriela A

    My dog has tried to claim my blanket as his own. We are just head over heels for this one.

  99. Ellen A

    I bought one for myself and one for my sister. We both are both in disbelief at how freaking great these blankets are. They are beautiful and so effective at helping soothe anxiety. I am glad I purchased and would again.

  100. Jina L

    This blanket has been a real saving grace for me. I am struggled with sleep issues off and on for as long as I can remember. I heard the hype about weighted blankets and figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a try. The knitted Yaasa weighted blanket was hands down the most beautiful option. I went with the mist color and am so happy with it.

  101. Markus

    The Yaasa blanket is everything that it states on the brands website. The polypropylene fibers are warm and provide greater loft while avoiding the textured, shifting feel that’s common with many weighted blankets on the market. There is no beads or fillers to shift around within the blanket, which is a nice touch. The surface of the blanket gives it much of its softness, breathability, durability, and overall comfort. Its increased airflow balances out the warmth of the filling for coziness without over excessive heat. The blanket has a unique knitted design and cotton surface which both contribute to its increased amount of airflow. This combination allows the blanket to remain cool and appropriate to use year-round. Now as for weight is where there is a slight issue as Yaasa only offers two weight options, 15 pounds and 20 pounds. While these weight options are suitable for most adults, I would like to see a lighter and heavier option in the near future. Without beads as the filler, there’s a significantly lower chance of the filling shifting or pooling. This is where Yaasa excels because you are getting more consistent pressure. But because the blanket is shipped rolled up, it does take some time for the edges of it to lay flat, which can be a little annoying but definitely not a deal breaker. The design of the blanket makes it a high-quality model. As such, it’s likely to last longer than most other weighted blankets and remain like-new for a longer period of time.

  102. Steven Streitenberger

    Absolutely Love my Blanket! Continuously having the best sleep of my life Would buy over and over again!

  103. Kelly Forrester

    Love it! Got myself the Mist in 15 lbs – it so soft and the weight just feels amazing. Strongly recommend!

  104. Tammy

    I saw the review on Best Company and decided to purchase YAASA versus other weighted blankets they discussed. I ordered and received the Mist color weighted blanket. It did take awhile for it to arrive since they were out of stock when I ordered. The blanket is how it looks and described. It is always difficult to understand the feel of the weight until it arrives – you can definitely feel the weight and I ordered the 15 lb weight for me. I would not have wanted the next size up. I use the blanket, however my husband doesn’t so it is a bit more difficult to maneuver on our king size bed, it sometimes slips off onto the floor. I like how there is air that can circulate and hopefully that will be good during the summer. In terms of did it help me sleep better or longer? After about three weeks in the jury is still out there. I do find that I’m more regularly able to fall asleep within 30 minutes or so. I’m going to continue to use it in hopes that with regular use my body will adapt and sleep longer stretches, etc. Extremely good quality. I am a bit worried about the washing part when that is needed so hopefully I can find some tips on the website. If you feel a weighted blanket is your jam this is a very good quality blanket and I would recommend it.

  105. Abbi Medenblik

    Only had my weighted blanket for 2 weeks, a I have already improved my quality of sleep! Cannot sleep without it!!

  106. Jon C

    Its so soft! I was expecting it to be soft, but the feel is amazing. I love sleeping with this on me directly.

  107. Annis W

    It’s only my number one tool for combating anxiety. I really have felt the benefits of my blanket. I got the ivory color and am glad I did. It is beautiful.

  108. Sylvia M

    I think this blanket makes a great addition to my “must have for best sleep” list.

  109. Cathy E

    I have one myself and am getting one for my mom for mothers day this year.

  110. Sandra R

    My only complaint is that I didn’t know about this sooner.

  111. Rain L

    Its my favorite blanket, my husband’s too.

  112. Sarah E

    This blanket is so soft and beautiful.

  113. Mazie R

    My blanket is my can’t do without item now. I love it so much. The sand is such a nice neutral color and looks great in my room.

  114. Holly G

    Im so obsessed with my Twilight blanket. It was well worth the wait. Would for sure recommend/buy again.

  115. Star R

    Just got my Mist weighted blanket and WOW. I love it so much. Its soft and does exactly what I was hoping for. I feel so relaxed with it on.

  116. Joanna P

    Organic cotton and Celliant in one blanket is so hard to find. Yaasa, thank you.

  117. Erin A

    Seacell and celliant? I was sold. Love the feel, the look, and the health benefits. If I was going to sleep with one blanket for the rest of time, this one would be it.

  118. Ashlei W

    Nothing has helped me decompress like this blanket. NOTHING. I got the Mist and love it. It is so soft and comforting.

  119. Danielandluci

    This blanket feels amazing! The only question I had was that the page says that it’s “72% Organic Cotton” but the label on the blanket just says “72% Cotton.” I just want to make sure that if I’m paying for something “organic” that that’s actually what I’m getting. Can someone please clarify this for me?

    • Johannes Sauer

      Thank you for the kind review. The blanket is using certified organic cotton.

