Yaasa Sleep Mask

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Get better sleep with our outrageously comfy, 100% blackout sleep mask. Made with soft, breathable, durable materials. Infinitely adjustable to fit your needs, no pressure on eyelids or lashes – promise!

The infinitely adjustable eye cups are made of molded memory foam. The strap is made of a polyester shell with our proprietary extra soft fleece lining.

Your eye mask ships within 1-2 business days after you place your order. You have 30 nights to try out your new sleep mask.

Fall asleep and stay asleep – all night long.

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Better sleep is on its way. Ships in 1-2 business days.

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We believe you’ll love this mask, but if not you can return it within 30 days.

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This mask helps you sleep, wherever you may go.

Wake up to brighter mornings.

Just a sliver of light can disrupt your deep and REM sleep phases. The result? You wake up tired.
That’s why the Yaasa Sleep Mask perfectly covers and conforms to your eyes. It blocks 100% of light, even in broad daylight. You always get deep, uninterrupted sleep.

Not sure how I survived without this sleep mask. I am getting much deeper and, most importantly, completely uninterrupted sleep. It’s magic.
– Joanne B.


Create the perfect fit for you.

We designed the Yaasa Sleep Mask to adjust to your unique face. You can easily adjust the eye cup’s position. The angle and strap tightness are infinitely adjustable – you barely feel your mask on your face.

Our uber soft, breathable, and durable materials gently conform to your face without ever putting any pressure on your eyes. You’ll sleep comfortably whether you prefer to sleep on your back, stomach, side, or all the above.


Sleep masks may help improve quality sleep by blocking light and inducing relaxation, and have the added benefit of protecting the delicate skin around the eyes.

Yes, you can use the sleep mask as often as your skin can tolerate it.

Back sleeper: The head strap is made with a very soft fleece. You. won’t even notice it is there.

Side and stomach sleepers: Our sleep mask was designed with you in mind. The eye cups are tapered on the side for extra comfort. Our memory foam is also soft and molds perfectly to your face.

Yaasa Sleep Mask

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  1. Megan Rouse (verified owner)

    I love it. I sleep with an eye mask each night and it is super comfortable and adjustable since I have a smaller sized head, but my husband can also wear it because the eye pieces and the band are adjustable. Its soft and cushy on my eyes and it doesnt hurt my eyelashes when I blink or open my eyes. Amazing mask!