The Yaasa Mattress

(73 customer reviews)

Wake up perfectly rested to take on the day with this luxurious hybrid combination of memory foam and pocketed coils. Your best night’s sleep, guaranteed.

Twin: 75” x 39” x 11”

Twin XL: 80” x 39” x 11”

Full: 75” x 54” x 11”

Queen: 80” x 60” x 11”

King: 80” x 76” x 11”

Cal King: 84” x 72” x 11”


2″ – YaasaFlex Foam (soft blend)
2″ – High Density Support Foam
6″ – Edge-to-Edge Coil System
1″ – High Base Support Foam



2″ – YaasaFlex Foam (firm blend)
2″ – High Density Support Foam
6″ – Edge-to–Edge Coil System
1″ – High Density Base Foam

All of our foams are Certi-Pur certified, meaning they are made without ozone depleting chemicals and regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million).

Every Yaasa Mattress comes with a 10 year warranty. Read More.

Mattresses are made to order and ship from Phoenix, Arizona using FedEx ground.

All mattresses come with free shipping & free returns in the contiguous United States.

Which firmness should I choose?

The Yaasa Soft Mattress is great for side sleepers. The little bit of extra give lends comfort to the side sleeper’s hips and shoulders, while still providing overall stability and support.

The Yaasa Firm Mattress is ideal for all you back and stomach sleepers. This firmer offering provides a solid surface that helps to support the back and stomach ensuring the spine is aligned for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Experience innovation, layer by layer.

A layer of TitanFlex™ foam increases airflow and pushes hot air and body heat out so you don’t get overheated. This premium foam top layer has a plush, velvety soft feel.

Higher density foam creates a transition layer, promoting deep compression support and body contouring.

Over 900 individually wrapped coils create maximum reactivity and motion isolation, minimizing disturbances throughout the night.

Additional base comfort for durability and support for this advanced mattress.
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Your mattress ships completely free of charge to your home.

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You have 100 dreamy nights to decide if the Yaasa Mattress is right for you.

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Not sure which firmness is right for you? Ask one of our sleep experts.


Your mattress is made-to-order and typically ships within 10-12 business days.

If you already know that you love a soft or firm mattress then follow your heart. However, if you are unsure you can follow this quick guide to make a selection:

1. Back Sleepers and Stomach Sleepers should choose the Firm Mattress

2. Side Sleepers and ‘Free Style’ Sleepers should choose the Soft Mattress

3. If either you or your partner is heavier than 220 lbs, the Firm Mattress may be the option for you.

4. If you are lighter than 130 lbs, the Soft Mattress may be the option for you.

Still not sure? Ask us and we can help! You can email us at and our experts will help you make the right choice.

Upon receiving your mattress, you have 100-nights to try it out. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will happily exchange your mattress for a different firmness, or we can help you return your mattress for a full refund. Please contact our customer support team at 

The Yaasa Mattress

4.93 Based on 73 reviews

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  1. Donna J. (verified owner)

    I LOVE MY YAASA BED; a luxurious bed (Soft King) that did not break the bank. And the Yaasa staff was incredible.

  2. Laurie Counihan-Childs

    we now have 4 yaasa mattresses! 1 king firm, 2 queen firm and 1 king soft. on one, we have a sheepskin mattress pad, another a featherbed and the other 2 regular mattress pads. we truly love sleeping on these mattresses. they’re firm enough to support the spine and yet soft enough to support the joints. we couldn’t be happier!!!

  3. Jeanine H

    We have had the king soft mattress for several years and we really like it. It was easy to set up and it will not disappointed.

  4. Alex Samuelson

    I absolutely love my Yaasa bed and adjustable base. We purchased ours 3 years ago and I’ve had great sleep ever since!

  5. Derek R

    I always thought I would only like all-foam mattresses. This is my first hybrid and I don’t think I will be going back.

  6. Lauri I

    What I love most about my Yaasa mattress is… well everything. I have not had better sleep in my life. It conforms to my body just enough without smothering. I feel supported and cradled. Gushing over here.

