The Yaasa Adjustable Bed

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When it comes to comfort, style, and features, the chic Yaasa Adjustable Bed is the new benchmark. State-of-the-art technology, expressive styling, and amazing bed experience in one. Meet the bed that adjusts to you.

Twin XL: 79.25” x 37.25” x 15” | 140 lbs

Queen: 79.25” x 58” x 15” | 176 lbs

King: 79.25” x 74.5” x 15” | 198 lbs

Split King: 79.25” x 74.5” x 15” | 140 lbs per base, 280 lbs combined

The Yaasa Adjustable Bed has been designed specifically for the Yaasa Mattress. However, it works with most modern mattresses and can fit into most bed frames.

Rest assured that your bed will last. We back it with a 10 year limited warranty. Read More.

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You have 30-nights to see if the bed is right for you.

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Designed and engineered in California.

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The bed loved by customers and reviewers alike.

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Meet the bed that adjusts to you.


Your sleep customized at the touch of a button.

Experience industry-leading adjustability. The head section raises to 60 degrees, allowing you to sit fully upright. It elevates your legs up to 28 degrees, to relax after a long day. And it adjusts to all your favorite sweet spots in between.

Ready to relax? Lounge in Zero-Gravity, designed to relieve pressure across your entire body.

Luxury extras that improve your bedtime.

This bed leaves nothing to be desired. Fully equipped with USB-outlets so your device can charge while you relax. Need to get up for a midnight snack? Under-bed lights will guide the way.

Our wall-hugging technology will make sure your nightstand is always within reach.

Individual comfort without compromises.

Meeting in the middle – except for bedtime snuggles – is a thing of the past. A Split King setup puts you in control of your bed side, with your own adjustable bed, your own remote, and the mattress of your choice.
Select Split King for the Adjustable Bed and 2 TwinXL mattresses for your perfect setup.


An adjustable bed, also referred to as an adjustable base bed, adjustable bed frame, power base, or adjustable base, uses multi-hinged planks to form a flexible sleeping surface you can arrange to release pressure on the body and achieve a more comfortable sleep.

An adjustable bed allows you to adjust the hinged panels that form the base at various angles to relieve pressure from your body as you sleep or relax. One of the top reasons sleepers purchase an adjustable bed is to achieve the Zero Gravity Sleep position which eliminates the weight of gravity on the body by supporting each body part equally.

Learn more about how adjustable beds work. 

The price range of adjustable beds varies depending on the brand, features, and add-ons. Usually, you will find adjustable bases priced from $800 and above.


Read more about the cost of adjustable beds here. 

Yes, the adjustable bed is compatible with most mattresses except waterbed mattresses and some traditional spring mattresses that use a border rod or wire.  If you are unsure if your current mattress will work with the adjustable bed, contact our customer support team at

Read more about mattresses for an adjustable bed here.

The Yaasa Mattress is an excellent mattress for an adjustable bed. It features a specifically crafted combination of pocket coils and foams (including memory foam) that offer optimum support in a way that other varieties of mattresses don’t provide.

Foam mattresses, memory foam mattresses, or pocket coil are also examples of good adjustable bed mattresses.

Learn more about choosing the best mattress for an adjustable bed here.

The Yaasa Adjustable Bed can fit into most existing bed frames. For slatted bed frames, the slats will most likely need to be removed. The Yaasa Adjustable Bed may also operate with its legs removed. Customers must use their own discretion when using the adjustable bed with a bedframe. Yaasa will not be held responsible for fitment, modifications or damage to a bed frame used in conjunction with the adjustable bed.

The Yaasa Adjustable Bed can support 700 lbs evenly distributed.

The maximum angle of adjustment for the head section is 60 degrees and 28 for the foot section.

The legs of the Yaasa Adjustable Bed are 7″ tall.

The Yaasa Adjustable Bed

4.85 Based on 113 reviews

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  1. Matthew B Frumess (verified owner)

    This review has been la long time coming. After dithering around “researching” adjustable beds for an inordinate amount of time, I discovered Yaasa. My apprehension was assuaged by their trial period for the bed itself, not just the mattress. No one else offered that. (Our antedeluvian mattress needed replacing anyway so the Yaasa mattress was a top choice to start wirth.)
    Obviously the trial period was irrelevant: we love the beds (split king) and their ease of use and the wireless remote controls. There was an unexpected bonus with Yaasa which is not apparent at first: the bed comes in sections and has to be assembled. This made moving the bed up to our second floot bedroom a non-issue. Schlepping a compete adjustable bed frame anywhere would be a chore if not dangerous nto you and your house. What a pleasure this was. Assembly was very quick and easy…and I’m no mechanical wiz.
    And customer service has been exemplary. One of the units wasn’t responding to the remote. First, Yaasa sent me a series of rem,otes to see if that was the problem. It wasn’t. They sent a new bed with call tags for the old, and here’s another bonus for having a modular unit: disaemmbling the old unit and sending it out was infinitely easier than having to somehow get an entire bed frame out.
    Since the replacement, I have not one problem. This is one of the best purchases I’ve made. You get quickly used to having an adjustable bed frame…my wife uses zero G at bed time and I tweak my settings. When you go on vavction to a hotel, you’ll find yourself reaching for the non-existent remote. Love the bed, love the company.

  2. Faye Chatman (verified owner)

    Bought split king in June 2020. It worked perfectly until one side stopped working with no warning after 2 years, in June 2022. I have been calling and emailing Yaasa since that time regarding the warranty, but have gotten a response to date. I am trying this route in hopes that the right person reads this review and contacts me.

