Signature Weighted Blanket

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Designed for every sleeper and all seasons. Fall in love with the uber soft fleece cover and cooling bamboo inner blanket. The quilted insert is filled with the quietest micro silicon beads for a peaceful, even weight that promotes a more restful sleep.

All blankets are sized 72″ x 48″

Cover: 100% Fleece made from polyester

Inner Blanket: 59% bamboo rayon, 41% polyester

Filling: 92% silicon beads, 8% polyester fiber

Select the gentle cycle on your washing machine and use cold water to wash your Signature Weighted Blanket. Use the tumble dry low setting of your dryer.

Shipping is free for all Signature Weighted Blankets. Your blanket will ship in 1-2 business days after you place your order. Try your blanket risk-free for 30 nights.

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‘This award-winning blanket helps to reduce stress.’

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‘The Softest Weighted Blanket of 2021.’

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‘Ultimately I went with Yaasa for the look.’

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‘Aesthetically pleasing and improves sleep.’

Comfort you’ve been weighting for.

Weighted comfort redefined.

This outrageously cozy blanket pairs the traditional weighted blanket feel with signature Yaasa comfort. The gentle pressure on your body will make you feel safe, comforted and relaxed.

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The perfect blanket, all season long.

Whether you prefer to sleep cozy or cool, this blanket has got you covered. The ultra-soft fleece is ideal for cooler periods of the year, during the warmer summer months, simply remove the cover and enjoy the cooling benefits of the bamboo fabric inside.

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Yes. Select the gentle cycle on your washing machine and use cold water to wash your Signature Weighted Blanket. Use the tumble dry low setting of your dryer. To learn more about how to wash your weighted blanket, click here.

We recommend that you select a weight that is approximately 10% of your body weight. To read more about how heavy your weighted blanket should be, click here.

You have 30 nights to decide if the Signature Weighted Blanket is right for you. View our return policies.

Weighted blankets are known to have a wide range of health benefits including temporary relief from restless legs syndrome, anxiety, and even lowering blood pressure and pulse rate. To learn more about the science behind weighted blankets and why they work, click here.

Signature Weighted Blanket

4.94 Based on 117 reviews

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  1. Katie K. (verified owner)

    I love this blanket so much I bought one as a gift. This is the best weighted blanket, so soft and the weight is evenly spread out. You will not be disappointed! Shipping was also very fast!

  2. Keegan (verified owner)

    I am very happy with my purchase. The product quality is exceptional. The shipping delivery lead-time was surprisingly quick. Overall a great experience.

  3. Viktor

    The Best Weighted Blanket Ever!

  4. C C (verified owner)

    I love this blanket. It normally takes me a while to fall asleep, but when I sleep with this blanket I usually fall asleep quickly. Using this blanket has helped calm anxious feelings in the moment, and I have noticed lasting improvements in my mood with usage of this blanket over time. I love the soft fleece cover and haven’t taken it off yet, but I appreciate that there is an option to take the cover off when it’s hot.

  5. Kelly (verified owner)

    Proudly, this is my third Yaasa weighted blanket and rounds out the hat trick of owning each type. I love them all for very different reasons. I’ve even got my husband captivated by the luxury weighted blanket. I highly recommend them all and couldn’t be happier with mine. I get so many compliments on their appearance and function!

  6. Katie (verified owner)

    Best blanket! So soft and cozy. I have to tell my kids it can’t leave my bed because they keep trying to take it!
    My bedroom comforter is white, so it was nice to have an option of white (which I’ve found was hard to find with other brands). Love this blanket and wish it came in a larger sizer!

  7. Eliz H. (verified owner)

    I’ve always had intermittent trouble with not sleeping soundly, and finally decided to splurge on a weighted blanket. It helps a lot, and I think I figured out why it works for me. While growing up, I usually fell asleep with a cat next to or on my legs, and that trained me to not toss and turn while getting to sleep. The weighted blanket reminds me of that feeling, and triggers the same instincts to lay still. (I do have a cat, but he’s not the cuddly type, so unless he changes his habits, this blanket will have to do!)
    I specifically wanted one with a warm shell, and this covering is very cosy; in fact, my husband likes to sleep under the cover by itself, and the cat enjoys sitting on it too, so I may need extra shells!
    Occasionally the weighted blanket gets twisted out of place during the night, and it’s hard to correct without actually getting up and remaking the bed, but generally I have a deeper, longer sleep under its gentle pressure, so I fully recommend it as a sleep aid. I wish it came in green, but it would just look grey in the dark anyway. 😉

  8. Lauren (verified owner)

    I came to the end of the Internet googling weighted blankets. I have owned several in the past few years and this far exceeded my expectations. Not only is it the perfect weight and size for me, it is aesthetically pleasing. It is the perfect size to cover me and not even touch my husband, who is a very hot sleeper. If you are on the fence, look no further.

  9. Danielle (verified owner)

    I absolutely love my weighted blanket. It’s super soft and warm. The weight of the blanket feels like a hug. I love everything about it!