  7. Kurt C

    New mattress, new me. I’m sleeping so well now I feel like a new man.

  8. Michael R

    The only mattress I want to sleep on from now on.

  9. June P

    I am so grateful for my yaasa mattress. So many great nights of sleep on this and I attribute it to the wonderful design.

  10. Soaran R

    Ok well I wish I had done this a long time ago. Making the switch to this mattress has been a night and day difference for my sleep. I sleep like a rock on this and wake up with no aches or pains.

  11. Diego K

    I am a back sleeper so I got the firm mattress. It has worked really well for me.

  12. Alex I

    I recommend Yaasa anytime someone lets me know they are mattress shopping. I have had mine for a couple years now and am still just loving it.

  13. Dan P

    What I like about my Yaasa is that its not too dense. Probably because of the hybrid build, but I feel like there is some nice bounce and ventilation. I am coming from an all foam mattress so this is just such a luxury.

  14. Monty R

    A high-quality mattress with great customer service makes for a wonderful experience.

  15. Korin B

    This mattress is so comfortable! I will be getting one for my son as well.

  16. Rae J

    This is the nicest best quality mattress I have ever owned and I would definitely recommend it to my friends.

  17. Halei S

    Get yourself one of these mattresses. I must have tried a hundred brands but nothing worked like Yaasa for me.

  18. Catia C

    My mattress needed replacing and I looked all around, tried a bunch of different brands, until eventually my friend recommended Yaasa. I ordered this feeling good about the 100 night trial. I won’t be letting go of this one. Great find.

  19. Heather V

    I have tried a lot of big name mattress brands and I ended up giving Yaasa a try after all of my explorations. This one is just the right fit for me. I love the support.

  20. Sam M

    It was in good faith that I purchased this mattress. I read the reviews and trusted it would be a great fit. It has been. My only complaint is that I didn’t know about this mattress sooner. All of the good sleep I was missing out on is a shame. I am completely satisfied.

  21. Gretchen W

    I felt comfortable taking a chance on this mattress because of the 100 night trial. One can never be sure how they are going to really feel about a mattress until it has been slept on for a bit. I am happy to report that I have had mine for 6 months now and am still loving it. It was a fit for me.

  22. Maurice F

    This mattress!!!!! No words but I will try. Wow this feels so good after my all foam mattress, my hips and shoulders are so much happier since I made this switch. Supports me in all the right ways and all the right places.

  23. Jake A

    Oh boy! What a mattress. I have really been getting the best sleep of my life since I switched to a Yaasa mattress. The firm did it for me. Keeps my back nice and supported.

  24. Chance D

    My old mattress was way too firm, I was waking up with hip and shoulder pain every night. I got the Yaasa soft since I am a side sleeper and I am now getting the best sleep of my life.

  25. Jake R

    This has saved my mattress a handful of times already. I love that it is cooling too. Im super finicky about things that make me sleep hot, this doesn’t do that.

  26. Marty S

    The Yaasa mattress is SO luxurious. I consider this to be my first real mattress- as in nice mattress. It is really great for my back. I got the firm and am loving it. It is not too firm, there is still some give for sure. Love it.

  27. Kit C

    My Yaasa mattress is my is my favorite spot in the house. My mattress is so comfortable and was a great change for my back.

  28. Grace G

    I think this mattress deserves 12 stars. Seriously, it is such a nice mattress for the price. I have slept really well on mine and it could not have been an easier process. It came to my door in a box. What more could I ask for?

  29. Kenny R

    This is such a quality, top of the line mattress. I felt really extra getting this for myself but I am so glad I did. I have not had better sleep in my life since getting my Yaasa. Im a side sleeper and I got the Yaasa soft.

  30. Marnie K

    This is my first time buying myself a mattress. I wanted something I could afford that is also really nice (and comfortable obviously!). This was a great call. I am telling my friends to do the same.