  120. Pam Somoza

    Love my new blanket! It looks great with my decor and feels comfy !

  121. Simon

    I was having a hard time sleeping and this blanket is a pill of serenity. It reminds me of a cashmere throw I purchased in India except softer. Most blankets trap heat or quickly dissipate, this one for me feels radiant while not overly hot. It is very unique how comforting this blanket is without being bulky like down or heavy like wool. Highly recommend for softness, warmth, and look.

  122. Cam M

    The chunky knit is so stylish. Beautiful blanket, wonderful benefits.

  123. Sara D

    These will make wonderful Christmas gifts.

  124. Ray W

    This is the Bentley of blankets.

  125. Helen A

    The feel is unreal.

  126. Grace K

    I love my blanket! I am so happy with the weight and color I selected. I got the ivory 15lb blanket and its perfect for me. I am pretty petite and it works so well for me.

  127. Mary D

    This is the blanket I recommend to my friends. I adore mine.

  128. Ginger G

    Oooh the feel of this. I can’t describe how magical and instantly calming it is to have this on me.

  129. Rose T

    I went for it, got it, love it!

  130. Rain L

    When I was on the hunt for a weighted blanket I came across a lot of blankets with that bead filling. I have used one of those before and I just don’t like how they shift around and aren’t consistent or evenly distributed on me. It doesn’t do much for my anxiety. So it was the knit that drew me in. I was not at all disappointed. I have requested another in new Mist color for Christmas.

  131. Parker Q

    I gifted this to my boyfriend and he loves it. He will not sleep without it. Now I want one.

  132. David

    The weighted blanket I bought was just what I needed to start sleeping better. It’s very breathable to stay cool and keeps me in a deeper sleep.

  133. Calvin

    Very satisfied with this weighted blanket, I researched many different brands before settling on this one. The material is really soft and breathable, making it great for warm sleeper.s

  134. Tom

    Bought heavy blanket way to heavy for me thought I would exchange for lighter one but told no returns. They do not advertise that very well when ordering so be careful.

  135. Laura P

    I love all of the color choices they have now! I got mine in the sand/gray and I really like it but I think I will get the twilight one too.

  136. Charlie R

    I shopped around before deciding on the Yaasa weighted blanket. Ultimately I went with Yaasa for the look and the fiber filling over the bead filled blankets I see everywhere. It was the right choice for me. I have been sleeping with mine every night since getting it.

  137. Libby F

    This is an absolutely terrific weighted blanket. I have another weighted blanket that has the beads in it and they go every which way and don’t distribute evenly and it just does not have the calming effect on me at all. This knitted blanket though, wow. So wonderful, and consistent. I love mine.

  138. Chloe

    There are no returns so be aware of that. The blanket is high-quality and well-constructed. It’s quite heavy. It’s kind of stiff, though I think this is probably the best knitted weighted blanket you can find.

  139. Sue

    I was not happy with the blanket. I am OT – so I am aware of the possible benefits . When I saw hand knitted I thought it would be made with a large gauge heavyweight yarn but it is not. It is not soft and comfortable as I had expected- and therefore not used-unable to return.

  140. Holly B

    The softest, best feeling, nicest blanket I have ever owned. I know what I am getting people for Christmas this year.

  141. Megan R

    I bought the grey cream travel blanket and I used it all the time so I bought it in the throw size as well. Such nice blankets with the most amazing feel.

  142. Amanda S

    I have now purchased two weighted blankets. I originally got the Ivory/cream one and I love it so much, and then they came out with more colors! I had to get another and I cant wait for that one. I think I will leave that one on my couch as I sleep with my current blanket.

  143. Linda Lepow

    Just the best heavyweight blanket I’ve ever enjoyed! Wraps around you and gives you a comfortable night of sleep like I’ve never experienced. My husband and I love our blanky from Yaasa! We sleep really well now! Luxury and comfort! Love it!

  144. Kristen D

    You’ll love how this weighted blanket looks AND feels. Easily the most attractive weighted blanket on the market. I actually love putting my fingers into the weave of the yarn. It’s almost like holding someone’s hand! (And in this pandemic, that really counts for something.)

  145. Christina A

    What a wonderful blanket. Health benefits and beauty. This blanket does it all.

  146. Becca L

    I am so possessive of my weighted blanket. I share with my husband when he begs but I am really attached. I guess I will have to get him one of his own.

  147. Stevie K

    Weighted blankets are the coolest thing right now it seems. I went with the Yaasa weighted blanket because of the knitted look and I just love it. It was the right call for me.

  148. Ewan M

    I have made this my blanket of choice.

  149. Zena D

    I have both colors of this wonderful blanket and absolutely adore them.

  150. Rachael C

    They are offering more colors!!! Yay!! I got the ivory/cream but will be getting more. Love my blanket.

  151. Grant G

    If nice blankets are your thing, add this one to your collection. It feels so good on my skin and I think the celliant thing is genius.

