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Quick Overview

At Yaasa, we always put our customers first. We collectively innovate and create products that make your life the most comfortable it can be, so you can wake refreshed and ready to succeed every day. Not to mention, convenience plays a huge role when finding products to transform your life. We can all agree, to some extent, we are constantly connected to our phones, tablets, or computer screens. With our intuitive online experience, we invite you to have fun shopping and select from a considered choice of products tailored to your specific individual needs. Once selected, you simply have to sit back and await the delivery of a more comfortable and stylish life. Think of it as customization at the touch of a button, and you have the power to choose.

Our selection of luxury Mattresses

We give you the choice to buy products that fit into your unique lifestyle. That is why we thoughtfully designed two mattress styles to accommodate any sleep style. The Yaasa mattress soft and firm options have you in mind throughout your journey. We chose materials that will allow you to slip away into a dreamy state of mind, no matter where you fall on the firmness scale.
Each mattress is comprised of a base layer, followed by the top two comfort layers. You heard it, three layers that bring you the utmost comfort. We keep it simple and give you just what you need. If you are unsure which mattress is best for you, our Customer Experience team can assist you in finding your perfect fit! Even better, you can chat with us online or give our us a call at (855)622-3711.

Our Time Collection Candles

Enhance your Yaasa experience with our luxury candle collection, capturing moments in time that turn into memories that last forever. The Yaasa Time Collection consists of four unique blends of scents that will set the mood anywhere, anytime. Whether you are looking to wake up, knock out some midday emails, or set the mood before you get some shut-eye, we’ve got you covered.
Start your morning with the Six Twenty Candle, invigorating scents of Grapefruit and Tropical Coconut that will be sure to wake you right up. Need to calm your mind before you head into your busy day ahead? The Eleven Fifteen Candle with notes of Sandalwood and Amber Spice will help bring mental clarity into any environment. Head into the early evening with the Three Forty Five Candle. Fresh notes of Sage and Sea Salt will bring a sense of ease into the late afternoon. Ready to call it a night? The Eight Thirty Candle with notes of Gardenia and Wild Jasmine will ignite any room with a sexy indulgent feel.
At Yaasa, we are here to save you time and make your life more comfortable with products that are made for you.
We celebrate your individuality and improve on the one-size fits all approach, after all everyone is unique, right? We customize our products that tailor to your needs.
Our Mattress and Candle Collections give you the opportunity to transform your days and choose the best life made for you. We design and innovate with you in mind.

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