  3. Ross from San Diego, CA (verified owner)

    We bought a Yaasa Adjustable Bed, Queen size in March of 2021. We looked at many of the competitors both in-person and online and selected Yaasa. Having used it for over a year now, we have been completely satisfied with our purchase decision. Unfortunately, the shipping box and some of the contents were damaged during shipping. Sometimes you don’t appreciate a company’s values and service until there is an issue. Yaasa customer service quickly sent us out a replacement with their apologies for the inconvenience. Their customer service is top notch! We like that the bed moves back towards the wall when you elevate the head so that you don’t move as far away from the nightstands as ones that don’t have this feature. The remote is simple to use and the backlighting is just the right brightness. We have another adjustable bed where the remote backlighting is too bright when the room is dark. The assembly instructions were easy to follow and the process was quite easy. Over the past year, we have had no problems with the bed whatsoever. I highly recommend Yaasa as a company and this adjustable bed.

  4. Max (verified owner)

    Purchased this base in October 2019 and years later it ‘s still going strong! Definitely the most beautiful looking bed on the market, it looks luxurious and it will match your bedroom interior better than any other product out there. Glad I found it. The assembly was easy, I’m usually anxious when it comes to assembly but I was able to put everything together by myself in just an hour or two. Happy to see that they didn’t make any unnecessary changes to the design in 2022 and it still looks nice and clean with matching monotone colors. Actually, the bed got cheaper by a few hundred dollars compared to when I was buying it before which is a steal in my book!

  5. mojoheadz

    I am delighted!!

  6. Kathryn C. (verified owner)

    I’d been looking for an adjustable bed for a while. Settled on the Yaasa one and I love it! The quality of the adjustable base was far superior than other beds I looked at. Shipping was very fast, I received it in less than a week. Setting it up was a breeze. I did it alone in less than 1:15 minutes. The most difficult part was snapping the usb changes onto the base.

  7. Barbara (verified owner)

    I purchased the Yaasa Adjustable Bed and Mattress about 2 years ago. Absolutely love it. It was super easy to put together and the mattress is very comfortable. Every night I press the customized button and have time to read and relax. With another touch of a button the bed goes flat. This bed is great if your having sinus issues or a cold, just put the head of the bed up to your desire position and have a good nights sleep with less pressure and coughing.

  8. Eddy H (verified owner)

    I bought the Split King (2x Twin XL) adjustable bed + mattresses. First about the adjustable bed. I have tried all others, literally. This is the cleanest, most versitle adjustable bed out there. You can even put this on a platform bed frame you already have. The design and wiring is clean and very elegent. Since this is a no-fabric design, the maintenance is so much easier. Wiring is minimal so no tangling or hanging from the bed to the floor either. The mattresses are very conformtable as well. The hybrid design is very much like traditional mattresses with that extra memory foam layers but without the heat retension issue of the memory foam design. Been sleeping on these for two years. Very satisified customer.

  9. Kimberly Botterbusch (verified owner)

    We’ve had our Yaasa bed for a year and can say we love it. We ordered the two Twin mattresses to make a King and it’s been the best. The product arrived quickly, even during the craziness of the pandemic, and was easy to put together. We have always enjoyed sleeping with an additional topper, so we did add a gel topper to the Yaasa mattresses. I would recommend the entire experience – ordering, delivery and comfort – to anyone interested in an adjustable frame/bed.

  10. Jason Chapman (verified owner)

    Had the mattress and adjustable frame for over a year now, no problems at all. Firm mattress is extremely comfortable and adjustable frame is very quiet. The only downside is I wished the remote had more buttons for memory positions and/or WIFI or Bluetooth options to control bed from an app.

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  12. True B (verified owner)

    The sleek design of this bed has me raving. It is so beautiful. The ultimate luxury purchase that has done wonders for my sleeping habits. I would buy again.

  13. Phil Moyer

    Top-rated product and customer service. I ordered the queen size adjustable base in dark and it is a high-quality product, its fit and finish are impeccable and I have received several comments on how good it looks in my bedroom and how quiet its operation is. Having chronic neck, shoulder and lumbar pain, I am able to adjust the bed such that my sleep quality has greatly improved and I don’t wake up with anywhere near the pain I had with my previous fixed base. I had contacted Yaasa with some questions prior to assembling the adjustable base which they promptly responded to. Regarding assembly, I did it myself within about 20 minutes. Instructions are clear and there is also a video I highly recommend watching beforehand to make it even easier to assemble.

  14. Linda Siegel

    The design and workmanship make this product easy to assemble and serves to provide the perfect sleep experience. We LOVE this bed – love it!

  15. Stephen Tinsley (verified owner)

    Yaasa has exceeded the high expectations I had for the split king adjustable bed and mattresses. The overall design, construction quality, setup ease and mattress comfort are exceptional in every respect.

  16. Brian B. (verified owner)

    First thing, shipping was crazy fast. Second, my pre-purchase chat was quick, helpful, and eased all my concerns. Third, the adjustable bed is all I could have hoped for. The frame’s remote based pre-sets work, are basic and enough with endless tweaks via remote. Assembly could not have been easier; could have lost the manual and done it just as easily. It is quiet, smooth and very, very solid. Great frame!

  17. Jan D (verified owner)

    Can we talk about what a great deal this is?! The price on for this high quality adjustable base is mind blowing and I shopped around a ton.

  18. Virgil (verified owner)

    Pre-purchase chat was quick and very helpful and appreciated. The ship time was stupid fast!! The adjustable bed is all I could have hoped for. The frame’s remote based pre-sets work, are basic and enough with endless tweaks via remote. Assembly could not have been easier; could have lost the manual and done it just as easily. It is quiet, smooth and very, very solid. My wife and I are delighted.