  152. Fran S

    Just like a nice hug! So comforting.

  153. Gina W

    Um this is the prettiest blanket I have ever owned. No contest.

  154. Shania L

    I can’t wait for the new colors to be in stock!! I have the cream/ivory and I love it. I just preordered the twilight

  155. christine mclean

    Very well made, but it can be a little hard to move around and get it situated right.

  156. Marsha H

    This blanket is so unique. It is really great quality. I love the knit. I went for the heavier one and I dont regret it even though it is more than 10% of my body weight.

  157. Gemma C

    I gift these blankets, they are just such high quality nice blankets, and the travel size makes the perfect gift.

  158. Kelli R

    I want another one of these. I really love mine.

  159. Jay M

    Weighted blankets are such a talked about item, I had to have one. I looked at a bunch of different ones but went with the Yaasa because it has the knit. It is SO nice. It doesn’t get too hot.

  160. Jen F

    This is a great purchase. I love my blanket and I use it all the time when Im working at my desk at home.

  161. Tyra B

    Aaaah so cozy. I have all the fall feels with my new blanket. Its not too heavy or anything which I appreciate.

  162. James C

    My girlfriend gifted me this blanket and I am so into it. It has really helped my anxiety.

  163. Greg E

    This blanket is infinitely nicer than any other blanket I have ever owned.

  164. Tristen V

    If you are in the market for a blanket I highly recommend this one. It is such great quality. Such a soft nice feel against the skin.

  165. Korey S

    Can they make this as a body pillow? Like a heavy blanket body pillow fusion haha. I love my blanket, it really is so comforting. I feel enveloped and safe when I am using it.

  166. Marie S

    What a lovely, soft, feel good blanket! I will be getting another.

  167. Taryn H

    I am so glad I got myself one of these. It has been really awesome to sleep with and I love lounging on the couch after work with this on to relax.

  168. Jamie Z

    What a blanket! Oh man its so soft and feels so nice. I like the look of it too.

  169. Minnie W

    Its taken me a while to get to writing this review. I have had my blanket for a year but wow I just am still so in love with it I was inspired to share. Get yourself one you won’t regret it! I wrap myself in this every day.

  170. Giannina S

    I bought this in grey first and loved it and decided I needed the blue one in travel for my road trips. I echo all other reviewers this is just a beautiful, feel good blanket.

  171. Kristina B

    My weighted blanket is my favorite blanket of all time. This is so comforting. It does feel like I am being held when I swaddle myself in it. This is my go to gift for stressed out loved ones now too.

  172. sunil a

    The blanket is great, the fabric is not as soft as I thought it would be, but it is very durable, so that’s a real plus if you have cats and dogs like me. I definitely recommend it.

  173. Greta M.

    Love my Yaasa blanket. It doesn’t sleep hot and has the perfect amount weight for me.

  174. Richard Higgins

    This blanket is amazing! I gave it as a birthday gift to my sister and it was incredibly well received, you can definitely see and feel the quality the moment you unwrap it and the little touch to include a bag if lavender in the packaging made the unwrapping experience even more incredible. And the weight… it really does hug you back!

  175. Gwen S

    200 stars. The nicest blanket I have ever owned. It is so soft and the blue color I got is beautiful.

  176. Francine A

    Oh man. I am so glad I treated myself to this weighted blanket. It is beautiful and calming and comforting and amazing.

  177. Bethany D

    Adios anxiety! Ok, well not totally, but when I am under my weighted blanket yes. This has been so helpful for me. When I am stressed out I get under it and I start to chill out. It really does work for me.

  178. Crystal Martin

    I absolutely love and adore my blanket it looks beautiful both on my bed or on my couch. I wish that the ends would quit curling up but other than that it’s an amazing item. now all I want is to order the other color so as soon as I get this one paid off through the payment system I am ordering the grey. only gave it four stars because sometimes it curls up at the end but I’m thinking once it gets worn out a little that will go away. I also ordered the heavier one because I’m a chunky girl but I think the lighter one would have worked a little better for me.. I really don’t have any complaints and I get so many compliments on it it’s unreal!!

  179. Sandy Jones

    Really nice blanket however my husband ordered the gray (looks more taupe in the picture online) and it is a dark grey close to Pantone Cool Grey 9. No exchanges or refunds so you better be very sure. Other reviews claim the cream color is quite yellow so beware if color is a significant feature for you.

  180. Jonna M

    This blanket delivers. I feel a difference when I sleep with it after a strenuous workout.

  181. Charlie G

    I love love love sleeping with my weighted blanket. Its funny how I really didn’t know what I was missing out on but now that I have been sleeping with it I think I would find it difficult to sleep without.

  182. Sophia Topulos

    It’s easy to see why this is the top rated weighted blanket – the evenly distributed weight, the open weave keeping you from getting too hot, the absolutely beautiful appearance… I couldn’t love it more. And I keep getting compliments on it – that would never happen with any other weighted blanket. Thank you for this perfect blanket!