  31. Betty Richardson

    This adjustable base works with the mattress I already have, and it was so easy to assemble. I had my grandson ready on standby should I need assistance but it took me 15 minutes. I am very pleased

  32. Coral S

    Finding a medium firm mattress is not all that easy. I knew I needed a not too soft, not too firm mattress and for whatever reason I was only coming across soft mattresses or firm mattresses but nothing right in the middle. I was so excited when I found this one and took a chance on it. I am not disappointed. This is exactly what I wanted all along. I can be on my back, on my stomach, on my side and be totally comfortable.

  33. Mave S

    Not all mattresses are created equal apparently. The quality of this mattress is outstanding, the 10 year warranty reassuring, and the sleep I have been getting because of it is seriously priceless. I have the Yaasa in soft and am a side sleeper so I am told I fit the bill for a soft mattress. Years of mattresses too firm for me has just made me all the more grateful for this find. I agree with other reviews I have read that I still do feel very much supported, it just has the right level of cushion.

  34. Rhonda Stephens

    I finally ordered the split king which I had been looking at for almost a year and I’m so glad I did. It was easily assembled and set up. We got the medium firm mattresses and are sleeping better. It’s just the perfect balance of firm and cushion. The slightly elevated position has been so helpful with reflux. No more piles of pillows! Great customer service, too! So happy with my Yaasa purchase.

  35. Scout F

    I never write reviews but here I am. I was not afraid to purchase this mattress because of the trial, I felt pretty confident it was worth a shot. I went for the firm even though I am a side sleep at times because I cant stand anything too soft. The firm really works for me. Having come from a long history of all foam mattresses, I am finding this hybrid construction to be really appropriate for me. The firm is not too firm and I guess I am attributing that to the fact that there are coils in this. All foam can be so dense, and sleep hot depending on the brand, and I just craved that support without the rigidity if that makes sense. I found what I needed in this.

  36. Tyler S

    If I can try it I am less afraid to buy it. That is how I operate, and after reading the reviews I went for the Yaasa ONE mattress. Obviously I am here giving it 5 stars so it works for me. I loved that it is a reasonable price and a great quality mattress.

  37. Maxine L

    I don’t know if anyone else really struggles with mattress shopping, but I certainly did. I called Yaasa to ask a bunch of questions about their mattresses and decided to do the Yaasa soft. It has a trial and I felt pretty confident after speaking with the customer care team that this would be the best fit for me. It has been just the ticket. No more hip or shoulder pain. I sleep on my side and feel totally supported.

  38. Asher D

    Im a mattress snob thus the 4 stars instead of 5. That being said, I really like this mattress. It is telling that I feel compelled to review it. I have had the Yaasa firm for 6 months now and am very pleased. Sleep came easy on it right away too, I didn’t feel like there was that breaking in period I have experienced with some mattresses, where I suffer through sleepless nights hoping for it to get better. This is a great mattress.

  39. Finn E

    I don’t know how they did it, but I feel totally supported without sinking into my mattress or just sitting on top of it. Its like the perfect amount of holding me up and cradling me in. I went for the Yaasa firm and am very content.

  40. Megan S

    This is the only mattress I want to sleep on. Seriously. I have trouble sleeping and when I was traveling a lot for work I was so sleep deprived because I am really particular about my mattress. I bought the Yaasa firm and have no trouble falling and staying asleep.

  41. Kylie G

    This mattress is super comfortable and affordable. I did my research, read the reviews, went for it and haven’t regretted it. If you are thinking this is for you, I say go for it.

  42. Treyna J

    Im very picky when it comes to mattresses. I have returned several in the past for not meeting my needs. I got the Yaasa soft and I am completely satisfied. It was a relief finding something that works for me, no more mattress hopping.

  43. Chad B

    It was the medium firm descriptor that got me. I was looking for the perfect middle ground firmness and this mattress hit the spot. I imagine it would be a good fit for most people since it is not super soft or super firm. 10 out of 10 recommend 🙂

  44. Camilla H

    I love my Yaasa mattress. Like many people it appears, I did a lot of shopping around before landing on the Yaasa mattress. I felt good about the 100 night risk free trial but honestly I was pretty confident I would love it from the beginning. I got the Yaasa soft and have been really pleased with how it supports my body.