  19. Pete (verified owner)

    Great adjustable beds and mattresses! We got a ‘split king’, which is two twin beds next to each other. The mattresses are super comfortable, and I love the ‘zero gravity’ position that the bed adjusts to with one push of a button on the remote control. One of the best purchases we’ve made for our home.

  20. Marge G (verified owner)

    Best thing I have done for myself this year. Getting this bed has improved my sleep so much.

  21. Candy R (verified owner)

    2020 is the year for having great, comfort enhancing furniture. This bed is all I needed this year! Seriously grateful to have this while I work from home.

  22. Reid T (verified owner)

    The design of this bed is unbeatable. The best looking adjustable bed out there.

  23. Trevor W (verified owner)

    I love my adjustable bed. My favorite piece of furniture. I wish my couch was adjustable haha.

  24. Ermie C (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, quick assembly, solid product.

  25. Nadi D (verified owner)

    This bed is incredible. Awesome product with a great warranty.

  26. Erica J (verified owner)

    This bed is perfect for watching TV and it has helped with my snoring.

  27. Jan L (verified owner)

    My bed has been so important in my recovery. I recently had surgery on my leg and I need to keep it elevated. So helpful and it is a beautiful bed.

  28. Lance B (verified owner)

    I would often get up to sleep in my recliner before purchasing this adjustable bed. It has always been a challenge for me to find a comfortable sleeping position, and my tossing and turning would frequently bother my wife. We purchased the split king adjustable bed and my sleeping issues have resolved, and so have my wife’s as a result.

  29. Marie C (verified owner)

    This bed is incredible. I love the wall hug feature that allows me to reach all of the things on my nightstand with ease. I got the adjustable bed so I could comfortably read in bed and that is just a great feature to have. I also love the design of it. It is nice and modern and clean looking.

  30. Ricardo J (verified owner)

    I cannot recommend this bed enough. It has been such a life changing purchase. My back is all kinds of finicky. I had been sleeping in a recliner and this really has been so helpful for me.

  31. Matthew Grekstas

    Yaasa…I mean…what kind of name is that..and they sell mattresses?? I’ve never heard of Yaasa…but I’ve heard of Nectar and Purple and Casper….almost daily!!! Why don’t you see anything about them on TV or at stores?? That’s how my initial thoughts about Yaasa started and that was about 2 months ago when I just happened to type in BEST MATTRESS 2020 as a hail mary while frantically shopping for a replacement to my current mattress. I’m still trying to figure out how much I like or love this mattress since I’ve only had it for about a month now…and I know I’ve only given it 4/5 stars…and that’s only because it took a lot longer to get than planned and mine came with no instructions or information packets or even a hello card…just a heavy bed in a roll in a destroyed box. However what has saved this purchase hands down is the customer service and Christa…she has been absolutely amazing and anytime there was another delay she took charge and kept me as calm as I could be and even sent me a free pair of sheets and then another when one had a hole in the top sheet. What about the mattress? Well I can say its very well made and right here in the USA. It is so far one of the best and most comfortable mattress I’ve ever owned and you can tell the company takes pride in what they make and sell. So if you’re in the market for a new mattress…look no further

  32. Katie S (verified owner)

    I have now ordered 6 of these pillows. I put them on all of the beds in my house. They are so nice.

  33. Joseph G (verified owner)

    This bed has been great for my back. I was always craning my neck to read or watch TV in bed and it has helped tremendously with that too.

  34. Joyce Z (verified owner)

    I got one in each color and weight with the intention to give away the weight I didn’t resonate with but I kept them both for myself. I keep one on my bed and one on the couch and I love them. The look and feel are the best.

  35. Thomas R (verified owner)

    My wife and I got this because I snore and we needed something to help with that. I love the anti-snore setting my wife says it has really helped and she and I are both sleeping a lot better. It is also a really beautiful, well designed bed.

  36. Millie D (verified owner)

    I bought this bed for my parents. I had done some research and really liked the look and features of the Yaasa. They loved it and ended up selling me on getting one for myself. I will not sleep on anything else again. I don’t think I could go back to a bed that doesn’t adjust this has just been too convenient.

  37. Cadence R (verified owner)

    This bed is so great, I needed an adjustable bed for my poor circulation. This fit well within my budget and has been perfect for my needs.

  38. Jen A (verified owner)

    Back pain no more! I love this bed, it has been so good for my back. I can sleep slightly elevated and that has made all the difference. I highly recommend.

  39. Chris (verified owner)

    Pros: Back pain gone almost instantly after sleep on this mattress with the adjustable frame. Snooze position also alleviates acid reflux symptoms. Easy to assemble. It’s also not loud and did not smell after opening as some have claimed.

    Cons: the wood planks had some dings on them from shipping. UBS hookups should be closer to the head of the bed. Mattress is too firm for my liking (topper will fix this).

    *fyi I’d also advertise that the bed has underbed lighting on the yassa website.

  40. Tara A (verified owner)

    All of the spilling that I do in bed you would think that my mattress would be pretty much done for by now, but this thing has worked great. It keeps cool too.

  41. Torren A (verified owner)

    This is hands down the most comfortable mattress I have ever owned. I love the cooling foam component it is really effective. I haven’t slept hot one night in this bed. I went for firm even though I’m a side sleeper. The support is just right.

  42. Rauch M (verified owner)

    This bed is magic. I had been shopping for an adjustable base for months when I came across this one I knew it was the way to go. The price is unbeatable and the 10 year warranty assured me that its a safe investment.