  183. Hayne

    I absolutely Love my new Weighted Blanket. It is as beautiful as in the picture. It’s very comfortable and therapeutic.

  184. Taylor

    The weight of this blanket is great, and I love how it is equally distributed because of the knit design. The blanket is very narrow, more so than I anticipated. The edges also constantly curl/ roll under/ over while using it, which can be a bit annoying. Overall I like
    The blanket, it is just different than what I had expected it to be.

  185. Elizabeth

    Okay, so to be honest.. I wrote a whole review talking about how much I hated this weighted blanket and how I had the worst sleep of my life already. It somehow got erased and I’m so glad it did because I gave it a few more chances and now I’m in love! I can’t imagine sleeping without my weight blanket. I think that there is a bit of a learning curve but after you get past that it’s been the best sleep of my life. I do get a little warm but I sleep with a sheet blanket and then the weighted blanket, so understandably so! Anyway, if you’re wanting to get one I completely suggest this one! Just know that it may take a few nights before your body gets used to it.

  186. Amanda Hansen

    Great product! I love the unique look and the weight of the blanket. It’s meant for one person, which I am fine with, but maybe they will make one for two in the future.

  187. Daisy S

    Would purchase again. Great look and feel.

  188. Mark Watson

    A bit disappointing. Narrower dimensions than anticipated (assumed it was a normal blanket size). Also lighter than I’d prefer. I weigh 140lbs so thought the 15lb blanket would be enough (per the instructions) but it doesn’t have the same feeling I’ve had with friends blankets.

  189. Chris

    The blanket is awesome! It’s slightly skinnier than I expected but it’s still a great size. It is also less soft than you would expect from a blanket. That being said, I think it will wear in very nicely and you can tell it feels like it will last a really long time. Definitely worth it!

  190. Valerie

    I got this blanket for my birthday and it’s really awesome. Super breathable, looks really nice and really comfortable. I use it over my comforter or without. I got the 20lb one and it’s the perfect weight even though it’s more the 10% of my weight.

  191. Coral E

    What a beautiful blanket! This feels so amazing on. The seacell with the free radical fighting properties drew me in but even without the skin benefits this blanket is just soft and pretty and wonderful.

  192. Carrie A

    This is my favorite blanket of all time. I have several weighted blankets with the beads, and they are just no contest for this beautiful knitted one.

  193. Nate D

    I gifted this to my girlfriend and she brings it up all the time. I feel like I won on this. She loves it. She insisted I try using it myself and I actually like it too. I am getting another one for me.

  194. Dannae Young

    I REALLY REALLY love my blanket. It has been such a nice addition to my “fight insomnia” tool kit. I got 20lbs which is more than the 10% body weight recommendation but I like it heavy. It is a great quality blanket with a pretty look to it. Best of all it actually helps me relax.

  195. Sally Miller

    I really like my new blanket. I think it is perfectly soft and just the right weight. I hope they’re going to create more color and other sizes in the future.

  196. Whitney T.

    This weighted blanket was gifted to me and so far I really like it. The 20 lbs feels really nice and heavy. It is definitely and eye-catcher and nice to look at.

  197. Miranda P.

    I really enjoy my new blanket, the fabric feels really soft on my skin and I personally like that the weight is evenly distributed over my body. With other weighted blankets that I have had the beads inside would shift around, the blanket would fall off… It was just a hassle. This one however is perfect and I would recommend it to anyone.

  198. Madelyn S.

    I love my cream weighted blanket. I got the 15 lbs one and love how it feels on me. I have been sleeping so much better!

  199. CK

    Reading all of the positive reviews here, I feel obligated to share my opinion. I am not a fan of this blanket. I bought the cream color and unlike others, I actually have no problem with the color. It does lean a little more on the yellow side but I would still describe it as cream. My problem is with the fabric. The fabric is not comfortable at all. It is very rough and feels more like a VERY uncomfortable sweater than a blanket. Unlike other weighted blankets, this is not something you can “burrito” yourself into to feel secure. In order to feel the weight, you need to place the blanket vertical on your entire body. This is not what I expected and honestly would not recommend.

  200. LK

    The idea and unique style of the weighted blanket are terrific! The cream color, less so. I bought online due to the pandemic, wanting to support small businesses. In person, the cream is very yellow (for reference: Pantone 1215). Obviously there are no returns of a product like this nowadays so if you’re debating about color, gray is likely the more neutral choice. On the practical side, I’m 116# and an athlete so chose the 20# size and glad I did, just wish it wasn’t yellow.

  201. Lalaine J

    My sweet son got me this beautiful blanket for Mothers Day this year. Such a thoughtful gift, and so practical I have only had it for a few days but I love it. This is definitely my new favorite blanket. I do think I am waking up more refreshed after sleeping with it. There must be something to the Celliant.

  202. Duke E

    One word, incredible! I think this blanket is the best thing since sliced bread. It is so beautifully made, such high quality, and the feel is just wow. I have only grown love it and appreciate it more as I have been spending most of my days and nights wrapped up in it as of late.

