Infinity Blanket

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The Infinity Blanket promotes a more restful sleep through its integrated Celliant fibers.

Celliant helps your body rejuvenate and recover while you sleep by absorbing your body heat and converting it into infrared energy which promotes local circulation and cellular oxygenation. This results in longer sleep, an increase in comfort and an overall, improved quality of sleep.

28% Celliant

72% Organic Cotton

Travel Size – 55″ x 41″

Throw Size – 77″ x 57″

Wash on a cold cycle, tumble dry low.

Infinite technology that works while you rest.

Using Celliant fibers, the Infinity Blanket provides comfort and promotes quality sleep. Celliant is shown to increase local circulation, improve cellular oxygenation and promote faster cell recovery. This means you rest at a more comfortable temperature, fall asleep faster, and wake up rejuvenated.

Celliant is made of safe, naturally occurring, thermo-reactive minerals for their unique properties, such as energy absorption and reflection. That formula is then supercharged with a blend of 88 trace elements. Embedded into yarn, Celliant gives the Infinity Blanket the ability to transform your body’s heat energy into full-spectrum infrared energy.

Celliant's effectiveness has been proven in 11 clinical, preclinical, technical and physical trials, and 8 peer-reviewed published studies. The FDA has determined that Celliant products are medical devices as defined in section 201(h) of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and are general wellness products. Celliant is also designated as a Class 1 Medical Device in Canada, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.
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Discover the power of the Infinity Blanket.

woman sleeping with infinity blanket

Advanced comfort, better sleep.

The Infinity Blanket promotes a more restful sleep through its integrated Celliant fibers.

Celliant helps your body rejuvenate and recover while you sleep by absorbing your body heat and converting it into infrared energy which promotes local circulation and cellular oxygenation. This results in longer sleep, an increase in comfort and an overall, improved quality of sleep.

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Transform body heat into faster recovery.

With the Infinity Blanket you are putting your body’s heat to work. Celliant’s naturally occurring minerals absorb body heat and transform it into full-spectrum infrared energy, which is clinically proven to improve local circulation and increase cellular oxygenation. This might delay the onset of lactic acid buildup and remove it from muscles faster, meaning you recover quicker from physical exertion.

Man squatting with infinity blanket on shoulders

Sleep better, recover faster, perform better.

Using the Infinity Blanket you will sleep better and recover faster. The integrated Celliant technology is also scientifically tested and clinically proven to give you more strength, endurance, speed, stamina and comfort.


Celliant® is a revolutionary, patented technology that, through the use of fibers, converts the body’s natural energy (heat) into infrared (IR) light and emits it into the body’s tissue and muscles. The result is a responsive textile clinically proven to benefit the human body, utilizing a blend of minerals and proprietary ingredients embedded into the fiber’s core.

Products enhanced with Celliant technology can be covered or layered without losing effectiveness. Clothing, sheets, and laminated or waterproof fabrics do not hinder the efficacy of Celliant to recycle energy to the body. The body’s electromagnetic emissions travel through clothing, wood, glass and even concrete. The energy your body emits is the same that’s seen in technology used by the military to view humans inside buildings.

The Celliant® does not wash or wear out will last hundreds of wash cycles.

Weighted blankets are known to have a wide range of health benefits including temporary relief from restless legs syndrome, anxiety, and even lowering blood pressure and pulse rate. To learn more about the science behind weighted blankets and why they work, click here.

Infinity Blanket

4.90 Based on 20 reviews

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  1. Karen D (verified owner)

    I rarely take the time to write reviews, but this is warranted. My Infinity blanket has the best feel. I use it every single day.

  2. Dan Ringle

    I am a PROUD owner both the Yassa weighted blanket and the infinity blanket! I use them both daily and feel they have improved my sleep. I fall asleep faster and I wake up more refreshed.

  3. Ricardo F

    I will be wearing this blanket for infinity ever more.

  4. Channing E (verified owner)

    I feel like I perform better when I have been sleeping with the Infinity blanket. Currently training for a marathon and need all of the help I can get to recover fast.

  5. Marnie D

    No other brand compares to Yaasa when it comes to blankets. The Infinity blanket is my favorite blanket. You won’t catch me without it at night.