  43. Derius (verified owner)

    Total game changer. This base fit easily into my beautiful bed frame too. I am so glad I didn’t have to part with it. I absolutely love my Yaasa. So much of what I do I do from bed now and this has been miraculous for my neck and back.

  44. Pat Sobczak

    Love my adjustable beds have two, one for me and another in my guest room for company. I highly recommend them, especially to read at night and stop snoring.
    Also have the sheets and the pillows and pillow cases, but the pillow cases have shrunk and are tight on the yaasa pillows. Can I buy just the pillow cases to replace mine, or are they quaranteed. The sheets are fine and did not shrink, washed them together. i have the white but am going to order a set of cream for the guest room, but would like to get extra pillow cases, is this possible

  45. Carter G (verified owner)

    If you are considering an adjustable bed, I say go for it on this one. Well worth the money (this is such a great deal), great quality with a good 10 year warranty for added assurance. I have been very happy with mine and my wife loves it too.

  46. Andrea D (verified owner)

    So affordable! What a steal for an adjustable bed like this. I love this bed. I take full advantage of the ability to adjust, I use it to work from bed, read, watch TV, put my feet up and more. Worth it.

  47. Christine Lyttle (verified owner)

    I am pleased with every aspect of my Yaasa adjustable bed and mattress with the exception of the sound level when the bed is in motion. It is not quiet. My roommate can hear it in the adjoining bedroom. Therefore, only 4 stars.

  48. Neera C (verified owner)

    This is a great mattress. I got the firm and it is perfect for me, a back sleeper. I love the edge support. I never feel like I am going to fall on the floor when I sit on the side of the bed.

  49. Karen (verified owner)

    I cant say enough about how much I love this bed. This has been a completely life enhancing purchase. My husband snores which was a major issue in the past that prevented me from getting a great nights sleep. We got the split king and he sleeps in the “anti snore” position. It has been so helpful. I get a lot of work done from my bed these days. I love how I can just sit straight up.

  50. Rhonda Stephens (verified owner)

    I was hesitant to purchase a bed online but I kept looking at the Yaasa site considering the bed and the technology. It had the things I wanted such as wall sliding capabilities and usb. I took the chance and we are sleeping so well. I have to sleep sitting up somewhat for reflux and this has helped so much. Now no more piles of pillows, just elevate with the remote. I prefer a soft mattress but we got the firm because my last soft mattress turned into a hammock! This firm is perfect! Just soft enough but supportive too. So happy we made this purchase of the split king.

  51. Max L (verified owner)

    These are luxurious. They sleep so cool and feel so good on my skin. They are very reasonably priced for what they are too. I went ahead and bought the the Yaasa Sleep System so I got the adjustable base and Yaasa mattress and then I purchased these sheets and they really are the icing on the cake. They work great with my mattress and adjustable bed.

  52. Mary

    These sheets feel great but there were 2 major issues. 1) the bottom sheet comes up off the top of the mattress constantly on my adjustable bed; and 2) the top sheet is as narrow as a twin sheet. My mattress is only 11” tall, but I can only tuck in one side. These issues are unacceptable for the price.

  53. Emily O (verified owner)

    If you haven’t tried an adjustable bed you don’t know what you are missing. I was staying at my friends home and they had an adjustable bed in the guest room. I had never considered one for myself but I so enjoyed it that I started to research adjustable bases for myself. This base is unbeatable in price and quality. I was sold when I learned that I can save preferred positions too. I am one particular lady and that just sealed the deal.

  54. Dominica G (verified owner)

    Having a comfortable bed has never been more of a priority for me. With so much time at home a lot of my time is now spent in bed. That is what drove me to purchase this bed about 4 weeks ago. I am so glad I did. I can’t emphasize enough what a huge difference it has made for me. Just being able to work on my laptop while sitting in a comfortable position from bed makes it worth it. But I also use it to relax, to read before I fall asleep, and to help with my circulation. Propping pillows doesn’t come anywhere near this. I think it is one of the best investments in my health I have made.

  55. Nick L (verified owner)

    Easy buy. It is a great price and has a 100 night trial. I received mine a week ago and am loving it so far. I will update should anything change but right now this is right on point.

  56. Jeff A (verified owner)

    Probably my most “worth it” purchase of the year. An adjustable bed is a life saver right now. Really, I am spending over half my day and all of my night on this since I have been working from home.

  57. Anielai R (verified owner)

    There has never been a better time to have a bed like this. I bought this because I, like most, have been spending all of my time at home. Revamping my bedroom to be an area where I can be productive was a must because I have kids that are home now too and my room is really the only space in the house I can get some space to work. I definitely use my bed’s ability to adjust every day and highly recommend this for anyone in a similar situation.

  58. Bruce K (verified owner)

    My bed is my work station now and it has really made all the difference in the world during this work from home period. I do have a desk that I start at but by lunch time I’m back to comfortably working from my Yaasa bed. I love that it has usb ports that has been super convenient too.

  59. Reyna F (verified owner)

    Seriously one of the easiest purchases I have ever made. Aside from the fact that it is really comfortable, I did not want to be bothered selecting and transporting a mattress. I live by myself and do not have a big car so though I looked at some local mattress shops I knew I was going to need something convenient for me. My bedroom is on the second floor but since this mattress came boxed to my door it wasn’t much trouble for me to pull it up the stairs myself (while it may not have been the most graceful ascent, it got the job done). Its really comfortable too. Mattress terms are all kind of new to me, hybrid, foam, spring, etc. but this feels really good so I think I will look for “hybrids” the next time I am in the market for a mattress as well.