  45. Candice M

    I bought this mattress for my very opinionated teen daughter and she loves it. I have stolen a few naps on it and I love it too. My mattress is not that old but I am debating getting myself a new Yaasa ONE anyway.

  46. Brad D

    I am certain I am not alone in being overwhelmed by mattress shopping. My wife and I were really not sure what to be looking for. We had a foam mattress before this and knew no different. We were hesitant to purchase a mattress online without trying it in person, but ultimately decided to go for it. The reviews for the Yaasa mattress were great and we chatted with a representative that recommended some videos of the mattress being reviewed on youtube with a pressure map that put our minds at ease. Honestly, with the 100 night risk free trial we figured we have nothing to lose anyway. It turned out to be the right decision for us. We got the Yaasa firm. It has worked for both of us though I am a side sleeper and she is a back sleeper. We are hybrid mattress converts now.

  47. Margarita Marcano-Cruz

    This mattress is the best I have had in all of my years. Feels like am sleeping in a cloud. This mattress has given me and my husband the quality sleep, we haven’t had in a long time. So happy to have invest in a good night sleep.

  48. Vlada and Mark Harris

    We got split king and firm mattresses and happy with our choice so far.I has not been 30 days yet, but we believe it is going to be a keeper. Love the “zero gravity” setting.
    Shipping was fast, setup was really easy an no issues. Mattresses did not smell even a little and were ready for use right away.Packaging is great, maybe even a little bit over-done. Feel guilty taking so much packaging material to trash…The quality of the base is really great. Also appreciate the ability of the mattress to keep the right amount of heat.

  49. Wanda Eversole

    I highly recommend the mattress and sheets I love everything about both at a great deal …now i sleep awesome

  50. Ben T

    This is exactly what I hoped it would be. I needed an affordable not too soft not too firm mattress and this is perfect. I like that it is a combination mattress, because I find coils more supportive than just a foam mattress.

  51. Livia Wren

    I am a side sleeper and the Yaasa soft mattress is perfect for me. It has just the right amount of give so there is not too much weight or pressure on my hip or shoulder but also the perfect amount of support so I don’t feel like I am drowning in my mattress. I love it. It has been a total game changer. Definitely recommend.

  52. Lin Jiao

    I just got the mattress earlier this week. The mattress is supportive and have a good feel. The only negative I can see is that it does sleep a little hot.

  53. Greg F.

    I tried another online mattress brand before this and did not like it at all. It was an all foam mattress and slept very hot. I’m a bit of a bigger guy so I tend to sleep warm but I was extremely uncomfortable before. The Yaasa ONE has the hybrid springs which feels better for support and I don’t sink in. The top quilted Gel cover keeps me feeling great. Highly recommend this mattress.

  54. Samantha K.

    This is the first time I bought a mattress online. I wanted a great quality mattress without being overcharged. The feel is amazing. The top has a familiar pillowtop feel but sleeps cooler.

  55. Jazmine S.

    I was not in the market for a mattress. I visited a friend in Los Angeles this past weekend and she had received this mattress in the mail. I didn’t realize how bad my mattress was until I spent on this and woke up feeling so much better. Already ordered mine!

  56. N. Maraisane

    My wife and I were looking for a mattress after we moved to a new apartment. We looked into different mattresses and ended buying a tuft and needle which didn’t work out for us as it was too firm and had an odor that didn’t go away. We tried a yaasa mattress at sleep Sherpa and really liked it. We ended up purchasing one and it has been incredibly comfortable so far. Shipping was fast and free. Highly recommend this mattress for side sleepers

  57. Cindy

    We are delighted with our new queen mattress! Since we live close to Santa Barbara, we stopped by Yaasa Studios to check out the product before we made our purchase. Johannes and Joey were friendly and so knowledgeable about the products they have designed. We not only felt confident that the mattress we selected would meet our needs, but we were impressed with the vision and integrity behind the company. Definitely 5 stars!!