  203. Jill

    I have had this blanket a few weeks. Have used it every day. I was so excited!!! But now, I’m totally disappointed. First, the blanket has little balls all over it now like I have had this blanket for 10 years so, it looks horrible… I washed it on gentle and I hung it up to dry because I was OCD about ruining it. (Too bad I cant post a picture in this review) Further, I haven’t noticed this blanket doing ONE single thing except for keeping me warm, reason for the three stars… should of been a one star in my opinion.. I’m confused at how all these people are giving it 5 stars and raving about it!!

  204. Joanne Y

    This blanket is luxury. Seriously high quality. It feels amazing and is beautiful to boot.

  205. Nicole D

    I am so glad I got one of these before they sold out! I know they are restocking but I just knew they would sell out right away and I NEEDED it. I love my cream 15lb weighted blanket. Would I buy again? Yes yes yes. Actually I already have because I ordered one for my mom. Totally beneficial for me. It really helps me quiet my mind.

  206. Janessa Jepsen

    I bought this blanket a few weeks ago and it’s definitely helped with my anxiety. I love that it’s woven so it’s breathable and not hot. It’s also stylish which most weighted blankets are not. Good purchase!

  207. Susan P.

    Purchased the Yaasa 20lb weighted blanket in grey. Love the color! Although the “recommended” purchase is roughly 10% your body weight (I’m a 130lb female) I went with the 20lb blanket, as I’ve always loved to “cocoon” with pillows and as many blankets as possible while I sleep. I’m happy with the 20lb-blanket, but you definitely feel ALL of the weight while sleeping. If you are someone that has sore/tender/compromised joints, this might be too heavy and too much pressure for you to sleep with (ie. your ankle can get stuck at weird positions, etc). FYI, the weave sleeps very cool. Lastly, the material is closer to a thick T-shirt style cotton–I was hoping it would be a bit softer to hold. Overall, very happy with my purchase and would buy again!

  208. Holly S

    Eeek I am so excited. I just bought one of these for my mom to give to her on Mothers Day. I have one myself and love it and figure there really couldnt be a better time to give a blanket. Such a comforting and useful thing.

  209. Gabby G

    I feel so fortunate to have been gifted this blanket. I was struggling with “shutting off” and calming down and this has helped me tremendously.

  210. Gerald B

    I am very active and have found that this blanket helps me to feel more refreshed when I use it to sleep. Celliant is an awesome technology and using it in a blanket is such a great idea.

  211. Aurora Q

    If I could have all of my clothes feel like this blanket feels against my skin I would be on cloud 9 all the time.

  212. Sanne E

    I have purchased several of these as gifts to comfort my loved ones during this trying time. They have all said how much they love this blanket and how helpful they have found it for anxiety relief. It makes me feel good to be able to give a high quality, useful tool, since I cannot be with all of the people I care about right now.

  213. Scott M

    I would buy again a million times over. That should say it all. It has been great for my back.

  214. Sara G

    My boyfriend got me this blanket for Valentines day. It is the nicest blanket I have ever owned.

  215. Hannah W

    It looks good, it feels good, and its good for me?! What more is there to say. Happy to have purchased and fully recommend.

  216. Isabella C

    Feels like a hug is totally accurate. Well made, really comforting, and got here really fast. I have only good things to say about this one.

  217. Rick D.

    I love this blanket. It is the perfect size and weight for me. The customer service is exceptional and they ship so fast. I’d give it more stars if I could.

  218. Katie S

    My yoga instructor recommended this blanket. She didn’t steer me wrong. I love it. It feels great and the Celliant thing is so cool. I feel like I am waking up more refreshed now. I sleep with this touching me directly, I don’t know if I need to be doing that but I figure I want to reap all of the benefits and it seems that would be the surest way to do it.

  219. Alesia V

    These are crazy popular right now. I had to get one to see what all the fuss is about, besides who doesn’t have anxiety right now? I got the grey 15 lb one. Not only do I appreciate the look of it (I am a sucker for knitted blankets, what can I say?), but the feel is where its at. I mean when I have it on me, I feel my tension drain away. Its not a magic bullet, but I have to say it has been really helpful for me.

  220. Daisy D

    I don’t find anything as soothing as this blanket. I really do just need tools for calming and coping right now and this has been of help.

  221. Fawn T

    This blanket is just too cool to pass up. I was doing some research looking for maybe a Celliant comforter or something I could sleep with because I had heard about the benefits of Celliant. I was led to Yaasa, purchased the blanket, and am loving it. Great find.

  222. Georgia U

    I went a little wild and purchased two of these for myself right away without having tried them. I wanted each color hehe. It is not something I regret doing. I love these blankets, they are such high quality and the health benefits make them well worth it.

  223. Holly A

    I splurged on this for myself. I absolutely love it. I am comfortably able to sleep with it on, but my friend who actually recommended it for me only uses it when she is on the couch relaxing.