  60. Jansel E (verified owner)

    I tried a cheap adjustable bed I found on a random site I will not name here and was really unimpressed. I ditched it and went for this one and am really happy with it. I like that it is really high quality without being ridiculously expensive.

  61. Ginny K (verified owner)

    Between my regular yoga practice and this bed my back is SO happy after years of back pain. I am so grateful to have found Yaasa. 5 out of 5 stars for me all the way!

  62. Janice W (verified owner)

    I was in desperation mode in the mattress department. My old mattress was OLD. And it was starting to do all kinds of not good things to my back. I went with the Yaasa ONE because it was described as medium firm, was well within my budget, and delivered to me in a box so I wouldn’t have trouble moving it. It has been great. Whether or not you are in the same boat, I recommend this mattress it is super comfortable.

  63. Reanne K (verified owner)

    I shopped around a lot for an adjustable base in my budget that had the reputation, warranty, and features I was looking for. This bed won out and I am very satisfied with my decision.

  64. Emelia R (verified owner)

    I bought this bed because I have been working from home and was starting to suffer from neck pain using pillows to try to prop myself up to work. This has not only made all the difference for my work time, but when its time for me to take a break I love the zero gravity position for unwinding.

  65. Rondi F (verified owner)

    I got this mattress for my guest bedroom. My son and daughter in law came to stay with me a bit ago for a week and they were making comments about how comfortable the mattress was. I had not even tried it for myself, but now sometimes I sleep in the guest room just because I do sleep so well on it. I am debating swapping my current mattress for one of these too.

  66. Chase P (verified owner)

    I will echo a lot of the reviewers and say that this bed has been awesome for me. I take full advantage of being able to maneuver to my preferred position. I highly recommend.

  67. Ricardo D (verified owner)

    Owning this bed has done wonders for my back. I have suffered from back pain for years and finding the sweet spot where I am comfortable was always a challenge. This bed has changed that for me and I will never go back to any other kind of bed.

  68. Arien L (verified owner)

    This is living. What a luxury, truly. I am really happy with this bed.

  69. Sachi R (verified owner)

    My bed is my safe haven. I love this bed. It feels so good to be able to comfortably sit up and work on my computer and then fluidly switch to putting my feet up and relaxing.

  70. Quinn Miller (verified owner)

    This was a super wise investment for me. I am working from home for the foreseeable future and am loving my bed. I think now is a great time to get one if you have been considering. It works beautifully and is inexpensive compared to a lot of bases I have seen out there.

  71. Heather M (verified owner)

    I told my boyfriend I was getting us an adjustable bed and he was skeptical at first. He thought we would not use the adjusting much and that we didn’t need it. Well I got us the bed and he is like its biggest fan haha. I really loved the look and features of this base and all of the positive reviews for Yaasa sold me on it. We use the adjusting ability every night and now that I am working from home I am using it most of the day too. Beautiful bed with a ton of benefits.

  72. Drea R (verified owner)

    This is the ONE for me haha. Its also super cool that it comes in a box straight to my door, it was easy to get it into my bedroom by myself.

  73. Patty W (verified owner)

    I bought this base because I was told to work from home a couple weeks ago now. The base shipped out the next business day and it only took a few days to get to me. Set up was really easy and I have pretty much been living in it. I am writing this review from bed right now. I am glad I made this purchase, it has been really helpful at this time with everything going on.

  74. Linda M (verified owner)

    I started looking into adjustable beds when my lower back pain became unbearable. I have dealt with it for some time now but the tipping point was when I ended up bed bound. I found Yaasa through some online research and purchased this base. It has helped tremendously with my lower back pain. I have found some relief with this bed and recommend it to anyone dealing with lower back issues as well.

  75. Laney P (verified owner)

    I am obsessed with this bed. I was hesitant to purchase an adjustable bed. I wasn’t sure how much use I would get out of it, but I thought it could be really good for my swollen ankles and feet. I work on my feet all day and as I have gotten older have really noticed how hard it is on me. I am so glad I bought this bed. I definitely look forward to putting my feet up at the end of the day.

  76. Josie D (verified owner)

    I purchased this adjustable base after a surgery for my foot. I was told keeping it elevated would be important and I figured I would be spending a lot of time in bed anyway. I LOVE this bed. My foot is long since healed, thankfully, but I still get so much use out of the ability to adjust. I recommend it to anyone, recovering or not. Its was a great purchase.

  77. Tammy G (verified owner)

    Wow! I cannot say how excited I was when Yaasa announced this model of the adjustable bed. I had been looking at the Yaasa adjustable base for some time. I knew I wanted to go with a Yaasa as they have a great reputation but I was looking for something a little more budget friendly. I purchased the ONE base right when they introduced it and have been waiting to write a review until I was confident I could confirm it is awesome. I am happy to say I have been satisfied with my bed since day one and wholeheartedly recommend Yaasa to anyone that seems interested in an adjustable bed.

  78. Allison Avery (verified owner)

    My husband and I were in the market for an adjustable bed, and we were not loving our options. The look of the bed matters to us, we knew we wanted something that was as aesthetically pleasing as it was functional and reasonably priced. We found that with the Yaasa adjustable. We shopped around for a couple of months before discovering Yaasa and making the purchase and neither he nor I have any regrets. It is a beautifully designed bed with all of the features we were looking for. We have recommended it to several of our friends that are in the market for an adjustable base now too. We are redoing the guest bedroom and will be purchasing another.