  10. Megan Caldeira

    I brought one for myself and it really puts me to sleep really fast and helps me sleep through the night.

  11. Gmac

    Bought one for my wife she loves it!!!!
    Awesome and super comfortable!

  12. Richard (verified owner)

    Bought one for my wife for her migraines, she loves it, very comfy and helps her fall asleep easily.

  13. Kendall

    Puts me right to sleep.

  14. Ram

    Feels so nice.

  15. Tim

    Better than anything I have tried before

  16. Patty

    I like mine a lot.

  17. Margret

    Holiday gifts are done. I bought 3 !

  18. unknown

    Looking forward to going to bed every night now. I was already looking forward to sleep but this has made me know that I’m always getting a good night’s rest when I go to sleep now.

  19. Miles L.

    Top notch blanket: It has changed the way I sleep. I have a really bad back making it hard for me to fall asleep. I can’t sleep on my stomach because that makes my back hurt even more. Doctors haven’t really been helping me other than saying I need more elevation on my head and legs, so I thought I would take charge myself and experiment with a weighted blanket and I can strongly say that it has made a very large impact on my sleep in a good way. I barely wake up anymore in the night and something with the pressure helps the pain in my back.

  20. Mark Schugher

    Good product = good review.

  21. ilovesoftblankets


  22. Holly Guganbill

    It’s soft.

    It makes me happy.

    I sleep Better.

  23. Chris R.

    Very warm without being overly heavy. Material is comfortable and does not irritate sensitive skin. It is very evenly distributed and does not clump. I got the white and don’t see it really getting dirty anytime soon since I don’t have any pets + I can always wash it if so. Recommended product.

  24. Katie Johnson

    5 stars. I’ve found no issues with this blanket. It’s literally perfect.

  25. Lance L.

    Writing a review because this is a great product!

  26. Claudia E.

    Worth the price. Feels long lasting and durable, but extremely cozy. Got to my place in NYC after 2 days of ordering it. Not to mention, free shipping.

  27. Hanson Grey

    It’s super soft! Happy about the removable, washable cover.

  28. Nyromi. P

    Great weighted blanket

  29. T


  30. Jerame

    Feels nice

  31. Jess Cruz

    Why doesn’t everyone in the world know about this blanket . . . ????

    I feel healed

  32. Tom Glenn

    This is way better than the one I was gifted from Costco several years ago – it actually works and doesn’t have annoying beads that fall together on one side that make it impossible to get comfortable. Yaasa has actually taken the time to perfect this blanket into a good quality product.

    Thanks for making a good blanket, Yaasa. I will be a continuing customer.

    – Tommy

  33. Izzy

    No one is allowed to touch this blanket except me…it’s mine!

  34. marissa lando

    LOVEEEE IT ❤️ So cozy

  35. noname

    I read online that weighted blankets can support anxiety within those who have autism, but that they are known to help anyone with anxiety. I can say it has definitely helped me calm down when I have a hard time shutting off my mind at night time.

    A blanket for everyone.

  36. Olivia Kregle

    Will be buying several more of these for my family!!! 😃 😃

  37. Jennifer L.

    I was worried about the quality of this blanket since fleece covers tend to get damaged overtime, but I’ve already washed the blanket and it’s the same as when I first bought it. Great quality. Looks v nice in my home

  38. Melinda

    I have leveled up in the sleeping department with this blanket.

  39. Larry

    I gifted this to my daughter for her birthday and she is so happy.

  40. Lana

    I really appreciate the material. This is fantastic.

  41. Gabriela

    Very well made.

  42. Trisha

    I cant overstate how helpful this has been for me in getting to sleep!

  43. Amando

    My sister loves hers!

  44. Jeffrey

    It took me about 3 nights to get used to it and find my groove. Im really into it now.

  45. Jordan

    Each night I use it I become more obsessed with it.

  46. Miranda

    Takes me right into a the relaxed space I crave.

  47. Ray

    The weight distribution is good, I havent had much trouble keeping it from sliding off the bed either.

  48. Brianna

    Best way to chill at the end of the day.

  49. Emry

    Flexible and cozy.

  50. Macia

    Totally calming.

  51. Garriet

    I suggest giving this blanket a try.

  52. Naomi

    Perfect solution for my sleep issues.

  53. Marianna

    Makes me less restless.

  54. Harry

    puts me to sleep so fast.

  55. Katrina

    Works really well.

  56. Jared

    Helps with anxiety and insomnia

  57. Ella

    Wow! Fluffy

  58. Trinity

    One for me, one for my son, one for my husband. We all love them

  59. Yuli

    Not something I ever want to live without again.

  60. Royce

    Its so deliciously comfortable.

  61. Richard

    I set up camp under mine the moment I get home.

  62. Armine

    May absolutely be the best thing I have ever bought

  63. Vrea

    This works to keep me warm and calm.

  64. Opal

    Could use a couple more stars for me to give. This is great.

  65. Karmen

    The great sleep I have been getting since using mine is thrilling.

  66. Sharon

    This is like the greatest gift idea.