  6. Jerry A (verified owner)

    My infinity blanket goes where I go. I take it with me everywhere, it really has become my constant companion.

  7. Remy F (verified owner)

    I like to get a new blanket in the fall every year. This year I got myself the Infinity blanket and it has fast become my favorite. I will treat myself to the Elements blanket next.

  8. Paul N (verified owner)

    This blanket was the first Yaasa product I purchased and is what got me hooked on the brand as a whole. I warn you, this is a gateway product haha. All jokes aside, I love my Infinity blanket and it has held up beautifully. I have had it for well over a year.

  9. Alexa M (verified owner)

    I got the Infinity in the throw size a couple months ago and I love it. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought to review it, but when I saw the Mothers Day sale happening I knew just what I wanted to get my mom. It really is such a high quality blanket with a great feel. It also makes a perfect gift.

  10. Cacee C (verified owner)

    My infinity blanket and I are pretty much inseparable these days. I am glad to have it and just purchased a couple for gifts.

  11. Lexi B (verified owner)

    I received this blanket as a gift and have been using it every night. I ordered myself the Infinity blanket and I can’t wait to get that one to compare. This blanket feels really great against my skin.

  12. Nina J (verified owner)

    I was debating the Infinity and the Elements blanket (spoiler, I ended up getting one of each). I first purchased the Elements because I just think it is so cool that is has both the Celliant and SeaCell fibers. Also it comes in blue which happens to be my favorite color so I could not resist. I love the blanket. It feels great on my skin and I feel like I am doing something good for myself by using it.

  13. Cheryl Johnson

    I originally wanted to purchase a weighted blanket and that is what led me to Yaasa. I changed my mind once I got on their site and found the Infinity blanket. I could not put my finger on what it was that I enjoyed so much about it until I stayed in a hotel and did not have my travel blanket with me. I simply did not feel the warmth in the hotel bed. The odd part is that it not only keeps me warm, but it also seems to keep my body temperature just right and helps me relax. I honestly do not want to get out of bed because it feels so relaxing.

  14. Gianna V (verified owner)

    I bought the Infinity travel blanket ahead of a big flight I had. I am really glad I did. It was super comforting during the flight and I have been using it daily at my desk. I am somewhat of a blanket collector and this has fast become my go to blanket. That is saying something from me haha. Thank you Yaasa for this beautiful, quality product. I asked a bunch of questions before I purchased and the customer service team was very knowledgable and helpful. Wonderful experience all around here.

  15. Paula (verified owner)

    I previously bought the elements blanket which we love and wanted to try the infinity for the added skin care benefits. I love the color/design – however, even after faithfully following the recommenced care (I only washed 1 time in cold water with low drying setting) one of the sides the blanket had some very heavy pilling. I bought a “razor” online and after about 2 hours, I was able to remove most of the pilling but it is not as soft as the side that did not “pill”. I really wanted to love this blanket but the pilling factor keeps me from repurchasing for myself or for gifts.

  16. Jill Suter

    I love this mattress first time I fell asleep soundly for the first time! I also encourage you to get the Infinity blanket.??

  17. Shelby Voeltz

    We are really enjoying our Infinity blanket this winter, so much so that I’m debating whether I should buy another!

  18. Jon M.

    We’re having a blizzard, I’m upstate. Air temp is 10°, with below zero wind chills. But lucky me, I have my Yassa Infinity Blanket! So I’m toasty warm!

  19. Marie D’Amico

    I have had the infinity blanket for a few weeks now. It’s a fantastic product. I’m not a morning person at all, but I’ve noticed a difference in waking up refreshed and feeling, well…rejuvenated in the morning. That’s saying a lot for me!!! I am so impressed I also ordered the travel size blanket and just received it today. I plan to take it everywhere with me. Everybody needs a “blankey” these days. Thanks Yaasa Studios!

  20. Brian Garcia

    I don’t know if the Celliant fibers are actually working, but I can say that I am extremely happy with my Yassa blanket. Before, I would normally get 5-6 hours of sleep, but since receiving and using the Infinity Blanket, I have been getting a solid 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. The quality seem very good and I only hope it will hold up over time. I may even look into buying another. Will a larger size ever be offered? Thanks for an amazing project and a great Kickstarter experience!