Yaasa Adjustable Desk Pro

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Engineered and manufactured in Europe the Yaasa standing desk adjusts seamlessly from 22.7” to 48.7” in seconds. Stunning design, spacious tops, best-in-class stability all included.

The desk top measures 60″ x 29″ or 52″ x 26″ and 0.7″ in thickness.

Desk adjusts seamlessly from 22.7” to 48.7”.

Desktop: Laminated chipboard (0.7 inch thickness) with high-quality HPL laminate and all-round plastic edge protector.

Frame: Powder-coated steel with aluminum base. 

All orders ship completely free in the contiguous United States. Try the Yaasa Adjustable Desk Pro completely risk-free for 30 days.

The Yaasa Adjustable Desk Pro has a 2-year limited warranty. Learn more.

Meet the Yaasa Adjustable Desk Pro.

Powerful technology that puts you ahead of the curve.

Designed, engineered, and manufactured in Europe – the Yaasa Adjustable Desk Pro utilizes the most innovative electronics and motor technology, making adjustments fast, smooth, and as quiet as a whisper. The frame has been designed to provide best-in-class stability.

A heightened sense of awareness.

Our adjustable standing desks are equipped with highly sensitive anti-collision technology that will help you avoid any accidents. You can lock your desk, keeping it safe in any environment just in case those little ones are around.

Rounded edges, bold lines, elegant surfaces – design that draws you in.

It will be love at first, second, and third sight. Elevate your workspace with powerful adjustability and one of our three color options. The minimalist display control adds the finishing touches to your new, stylish productivity hub.

Pick the canvas, create your dreams.

Our premium standing desks feature 60″ x 29″ and 52″ x 26″ table tops. Large enough so you can freely unleash your creative genius, small enough to fit into most spaces.

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All desks ship within 1-2 days after the order is placed. Shipping is free within the contiguous U.S.

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You have 30 days to decide if the Yaasa Adjustable Desk works for you.

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Not sure which Yaasa Desk is right for you? Just ask our team, we are here to help.


Assembly is fast and easy. It only takes 15 minutes at most and all of the tools needed are included. Watch our assembly video to learn more.

We ship our desks FedEx ground and shipping can take up to 4 business days.

You have 30 days to try out your desk. If you are not satisfied you can email us at hello@yaasa.com with your order number, name, and return request and we can initiate the pick up and refund process.

The Yaasa Adjustable Desk Pro is mighty and can lift up to 176 lbs of load.

Several contributing factors make standing desks expensive including parts, labor, materials and warranties.

Discover why the benefits of a standing desk far outweigh their cost.

Among many other health benefits, a standing desk can help with reducing back pain, improving mood, combating obesity, and can reduce the risk of chronic diseases and certain types of cancer. Plus, it’s better for productivity and a positive work environment.

Learn more about the benefits of adjustable desks here.

When looking for a standing computer desk, there are plenty of deciding factors, from aesthetics to price. The key features that you should take into account are ergonomics, design, adjustability, cable management and logistic factors such as price, shipping and return policy.

To achieve the benefits of a standing desk, it is important to adjust the platform to your height. While knowing your height and health conditions are required for best results, the rule of thumb is to raise your standing desk to elbows’ height with the screen at eye-level and your wrists equal to the desk surface. When you are sitting, the same should be true with your arms while your hips and knees are also at 90-degree angles.

For more in depth instructions follow our standing desk height guide.

How high your standing desk should be depends on your height. The standard recommended height is to raise your adjustable desk to your elbows.

For in-depth instructions, follow our standing desk height guide.

Standing desks are a great way for someone to improve their posture, circulation, and efficiency as they work. But many people may be misusing these desks both in standing and sitting. This article discusses the common mistakes that may occur when using standing desks and offers many tips and tricks to improve the usage, including proper upper & lower body positioning while sitting and standing.

Yaasa Adjustable Desk Pro

4.93 Based on 46 reviews

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  1. Yuhan Zhang (verified owner)

    Super great value and usage

  2. Joshua Bencker (verified owner)

    This is the perfect stand up desk. The design is sleek and professional, and the mechanics of the desk work flawlessly. I ordered the dark color and it has a natural yet modern look to it. The preset settings are perfect for setting the best height for sitting and standing, then never having to guess again. Could not have asked for something better.