  224. Arinn D

    aaah, what relief I have found here. I ordered the Yaasa soft about 3 months ago now and have been having the best sleep of my life since I received it. I am a side sleeper and am petite, I think if you are small of build you would find the Yaasa soft to be the ticket too. But I did speak with the customer care team before making my decision and that helped a lot too. Great experience.

  225. Jonie A

    I am OBSESSED. Really good looking, really great feeling, really helpful for me and my anxiety.

  226. Andrew Y

    Honestly, I did not have high expectations for the whole blanket calming effect thing but I am a believer now. It really does help me chill out to have this on me.

  227. Araya D

    My weighted blanket is my new favorite thing. Seriously though, I am kind of attached to it at the moment, it has been my go to anxiety relief tool and I really feel grateful to have it right now. I love it, I opted to go heavier than the 10% body weight recommendation because I really like the weighty feel on me and knew I would appreciate the added pressure. It worked for me, but if you are unsure I think doing the 10% of your body weight recommendation is a good call.

  228. Christina G

    Just yes! I love this blanket, have gotten it in the travel and the throw sizes and have bought one for my mom and my sister. Deserving of every star.

  229. Blaire N

    What a time for something like this. I enjoy my weighted blanket so much, I bought one for my sister who has been really struggling with anxiety at the moment. I love the feel and the look, I think it is really awesome that it shipped out right away so I did not have to wait long for it.

  230. Carol M.

    I really like the blanket, I only wish it was a little bit wider than it is. The quality is excellent and it feels really nice!

  231. Steven Jones

    This is by far the best weighted blanket in the market. Looks and feels amazing.

  232. Stephanie S.

    This blanket is amazing and the customer service is outstanding. I ordered the blanket and it shipped out on the very same day. Once I received it, I immediately tried it and it just feels amazing. I will order another one today for my hubby.

  233. Mark Spencer

    This is an amazing weighted blanket. I love the hand-knit, it looks SO much better than other weighted blankets and it is a LOT cooler since air can get through the mesh of the blanket. I am not sweating at all – hallelujah! Also, the 20 lbs blanket stays nicely in place all night. I give it 5 stars.

  234. Amy Y

    I just received my blanket at the beginning of this week. Initial impression, LOVED the feel and the look. My update after 5 days of use is that this is an awesome blanket that feels really good to sleep with. I am so into it.

  235. Jennifer P

    Probably my favorite purchase in a year. I know there is a lot of hype around weighted blankets… well I am now a proud member of the weighted blanket fan club. It just feels so good. I don’t know how else to describe it. There is something so calming about having that pressure on me. I recommend this blanket. Oh, also, I got the cream 20lbs in case you were wondering. Seems to have been a good weight for me.

  236. Christina F.

    Bought one a few weeks ago and am in love with it. I don’t know how I was able to sleep and relax without it so far. It helps me to de-stress within minutes and feels nice and heavy on me.

  237. Grayson G

    It was the Celliant that sold me on this blanket. I figured anything that can enhance blood flow and improve circulation is a good call right now. I am always looking for products beneficial for my health, but especially right now I think there is no better time to optimize all of my body’s systems.

  238. Emily R

    Who couldn’t use a little anxiety relief tool right now? I bought this last week, with all the goings on right now I was feeling like I needed something to help me unwind. This was a great purchase and I would do it again.

  239. Hanna B.

    Love love love! Huggable, breathable, visually appealing. Everyone that sees it wants to touch it. At least 3 of my friends bought one as well.

  240. Elsa V

    Happy birthday to me! I bought this as a little birthday gift for myself and am very pleased I went with this blanket for my treat. I was fascinated with the idea of Seacell and the skin benefits. I would 100% make this purchase again. I love the feel of the blanket.

  241. Kendra R

    My boyfriend got me this as a gift and oh my gosh! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this blanket. I have wanted one for forever and was so happy when he surprised me with this. It is so beautiful. When I was shopping around online I saw a lot of weighted blankets that did not have the knitted look I was going for. I am perfectly comfortable leaving this for all to see on our couch, it is stylish and so comforting.

  242. Milli F

    This blanket is heavenly! It feels so good and the 15 lbs weight is perfect for me. Also, the customer service is fantastic and it shipped out the same day I ordered. Simply amazing!

  243. Debra Mark

    I have had a weighted blanket before with glass beads inside, but the weight would always shift around and sometimes the blanket would fall off of me. This one stays nicely in place and feels like it is always evenly distributed. It also beautiful to look at. Whenever I have someone over they ask me about it.

  244. Stephanie B.

    Oh my gosh, this blanket is a life-saver. My job causes me a lot of anxiety and now that I have this blanket I have no problems falling asleep and can relax easily. There are obviously other, cheaper options available, but the Yaasa blanket looks and feels amazing. Totally worth the price!!

  245. Jordan A

    This is my favorite blanket. I have the throw and have been reaping the benefits of Celliant for 8 months now. I believe it has made a huge difference for me. I have also been giving these away as gifts whenever an occasion arises. Everyone that has received one from me has said the same, that it is their favorite blanket and they really feel the benefits.