  58. Patrick Adams

    This is by far the most comfortable mattress my wife or I have ever slept on. For that matter my kids and my dog love it too. We went with the “medium soft” and it is amazing. I should have purchased this mattress long ago. The online purchase was easy and the shipping and set up was a snap.

  59. C. Metzger

    This is the most comfortable matress I have ever slept on! Less aches and pains in the morning and less snoring at night from my husband!

  60. Sushil

    Id like to say ‘anyone makes a great mattress’ but in essence, you’ll only choose one and hardly go through the effort of trying hundreds before choosing one.. not only is this a great mattress, their customer service and follow up is amazing too.

  61. Honey K.

    Buying a mattress online can be kind of scary, but Yaasa made the process convenient and instilled confidence in my purchase. It was so much easier than going into a mattress store where it can be really overwhelming with added pressure from salesmen! It’s easy to setup and the mattress is so comfortable. The design and materials feels so luxury and it’s nice to support a company with an eco-friendly mission. There are even handles on the mattress cover (they thought of everything!). Yaasa treats customers as individuals and not just a number (like with some other online mattress stores). Overall, I would highly recommend! What is there to lose?!

  62. Andrew C.

    I’m in my 60’s and my wife is in her 50’s and we heard about this place from our neighbors who love theirs so we had to give it a shot. I’ve had lower back pain for a long time and our mattress has seen some wear and tear so we figured it was time for a new one. Our mattress is great, it’s just the right amount of firmness, but soft enough on top for my wife to still be comfortable.

  63. Jenna R.

    I was in need of new mattress after college. I was so excited to hear about a local mattress business in Santa Barbara, CA. The overall experience was great! From ordering online to the arrival of my mattress, I couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks Yaasa Studios!

  64. Ellie K

    I bought a Yaasa Studios for my guest room and our friends and family who stay with us have been really happy with it. Perhaps too happy, they don’t want to leave.

  65. Chris S.

    Thanks Yaasa Studios! My mattress arrived one day early! Everything about the experience was great. The mattress is totally comfortable!

  66. Linda A.

    Thank you Yaasa! We’re loving our new mattress!!

  67. Frank F.

    We bought a Yaasa Medium Firm style back in summer and love it! My significant other mostly sleeps on her back and I sleep mostly on my side, so we were looking for something that caters to both our needs. The Medium Firm offers the right amount of support for her and the right amount of give for me. We both love that it has a little bounce to it too.

  68. Derek K.

    Just received my mattress. Feels great and the box it was delivered in was easy to maneuver around a large high-rise.

  69. Clayton J.

    I slept on my new mattress for the first time last night and I’ve never felt so rested. Typically falling asleep has been a pain for me for as long as I can remember. Lay awake with thoughts racing through my head and then when I wake up and I feel so exhausted no matter how much sleep I got. last night and this morning was the opposite though – I fell asleep instantly and when I woke up this morning I felt fully restored and ready to take on the day. I bought the king-size medium-soft mattress, perfect cushion — not too soft, but not too hard. thank you!!!

  70. Lorri W.

    I love my Yaasa mattress! It’s just the right amount of softness for me (and my dog!)

  71. Madeleine F.

    I slept on my new mattress for the first time last night and I’ve never felt so rested. Thank you!!

  72. Kim C.

    We have had our new mattress for 2 nights now & I am so happy I decided to go with Yaasa Studios! Love everything! Thinking about buying one for our RV!

  73. Arthur W.

    I’ve been on a firm mattress my entire life, but on a whim I let Yaasa Studios design my mattress for me and I got Medium Soft! They’re the experts so I gave it a shot and I can’t believe how wrong I’ve been by using a firm mattress my whole life. This mattress is soft, and supportive in all the right ways – I’ve never slept better!