  3. Kelly H (verified owner)

    Love how this desk is as adjustable as my in-office desk. It goes very low and moves up to standing mode super fast. Neither my previous adjustable desk, nor my husband’s current one, can go as low as this one. I like to use it on 24″ so that my feet are properly on the ground and my shoulders don’t bunch up and cause pain. Such a improvement!

  4. Bethany G

    If you are getting the Yaasa adjustable desk (which I highly recommend) then get this chair to complete the package. I am glad I got them both. Perfect pairing and they look good together.

  5. Alexi C

    The adjustable desk has changed the way I work. I am able to stay engaged throughout the day with much more ease. Having the option to stand up and shift positions keeps me alert and focused. My back appreciates the regular standing intervals as well.

  6. Sean L

    Decent desk chair, could be more durable. Chair started squeaking after 4 months and a piece of the plastic base chipped off.

  7. Kelly M

    My productivity has definitely increased since getting my Yaasa adjustable desk.

  8. Troy D

    If you sprung for the Yaasa adjustable desk, treat yourself and get this cable management system. I am so glad I did. It keeps everything looking sharp and clean.

  9. Regis L

    This chair is great. It came fast, was easy to assemble, and pairs perfectly with my Yaasa adjustable desk.

  10. Manny R

    An adjustable desk was a non negotiable for me since the work from home thing became a here to stay thing. I loved the look of the Yaasa adjustable desk and was not disappointed when I received mine. Customer service was helpful when I had questions, shipping was fast, and the desk design is beautiful. I’d give 10 stars if I could.

  11. Andrea Kalo


    I look for a good adjustable table. Yours is great. Do you plan to upgrade it for tiltable and adjustable version in the same time. For drawing it would be perfect!

  12. Aubrey P

    This desk is the perfect size and is so beautifully designed.

  13. Renee S

    I am so glad to not be using my kitchen table as my work station anymore. This desk has been a tremendous upgrade.

  14. Tom H

    If you can treat yourself to anything new this year I recommend this desk. Honestly a really practical and useful thing to have.

  15. William L

    I checked out a bunch of brands when I was shopping for an adjustable desk. I really liked the look of the Yaasa desk, it is a really sleek design and I love the control being embedded into the table top.

  16. Criag R

    This is a nice sturdy desk chair. Pairs well with my non adjustable desk, but I really want to buy the Yaasa adjustable desk now too. So that will be my next purchase.

  17. Journey E

    My adjustable desk is awesome. It was super easy to assemble and has been all important for keeping me productive. It got to me so fast too.

  18. Erin R

    I just want to take a moment to appreciate how fast this ships and got to me! There is like a waitlist on other brands I have checked out. Obviously having an adjustable desk over a standard desk is game changing. Im savoring this new experience.

  19. Tara W

    If I could give this desk more stars I would. I am just really enjoying my new desk right now. It has been so nice to have while I work from home. I feel the benefits of being able to move around more already.

  20. Maggie Q

    I have reoutfitted my home office with this desk, and I got one for my daughter since she is doing all of her courses from home now. We are both very happy with our desks.

  21. Regis G

    Premium quality desk. Really great customer service too. I recommend it.

  22. Christy C

    Beautifully made and such an impactful purchase for me. I have been dealing with back pain from my less than ideal home work set up and went on the hunt looking for an adjustable desk. When I found Yaasa I was so excited because the design is beautiful, the set up is easy, and it ships right away! I had my new desk in about 4 days. That is so hard to come by right now as adjustable desks are so in demand.

  23. Jen S

    This office chair compliments my Yaasa desk beautifully. The best part is that it is a great buy on its own. I actually wasn’t looking for a desk, but came for the chair and added on the desk last minute.

  24. Kent G

    What a great product. I had an adjustable desk at my office, but since working from home I realized I really need one here too. I went with Yaasa and I love it.

  25. Florian Selch

    Love the new desk for my home office. Large size for my external monitor. Smooth transition between standing and sitting. Great product

  26. Jake C

    I have this desk in my home office and I got one for my other office too. I really love them.

  27. Tia C

    I love my adjustable desk. I got the light top and it is so pretty.

  28. Dom V

    I am all about adjustable furniture. I bought the Yaasa adjustable bed and the Yaasa adjustable desk at the same time and have been thoroughly pleased with both. My bed doubles as a work station for me so it was very important that I be comfortable and able to sit upright. I love having the USB ports too, such a nice little bonus, very useful.