  246. Gina R

    Not only is this blanket beautiful (I got the blue/cream throw) but it is so soft and has amazing benefits. I was skeptical at first but I looked up Celliant and Seacell benefits and there is evidence to support the claims. Honestly, I would have purchased the blanket regardless because it is so beautiful, and upon receiving it can confirm that it is really well made.

  247. Ella P

    I had read that weighted blankets can help alleviate anxiety and I was ready and willing to try anything. I purchased the cream 20lb weighted blanket and I LOVE it. I don’t even sleep with it on but when I get home from work I do a little decompression routine with aroma therapy and my couch and weighted blanket for 15 or 20 minutes and it has been game changing. I highly recommend it, it has been a wonderful addition to my self-care tool kit.

  248. Patty Jones

    Absolutely what I expected and more!!! I wasn’t too keen on the idea of a weighted blanket but this blanket is just what I needed. I usually fall asleep in 30mins-1hr and it got me to sleep, consistently, in 15 mins or even less. Thank you for adding time to my much needed sleep.

  249. Lori Snyder

    This weighted blanket is simply amazing! Not only is it unique in design and aesthetic, the functionality is fantastic. The biggest benefit this weighted blanket has provided me is the refreshed feeling I wake with every morning.

  250. Lisa Jones

    I purchased the 20 lbs in cream and really enjoy. I like best that the weight doesn’t shift around when you lay it on you and it isn’t hot. All in all I am very happy with my purchase and the customer service that Yaasa provides.

  251. Jarod K

    I really like the blanket and hope they will make some more colors.

  252. Rhonda P.

    Love, love, love this blanket.

  253. Lauren R.

    Really helps with restlessness. I fall asleep much faster now. The blanket is well made and soft.

  254. Sylvia Vasquez

    I was a little skeptical if I am going to like a weighted blanket at first, but this design convinced me to buy. I got the cream in 15 lbs in it not only feels great but looks great in my living room. This is a great buy!

  255. Curtis S.

    Got this for my girlfriend but had to try it out for myself as well and we both love it! She said it feels like a hug, and it has helped her sleep more soundly and deeper since getting it. The blanket is made extremely well, is soft, and is super comforting. Going to purchase again so I can have one to myself.

  256. Chris Damron

    It is a fantastic weighted blanket, I only wish they would offer bigger sizes.

  257. Shannon D

    This is by far the best weighted blanket on the market. Not only does it look better, it feels better. 100% recommend!

  258. Cindy P.

    This blanket not only looks amazing, but feels amazing. I got one in cream with 15 lbs weight and love it!

  259. Amy

    I love the blanket!!! Only negative is I wish it was bigger. I want to be covered head to toe and I am too tall. Any chance of making these to fit a bed??

  260. Julie

    The best blanket I’ve ever owned!

  261. Theresa Ganc

    An excellent blanket as I have 2 of these and 2 of the original. Only issue I have seen is some pilling especially around the foot area. I wish there was a way for this to be avoided.

  262. Michael Kay

    I never imagined that a blanket could make a difference in my rest & comfort. It’s now a must for my entire family.

  263. Thu Le

    I actually own 2 of the blankets. I love the warm cozy feeling and help me sleep better. Thank you.

  264. Saif Almuhairbi

    I ended backing the project for this blanket through Kickstarter. I had my concerns and wasn’t sure if the blanket could do anything it claimed. I saw that it aided blood flow and helped with recovery. Something my mother has suffered with for years is bad circulation in her feet. We’ve tried a few things to help but haven’t been very effective. I ended up purchasing this blanket just to see if it could help at all with her circulation.

    Fast forward when I finally received the product the blanket worked wonders for my mother. We put it to the test and she went to sleep one night with it and before she even fell asleep she already felt it working. When she woke up she told me how amazing she felt, but that while she was going to sleep that it just felt like the blanket was somehow ensuring that the blood circulated properly to her feet because she was no longer experienced cold feet and was helping with some swelling she got from experiencing gout.

    After many uses the blanket is still holding him and we are actually purchasing more because she ends up taking this blanket everywhere and I will actually end up purchasing one as well to aid me with my recovery after working out.

    Needless to say this product is worth the purchase and my only complaint is during the winter, it is not that thick so you’ll still need an extra blanket to stay warm. Thankfully though our winters don’t last that long so this blanket is perfect for the rest of our climate.

  265. Sarah Wayne

    Extremely soft! Not overly warm, so it is comfortable in any climate. It definitely feels refreshing. Love!

  266. James B.

    Another wonderful blanket, well done. Thanks!

  267. Bret

    Bought the blanket as birthday present for my wife. She’s on her feet all day at work and gets pretty beat up and fatigued by it. She typically curls up on the couch with the blanket right after work and then also sleeps with it as well. She says it feels like she is more rejuvenated each morning. Great purchase!