  79. Raymond Taylor (verified owner)

    We have an old school adjustable bed in our Ohio home. We wanted adjustable for our second home in New Mexico. We did our research and wanted the advanced features of the Yaasa and ease of assembly people talked about. We also wanted our shipment to arrive not before we arrived out there but soon after (so we’d have a place to sleep) The assembly was very simple. Assembling it myself, I was impressed with the quality of all the components.

    We love the way the beds slides as it adjusts so we can still reach a book or turn the light off on the nightstand. The USB ports are great too. (There could always be more though, we are charging two phone and a fitbit and an apple watch).

    The adjustment works great, the remote is slim and modern. The soft was the right mattress for us. We sleep very well!

    The only hiccup we had was because we didn’t know FedEx required a signature for the two boxes the bed came in. Not the mattress for some reason. We weren’t there and FedEx took the shipment back. The first night we slept on the mattress on the floor. We were much happier when the bed arrived and the whole system could be assembled.

    The Yaasa team’s customer service was outstanding every step of the way! Thank you!

  80. JJL

    Exemplary communication, timely delivery, easy and straight-forward assembly. Love this ONE bed and mattress, great buy!

  81. Ron Hyotala

    Yaasa’s products and company have exceeded our high expectations. We purchased a split-king adjustable bed online from them after a hip surgery forced me to sleep on my back when I’m normally a side sleeper. This aggravated other orthopedic issues I won’t get into, but I was a disaster, not getting the sleep I needed to heal or feel better. After considerable online research, I selected Yaasa for what appeared to be a unique and quality adjustable bed design, built in the USA, with extremely competitive pricing for the bed and mattress combo. Understanding my urgent need, Johannes (CEO) and Christa were wonderful to work with, jumping through some serious hoops to get it to me as soon as they could, and setup via “white glove” service since I was unable to do it myself. Johannes stayed engaged via email even when he was out of the country! This bed absolutely saved my sanity, allowing me to get some much needed sleep so I could heal and get back to living. My wife and I both LOVE how comfortable and supportive the mattress is, it’s the best we’ve ever owned to date. I started with the soft mattress because I was a side sleeper and it really relieves pressure points, but since I’m now sleeping mostly on my back it was a bit too soft for that position, and they readily changed it out to the firmer one when I requested it (it’s perfect for flipping between back and side sleeping!). I really appreciate being able to change the adjustment of the bed to two different custom pre-sets with the touch of a remote button, or lay it flat again with a touch of a button. I occasionally use the manual adjustments to tweak things a bit. The bed is quiet enough that it doesn’t wake my wife if I make an adjustment in the middle of the night. The bed stays near the wall when you adjust the head up, so I stay within close reach of my end table vs pulling away from it and having to stretch, twist or adjust the bed down to get something. There are no hydraulics underneath, instead, the motors are in the side frame so you can store things under your bed if you want. In fact, you could go without the legs if you wanted to (not sure who would) and the bed would still raise and lower because of its great engineering design. Again, being the research-aholic that I am, I felt Yaasa had the best adjustable bed and overall value and the research paid off. I will admit that with so much competition out there, a small part of me wondered if they would be around for the long run should I ever need warranty service. I don’t have the slightest concern any longer because with such great comfort, quality, price, service, integrity, and especially their people, I believe the bed will last, and am confident they will be around for a very long time. We’ve had the bed for almost 4 months before writing this review and we love it even more than when it arrived.

  82. Kris N (verified owner)

    This one was not for me so I am giving it 4 stars, but the customer service was excellent. They made it so easy for me to exercise the 100 night trial guarantee. I had a great experience with the company.

  83. Rick M (verified owner)

    Wow. This is one of the best purchases I have ever made hands down. I get so much use out of the ability to adjust, it is incredible I really didn’t know what I was missing out on until I got this bed.

  84. Carl P.

    Very easy to assemble and much nicer than I expected

  85. Patrick Borgerding

    The Adjustable Bed is an awesome product. The packaging was easy to open, the set up didn’t take too long and the ease of use is unmatched. I’ve always wanted a mattress of this quality – and it is incredibly comfortable – so I am very pleased. I’m sleeping much better since I set up the new mattress. The motor is not too loud and moves into place at a good pace. The USB ports on the side were a nice touch as well. Overall, I’m very satisfied with my mattress and adjustable bed. Thanks Yaasa Team.

  86. Nicole

    This bed is super comfortable and affordable. It helped with my back problems as a side sleeper. It’s very soft and generally fits to my body shape. I’d recommend it for any side sleeper.

  87. Brian Segner

    Awesome…I ❤ this mattress! I’ve had some of the most refreshing cool nights on my new bed. I think 4 of my friends have purchased this bed/mattress presently! Its truly Amazing!!??

  88. Alex Samuelson

    Absolutely amazing, this bed is everything we were looking for. It has the perfect blend of support and softness. It feels like it wraps you up and I wake up each morning well rested and pain free. We are recommending Yaasa to everyone!

  89. Charlie

    We love our Yaasa firm mattress. It came exactly as described and was super easy to set up. LOVED not having to deal with a typical mattress store!

  90. Chris B

    Bought this bed very soon after trying it out at a showroom. Feels great, sleeps great, and supports my back and spine. Would very much recommend to someone looking for a ultra comfortable sleep.