  29. Mae D

    If you are working from home and can buy one new piece of furniture to make your life easier, go with this desk.

  30. Sheila E

    What a great convenient addition! Go for it if you are getting the desk. Grabbed mine at the same time I ordered my desk.

  31. Young X

    Do yourself a favor and get this chair when you buy the desk. Its great and I am so glad I got both at the same time.

  32. Martha H

    Such a great add on. I love that Yaasa carries this. My desk set up is looking neat and complete now.

  33. Regina M

    I am immensely satisfied with this purchase. The desk is easy to assemble and easy to use. I am loving it. I feel so much less sluggish being able to switch between sitting and standing throughout the day.

  34. Jim D

    Pretty great office chair. Easy to assemble and really comfortable. I bought this at the same time as my adjustable desk. 10 out of 10 for both.

  35. Stella V

    This desk is SO nice! Obviously the fact that it is adjustable makes it super convenient and fantastic, but its also good looking. I shopped around and decided on the Yaasa adjustable desk because of the price, the look, and the promised easy assembly (It was!!).

  36. Kris K

    I will never go back to working at a standard, non-mobile desk. I am forever spoiled. Definitely the best purchase I have made since working from home.

  37. Neil Yonzon

    I’m actually surprised there weren’t more reviews on this desk. This is a great desk. Very sturdy and sleek.

    I’m going to be honest. I made a big risk choosing this one over competitors as I could not find too many reviews on this adjustable desk. I took the risk because 1. they had the perfect size (competitors were too big or to small) and 2. they had the dark color (which is like an ash grey/brown for anyone who wants to know specifically what it is).

    Oh man. My expectations have been met. Here’s just a few of the pros. FYI I do cons.

    – Customer service has been amazing so far. I asked for more images of the dark desk and they provided immediately. I also didn’t have issues with calling them for questions.
    – Beautiful dark ash grey desk. Sleek design and very sturdy.
    – For the most part assembly was simple.
    – Shipping was fairly fast. I think it took a week for it to be delivered.
    – Easy to adjust height.

    Cons (would ding half a star if I could)
    – The first couple of assembly steps in the booklet were a bit confusing. There were instructions on the box too that were making it confusing for me to know which one I was supposed to be following.
    – Ok huge con, the screws to attach the legs to the table took a very long time. For some reason the screws were not fitting in perfectly and I had to use a lot of elbow grease and some twisting and turning to get some of the screws to go in. Was not easy.
    – Really heavy desk. Understandable with all the parts. I recommend having two people setup this desk.

  38. Diane E

    I bought this chair along with the Yaasa adjustable desk. They complement each other very well. The set up was really easy, and I am not genius when it comes to assembling things. It looks nice and is a good price. Its comfortable too.

  39. Karie C

    I actually have the Yaasa adjustable bed and frequently work from that, so when I saw they released a standing desk it was a no brainer. I love this desk it has transformed the way I work from home. It is such a necessary thing to have right now in my opinion.

  40. Jose C

    Such a value add. Seriously, I am glad I got this at the same time as my desk, my set up has looked nice and together from day one.

  41. Janice R

    My desk is my favorite piece of furniture! Seriously this thing has saved me from my former painful work set up.

  42. Joanne Young

    I love how this just affixes to the desk and makes all of my cables disappear.

  43. Gwen G

    Working from home with my new Yaasa adjustable desk is living the dream. This has made my home office much more enticing. I am way more productive and feel better being able to switch between sitting and standing throughout the day.

  44. Jerry C

    I find I am much more productive since switching to a standing desk. This has been great for my energy levels and my back.

  45. Alice S

    I LOVE my Yaasa adjustable desk. My posture is not great and this has really helped my back a ton. I feel much more energized throughout the day being able to move and shift around. Alternating between standing and sitting has made me feel less physically taxed at the end of the day from being sedentary. Plus this is a good looking desk and comes at a good price.

  46. Hayley Gonzalez

    We LIVE on the Yaasa standing desks at work. They are optimally functional with a sophisticated, human-centered design (bonus points that it’s a local company with a great team!). Not only has Johannes occasionally come to personally deliver and assemble a desk for us same day but Christa and everyone else on the Yaasa team has always been supportive and great to work with. Looking forward to seeing their new designs and getting back to our offices!