  268. Larisa

    I bought yaasa travel blanket first . I started to use it every night before the trip to Ecuador. I could sign under each word of promised benefits, easy fall asleep , deep sleeping and more rested , and sooo cozy and soft. I slept even in airplane ! I never slept before during annual long overseas trips neither short .
    Also , my skin is very sensitive . I buy bedding sets made of only high quality 100% cotton and 100% silk .
    I ordered a regular size yaasa blanket and it is my second skin now !
    I have to admit that I ordered cheaper travel blanket of different company for my son . And I ( my skin) could not tolerate it at all.
    Yaasa blanket worth every penny !
    Thank you, Yaasa for super product you created ; design , color , material , and the way it make me feel !
    Cannot wait to see new products you bring to us.

  269. Chris Morrow

    Pretty amazing blanket; wasn’t sure of what to expect – turned out to become a fav!

  270. Lomoar

    With getting older- I’ve developed achiness, so the thought of Celliant tech really appealed to me. I’m a skeptic, I don’t know if I truly experienced the listed benefits. I do know this is my favorite blanket, it’s soft, it adjusts to my temperature. I to would prefer a bit bigger for our queen size bed, as I sometimes lose the battle of who gets the most blanket. I love it so much I ordered a second one for snuggling on the couch.

  271. Mark Patrick

    I just love my YAASA Blanket. It’s amazing, as soon as you place it about your body, it starts to warm up. Great to wrap about your body when watching TV. Has a nice weight, and easy to wash. I recommend this product to anyone who loves a great night sleep through out the year, be it summer or winter.

  272. Walker S.

    The blanket is awesome! If it were just a tad bigger it would have earned that 5th star, yet it’s worth the money just because it will become your favorite blanket…year round!

  273. Erin

    This blanket has been a great addition. It is very soft and adapts with my body temperature so I can use on warm nights or cold nights. It does have a slight heaviness to it that some people may not prefer, but I do like the weight.

  274. sana

    keep having to share this with my husband, i carry it up and down from the bed to the sofa to watch TV, need like 2 more

  275. Lorilei

    I have MS and my symptoms flare if I become too cold (or hot). I bought the larger size and loved it so much I bought a second blanket to use in a different part of my home. I love that it is fairly light weight and not bulky, but keeps me perfectly warm and cozy. Thank you very much for the wonderful product! I will be purchasing another for a friend. 🙂

  276. Rosanna

    I have a love for blankets and when I saw this one, I knew I wanted one. The price kinda kept me away for awhile though. Then I kept seeing it and there was a sale going on, so I went for it! It’s soft and cozy and I do think I sleep a bit better when I sleep with it. I got the travel size and it’s perfect. I have a bad shoulder and I love putting it over my shoulder after a sore day. Overall I think it’s great.

  277. Brandon Topping

    I have been sleeping with this blanket every night for the past two months and I honestly have not noticed any difference at all in my exercise recovery, quality of sleep, or oxidation. I am the kind of person that truly wants to believe too and I am always looking for things just like this to improve my life.

    As it stands, though, I paid 200 dollars for a bed throw. It isnt very large for me at 5’11”, barely covering my exposed parts when tucked under my body, nor is it very thick. I have to sleep with another blanket on top of it even in a slightly chilly temperature. It’s soft but not as soft as other fleece blankets you will encounter, so hardly deserving of the ‘Best Blanket Ever’ status awarded by another review as a stand alone blanket if it doesn’t perform the very expensive special function for which it was purchased.

  278. Maria

    I bought both sizes of this blanket. I can’t say whether the celliant fibre gives me more energy, and I have’t noticed an improvement in my sleep, but I love these blankets nonetheless. They are so soft and are a good thickness – they seem thick when you’re using them, but actually fold up quite small. The travel size is perfect for an airplane and easy to pack in a daypack or carryon bag. I recently brought it on a trip to India, and it was so nice to use in the hotels – it brought a touch of home to my sleep, and it was a nice contrast to hotel sheets. It will probably become a must-pack for all my travels!

  279. Tom

    We got our blankets a few weeks ago and the whole family is superhappy with them! They are being used daily both on the couch and for sleeping in the beds of both us grown ups and the kids. The blanket generates a great “well-being” immediately and it offers a very special and great feeling … enthusiastic!!
    Congratulations on the awesome product!! Keep up the great work!!

  280. Sarah W

    Recently received my blankets. I used for 3 nights in a row and had the best fitful sleep I have had in a very long time. Last night i slept without it and my sleep was incomplete.

  281. Deanna F.

    This is an amazing blanket. Comforting and cozy like no other!

  282. Zachary V.

    Blanket is FANTASTIC!

  283. Christopher B.

    Hey everyone, this blanket is beautifully soft and gets the approval of both my wife and 7 year old son, nice job!

  284. Curtis R.

    Oh my god I love this blanket!!!!! It’s freaking amazing! So soft I can’t believe it. Congrats!

  285. Uli Gottwald

    Got my blanket today and already wrapped up in it. 😀
    It’s really soft, super cozy, and very warm while being thin. I love it!