  91. Katie Thoma

    After trying three other bed and a box brands, I was getting concerned we wouldn’t find one that was comfortable for my husband and Me. After getting the Yassa king mattress, we were thrilled to finally get one that we both liked! Some other brands have tufting which actually makes support uneven feeling. This mattress has a nice smooth surface so no matter your size you feel well supported along your entire body. When I was comparing mattresses, what drew me to Yaasa was the combination of latex with foam and springs, it’s made in the USA, and the very competitive price for a king size with a fair return policy. I would recommend this mattress for anyone who wants to try a hybrid which I personally think is the way to go for longevity and comfort. Please note that we let our mattress breath for a few days before using it because there is some off-gassing which I would think is normal for anything with foam or latex materials.

  92. Tom NeSmith (verified owner)

    I’d been having back and shoulder pain for a long time and was looking for a new mattress. Eventually a Facebook ad showed up for the Yaasa adjustable bed and mattress. It reminded me of the absolutely comfortable bed I had during a hospital visit in 2017. The combination of adjustable bed and soft mattress was more than double what I was planning to spend. On top of that I saw that Yaasa is a fairly new company. It was the review from Logan from Sleepopolis that gave me barely enough confidence to press the buy button.

    Along with a memory foam pillow, my neck, shoulder and back/hip pain are completely gone. I’m was surprised that I can also breathe a lot easier. So the bed more than does what I had hoped it would do. There’s another surprise: my old mattress didn’t retain heat, so I had to keep my room at 72º F. The Yaasa mattress holds the perfect amount of heat which means I can keep my room a lot cold which makes for better sleep.

    In the end… I got what I was hoping more plus a lot of very nice and positive surprises!

  93. C. Laura Gonzalez

    I got the adjustable platform and queen firm mattress .I researched thoroughly the available adjustable beds and mattresses. I wanted an adjustable bed that was not bulky and a hybrid mattress. The “zero gravity” setting is awesome. I have not had gastric reflux since getting this baby. Best, I have not had to pile multiple pillows under my legs or head, one will do, thank you! The mattress has also been great, I sleep soundly through the night and not overheated. This has been a great purchase and investment.

  94. Jaime Solorzano

    I had been looking at adjustable beds for a long time and I hadn’t found one for the price, the right settings and strong built needed until I stumble in to this one. I received the bed on a super-fast 3-day shipping. I have the King size, so it took me less than 30 minutes to put it together alone and since then I have slept like a baby something that it had been hard for me to do until now. The best part is that now I can work from my bed and watch tv in an extremely comfortable way not including the fact that with a quick press of a button I can be in my favorite sleep setting and enjoy a good night sleep. Like many of the reviewers before me, I would recommend this product to anyone that wants an adjustable bed and a great night sleep!

  95. Blaine Mills

    We are loving are Yaasa. We have the King. It looks great. Operates wonderfully. However, there is one complaint. Our bed makes a lot of noise. We are rewarded during every rollover with the sound of metal on metal. The creeks are a bit annoying, so we are look at ways to reduce them. I have tightened everything, I have taken it apart and put it back together, but the annoying sounds are still there. I love the bed so much for its style and function that I still give it four stars. I would love to give it five, but…

  96. Dr B. Joseph Biberstein

    I am now writing this review lying on my king size Yaasa bed at the zero gravity setting. I am 62 and my wife is 60 and we slept better in the last two weeks than we ever have! It feels so good to get up in the morning feeling well rested and not achy and sore! We are so happy! Thank you for creating a product that actually improves our quality of life! By the way, it took me 45 minutes to put it all together and test it. That first night was awesome! I have already recommended this bed to at least 5 of my patients! Thanks again!

  97. Ryan Easton

    My wife and I had been looking at adjustable beds for a while and this one popped up on the radar. I have to say since we received the bed it has been amazing. The bed adjustments are very quiet and the positions are just what we want. The usb charging ports on the sides are perfect for phones or tablets or anything else really and work flawlessly. We put this on our platform bed with little to no issues. It sits a little higher than we expected but it still looks great.

    The second thing that sold me on this bed was the customer service. This has been by far one of the best customer service experiences I have had with a company to date. I had trouble with my purchase and over a day or two they emailed, called, emailed some more, called the financial institution we were working with, called me back and continued as often as possible until the purchase was made and all items were accounted for. I have never had a company invest this much time in making something right like this. I cannot recommend this product enough.

  98. GS

    First of all, I love the bed. I got a king size and was worried that it might not have the power to handle my mattress properly (Purple king size). Most of the other adjustable beds I found were split in two for king size beds. The Yaasa handles the mattress no problem! It adjusts quickly and is totally sturdy. Plus, it looks much better than anything else on the market. A very slick look that doesn’t mess up the vibe in the room.

    Second, the Yassa team rocks. I called a couple times before ordering and Kendall explained the product and the process very patiently. There were a few snags as I ordered the bed before it actually launched, but she ironed everything out in a really nice way. FedEx handled the delivery pretty roughly and banged up a few of the support panels, but Yaasa made things right without even going through FedEx. Great team, really clearly dedicated to making the customers happy:) I’d definitely buy the bed again if I had this to do all over again.

    Excellent work, guys, keep it up!

  99. Denarius M (verified owner)

    I live in a narrow Brooklyn townhouse and space is at a premium. I’ve been wanting an adjustable bed for a while so I could make better (and funner) use of my small bedroom area. All the other adjustable beds I looked at were heavy and bulky and unable to take apart so there was no way to get one up my narrow staircase. Luckily I stumbled upon Yaasa’s. It came right away in two boxes. The set up was easy. Its also nice that I can disassemble it in case I ever move apartments since I am a renter. It worked great with my memory foam mattress I bought a few years back. The thing looks really cool! Definitely gives my room a nice extra touch even when the bed is flat. Using it is really simple. The remote is pretty slick, the motion activated light is a clever touch. I don’t have space for a desk in my room and I do some graphic design side-work. It realy makes my bedroom into a welcome refuge to concentrate. I should also add that it is really comfy. Using pillows to prop yourself does not even compare.

