Elements Blanket

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The Elements Blanket is the world’s most innovative wellness blanket, made from SeaCell™, Celliant® technology fibers, and organic cotton.

26% Celliant

18% SeaCell

56% Organic Cotton

Travel Size 60″ x 41″

Throw Size 80″ x 60″

Wash on a cold cycle, tumble dry low.

Made from the elements.

The purest elements of nature blend together to adjust to your needs. Organic cotton, SeaCell and Celliant infrared technology come together to create this comforting wellness blanket that is luxuriously soft, can protect you from free radicals, helps regulate your body temperature, and amplifies your energy and recovery.

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Experience the world’s most innovative wellness blanket.

man and woman sleeping under blue and grey elements blankets

Good sleep is critical to good health.

The Elements Blanket promotes a more restful sleep through its integrated Celliant fibers.

Celliant is shown to increase local circulation, improve cellular oxygenation and promote faster cell recovery. This means you rest at a more comfortable temperature, fall asleep faster, and when you wake you are more rejuvenated.

woman wrapped in blue elements blanket

The blanket that looks good and does good.

SeaCell is made from organic seaweed, sustainably harvested from the shores of the Icelandic fjords. Imagine the softest fabric that not only protects the skin, but also offers great moisture absorbency and ultimate wellness.

The SeaCell fibers contain antioxidants from seaweed that are shown to neutralize and reduce free radicals. Free radicals are linked with aging, skin damage, and other adverse biological effects. SeaCell is incredibly soft, odorless, and breathable.

hand on blue elements blanket

Indulge in soft luxury with certified organic cotton.

Our cotton is certified organic and sustainably produced. It weaves the softest, most luxurious indulgence into the blanket for ultimate comfort.

The cotton used in our blankets is made from non GMO plants, and grown without the use of synthetic agricultural chemicals.


Celliant® is a revolutionary, patented technology that, through the use of fibers, converts the body’s natural energy (heat) into infrared (IR) light and emits it into the body’s tissue and muscles. The result is a responsive textile clinically proven to benefit the human body, utilizing a blend of minerals and proprietary ingredients embedded into the fiber’s core.

SeaCell technology harnesses the power of the sea, by using a combination of organic seaweed grown in the pure waters of Iceland and  lyocell fiber. This helps create a fabric that is great for the skin because it contains antioxidants which can neutralize harmful free-radicals. The SeaCell technology also makes the blanket incredibly soft and improves moisture management.

Wash on a cold cycle. Tumble dry low.

Elements Blanket

4.95 Based on 19 reviews

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  1. Ross from San Diego, CA

    I love my Elements blanket! I use it during my restorative yoga sessions and enjoy snuggling up under it while reading. It’s a perfect weight and super soft.

  2. Kelly (verified owner)

    The Elements blanket is a game changer. Coupled with my weighted blanket, I have woken up refreshed and recovered. Especially after a long workout, I’ve noticed I am less sore and more ‘ready to go’ in the morning. I only wish this came in a cape or shawl fir daytime wear.

  3. lorilei

    I have ordered two blankets, the first for me, then another for my sister. I have MS and it truly keeps me warm and calms my nervous system. Thank you for your wonderful products!!! 🙂

  4. Roberta Amico (verified owner)

    The Yaasa Elements Blanket was a Christmas present to myself and my husband. We are in love with our blankets! Thank you Yaasa!

  5. Kim C

    I recommend the Elements blanket to anyone in the market for a blanket.

  6. Star B (verified owner)

    My elements blanket!!!! It is everything. I just received it and it is so beautiful. Wow

  7. Laurie P (verified owner)

    Loved my Infinity blanket, came back for the Elements and LOVE this one too!! Yaasa does blankets like nobody else.

  8. Melanie M

    I have had my Elements blanket for some time now, over a year I believe. It is still my favorite blanket and I plan on gifting these this holiday season.

  9. Jackie E (verified owner)

    I was not sure which blanket to go with the Elements or Infinity, but I opted for Elements because it has both Celliant and SeaCell and it comes in blue. So beautiful, I am happy with my purchase. I will ask for the Infinity for my birthday.

  10. Romee S (verified owner)

    I can’t decide which of my blankets I love more the Elements, the Infinity or my weighted blanket. I love them all.

  11. Mindy S (verified owner)

    Swoon. I’m such a fan of the Yaasa blanket line. I have the Elements in Blue Cream and I love it.

  12. Vicky S (verified owner)

    Beautiful blanket. So soft on my skin. It feels really fancy and of high quality. I am in love with my Elements blanket.

  13. Benny D (verified owner)

    The Elements blanket is without a doubt the nicest blanket I own. It is also my go to gift now. I love this blanket and the lightweight feel on my skin.

  14. Maria

    I love the Yassa blankets. I have four – the Elements style in travel and regular size, and the Infinity style in travel and regular size. My only complaint is that after several washes, the fabric is no longer soft, and the blanket doesn’t look as nice. It becomes harder and not as comfortable. I wash it in cold water, but I don’t have a dryer, so I’ve never tried tumble drying it. For the price, I thought that the material would wear better, but both of the Elements blankets are really looking shabby, and the travel Infinity blanket is starting to – I fly with the travel size, so I wash it more often.

  15. Riley V (verified owner)

    I first purchased the Elements grey cream travel to take with me to work and use at my desk. I like it so much I then bought the throw size in blue for my at home use. I love this blanket. I will probably find a reason to buy a few more in the near future knowing myself.

  16. Nancy A (verified owner)

    I got the Elements travel blanket for my aunt and she wouldn’t stop raving about it so I bought one for myself. She was right, it has the nicest feel and I love that it has skin benefits as well.

  17. RC

    I ordered the throw and it arrived when I was sick with a flu/cold. It changed my night and day. I had more energy and felt so much better the next day that I ordered the travel one to be able to take with me places. This is the best thing for normal sickness as well as the chronic and rare disabilities I have. I am so grateful a friend told me about them. Now I am telling the world.

  18. Angelina J

    This is without a doubt my favorite blanket I have ever owned. I love it so much. So comfortable and beautifully made. The moment I get home I am wrapping myself in my Elements blanket on the daily.

  19. Ron Phinney

    Ordered 2 more Yaasa Elements blankets for myself and wife. I already have the Infinity blanket which promotes better sleep for me, This 69 year old vintage body also wakes up more refreshed with almost no previously experienced morning aches and pains.. Even our young cat usually deserts my wife’s side of the bed at night to sleep on the Infinity blanket.