  67. Martin

    Sooo cozy,

  68. Bryn

    Makes you never want to get out of bed.

  69. Harriet

    The weighted blanket has decreased how long it takes us to fall asleep and helped the quality of our all-night slumber. Additionally, it looks great on top of our down comforter! My husband was a skeptic and now he loves it!

  70. Fran

    Well to be honest, it was a gift haha. Im still wrapping it. But, i plan to get more blankets from you guys before the end of the year. I really liked the materialand how high quality it felt.

  71. Greg

    This blanket has given my insomniac spouse much needed long, deep sleeps that evaded her for years. Will be buying more blankets and other products for the whole family. Thank you from us both!

  72. Morri

    This has changed my sleeping habits completely. I feel held nightly, secure & safe. It’s amazing how manipulating your physical world can change your psychological mind. Definitely has reduced anxiety.

  73. Barbara Fead

    Addicted to this blanket. I slept with it for a day and it took a few more nights for me to really feel the amazing effects. Extremely helpful blanket in my life.

  74. Kara lovy

    Great holiday gift. My mother loves it.

  75. Maleeha

    Takes first place on my list of favorite buys this year.

  76. Paula

    Im just over here casually working from home underneath this every second of the day.

  77. Deborah

    Took a couple of nights to get used to sleeping with but now Im hooked.

  78. Lauren

    Helps me sleep.

  79. Andrew

    My wife loves it.

  80. Tamara

    This feels so nice on!

  81. Gina

    Comfy, fluffy, fantastic.

  82. Trent

    Makes working overtime more bearable. Coming home and getting right to sleep with this blanket has been very helpful.

  83. Jim

    Worth the wait. This is great.

  84. Xavier

    Only good things to say.

  85. Chase

    Keeps me calm, cool, and collected. Win.

  86. Alana

    Great for the chilly change of season. Love it.

  87. Naomi

    Hugs me just right.

  88. Elena

    I’ve gotten the 10lb for my son and the 15lb for myself. We are both really enjoying our blankets.

  89. Sasha

    I really didn’t think there was anything to this weighted blanket talk. This blanket proved me wrong. It has changed how I sleep.

  90. Zander

    works like magic.

  91. Veronica

    The price, quality, and feel are on point.

  92. Betty T.

    I really like this style of blanket. It’s super cozy and the weight is very even.

  93. Jake Kaurent

    Very soft

  94. Karie

    Takes me out of restlessness mode right away.

  95. Gale

    Sleeping is easier now.

  96. Sam

    This feels so nice.

  97. Emerly

    Love these neutrals. I got one in each color for each of my boys.

  98. Anne

    Better than a glass of wine at the end of the day to wind down.

  99. Jenny

    All I need at the end of a stressful day is a nice hot bath and then this blanket to totally restore.

  100. Warren

    I have been someone willing to try anything to help with my anxiety. This has been a very useful tool.

  101. Edna

    Can we talk about this removable cover?!!! Essential.

  102. Tarra

    I think if you are the least bit curious, give it a try. It turned out to be very helpful for me.

  103. Lily

    Works really well for my son when he is feeling anxious. So happy they offer the 10lb option.

  104. Cindy

    This blanket helps me get to sleep better than melatonin.

  105. Jerry

    This blanket, with a cup of herbal tea, and Im off to dream land in no time.

  106. Mariah

    My favorite thing about this blanket is the soft fleece! Oooh it feels too cozy.

  107. Gemma

    If you live with anyone else that might potentially benefit, buy multiple! I learned this the hard way.

  108. Jeremy

    I would purchase this again.

  109. Clarissa

    I love that I was able to find a 10lb weighted blanket! I have been searching for a light weighted blanket and this is just perfect.

  110. Yoli

    The pricing on this product is awesome, I have shopped around and weighted blankets can be very expensive. I also loved the neutral color options. Great buy.

  111. Channing

    I fall asleep pretty much immediately once I get under mine.

  112. Rachel

    Just WOW! I’ve tried other brands of weighted blankets and there was always something that left me back in the market. I the signature weighted blanket and will be stopping my search.

  113. Courtney

    This makes for a perfect gift. I got this blanket for my daughter for her birthday and she loves it so much. Im thinking holiday gifts for others now.

  114. Maddy James

    This is a top quality blanket. The inside is tied to the corners so that the weight doesn’t move around and get bunched up anywhere like other blankets do. I don’t like when weight clumps up and you get a thin part of the blanket that’s too cold and a thick and heavy part of the blanket that’s too hot. But this blanket does a good job at making sure this doesn’t happen. I recommend this blanket to anyone that is picky about weight distribution and is unsure about that.

    Thanks Yaasa!

  115. Ray

    So soft! The removable cover is so convenient. I love the distribution of weight.

  116. Jamie

    Just bought. Was debating on this one and another from Costco, but I’m glad I went with this one because the quality exceeded my standards!!!

  117. Jamie

    Just bought. Was debating on this one and another from Costco, but I’m glad I went with this one because the quality exceeded my standards!!!