  100. Max C

    I don’t think I realized how amazing my mattress was until I bought my Yaasa Adjustable bed – it makes the whole bed experience so much better. Every detail has been thought of with this bed and I love using the remote control to adjust to whatever I need. Being able to adjust to my natural position whatever I’m doing has been so awesome. I was actually thinking about removing my TV from my bedroom because everyone said it’s not great for sleep quality but i have this bed it’s the most amazing place to watch TV..I feel like I’m at one of those luxury cinemas! I didn’t really know what wall sliding technology was when I saw their video but now i realize how cool it is that everything is where you need it to be whatever position you end up in! My favorite position so far is the zero gravity, it feels soooo good on my back, the ultimate in pressure relief apparently..they’ve definitely got it just right for me and I just love playing around with all the different positions, it’s certainly made bedtime more fun!

  101. Angie G

    Ok, so I wanted to surprise my husband with an adjustable bed since he’s been complaining about lower back pain more and more these days. We already have a newer mattress that we like, so we just needed the base. I thought Yaasa’s looked really cool in the picture I saw. After some more investigation, I found out that it was a really good deal for a King since all the others required that you purchase two frames in order to make a king, which basically doubles the price. The others were also hard to buy without also purchasing a mattress too. Anyways, I kind of skimmed over the “wall-slider” feature not really understanding why it was a thing. Now that we have the bed, I totally get it! Brilliant! without it it would make actually using an adjustable bed really awkward, because it makes sure you stay in reach of your side table when the head is elevated, other wise you would be like 2ft in front of the table. My husband’s back pain feels so much better now when he lays in by the way. He loves the zero gravity position.

  102. Hank T

    The Yaasa Adjustable Bed is the best thing I’ve bought in a long long time!! My doctor recommended I get an adjustable base because I’ve been struggling for the past few years with awful back pain, and having tried a few different mattresses I realized i needed more support than just my mattress. I’ve been searching for a few months and not found anything that i really believed would do me any good and that didn’t cost a fortune! Finally i found one that was an obvious choice for value for money. Compared to all the other upholstered ones this was definitely a better option for me, it just looks more hygienic to start with! When the bed arrived to moms apartment I was blown away by how it easy it all was to get it all set up. It literally took me about fifteen minutes. So thank you to Yaasa for creating something that I think is going to be part of my life for a long time to come.

  103. Michael K

    I can’t believe how easy this thing was to set up. I was a little confused at first, but I watched the video on how to set it up and everything became crystal clear. Once it was set up I was amazed at how smoothly the bed moved, and it fit in perfectly with the way my bedroom is set up. I’m already noticing a difference in how much more pleasant it is to watch a show with my wife in this bed. I will definitely be telling my friends about it!

  104. Derek Roberts

    I slept on my new king adjustable bed for the first time last week and never felt so rested. I works perfect with my hybrid mattress. I never would have thought an adjustable bed could make such a difference in my life. I feel so much more energized in mornings. All because I’m finally getting a great night’s sleep. Amazing!

  105. Emily D

    I can’t believe this bed came in a box! I chatted with someone from the Yaasa team before I bought my bed and they answered all of my questions, and were incredibly nice to boot! They definitely deliver an amazing product, and it’s nicer than ever laying down after a long day of work. Thanks Yaasa!

  106. James J. (verified owner)

    The past week sleeping on my new mattress has been awesome and frustrating at the same time. The mattress is very comfortable, just what I need and for the first time in years I have been waking up without back pain. The frustration comes because I have obligations that require me to leave that comfort daily! All I have want to do is sleep in and take full advantage of my bed, but work/life keeps pulling me out. Get yourself one in your life!

  107. Max Glickman

    No really. I bought my first ever new mattress from Yaasa Studios and I couldn’t be more impressed by everything from customer support answering my questions about delivery to current promotions. Not to mention the bed is just downright comfortable. I grabbed the queen sized medium firm because I sleep on my stomach and it’s absolutely incredible.

  108. Miles

    This was my first big purchase as a married man. I wanted to make a wise choice and please my wife.
    Our bed was well priced compared to other stores and Yaasa’s customer support was very helpful and patience with me. They helped me pick the right bed for us. It is comfy, durable and didn’t break the bank.

  109. Torey

    Some of the best sleep. Such a comfortable bed and the perfect size! Love this brand of mattresses highly recommend to others!

  110. Rick C.

    One of the most comfortable beds I’ve ever slept on. It’s like waking up in a 5 star hotel every morning.

  111. Max D.

    So stoked my new mattress arrived. The bed itself is beyond comfy, but still provides support where I need it. Thanks for the speedy delivery!

  112. Loralee D.

    We are in the older age group, 60 . We own one of the two main beds you see advertised. The Mattress!! Oh goodness, I LOVE it. It was so easy to unroll and put on the new 14″ frame I had bought. It took about 36 hours for it to completely poof all the way out. I now have a bed I can actually move around if I want to. We’ve all taken turns with sleeping and or catching an afternoon nap on it – and for us it’s too soft to use as our main mattress, but my son loved it as did our guests. Husband is 6’2″ 230 so when we replace our main mattress at the beginning of the year we will go to a Firm. I just want people to know, this is not just a bed for the younger generations!

  113. Jon M.

    I can’t believe that my king size mattress fit in such a compact box. It’s like magic! Best bed I’ve ever slept on! Thank you Yaasa!