How To Help Our Kids Get Into Yoga? 4 Tips by Daniel Rama

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How To Help Our Kids Get Into Yoga? 4 Tips by Daniel Rama

Whether you are new to yoga, or a seasoned practitioner, chances are you’ve felt the healing and uplifting powers of this practice firsthand. You’ve noticed the positive changes to your body and mind, and maybe you’re now thinking of teaching yoga to your children?
Good idea, as the benefits of yoga for kids are many. Infact, we suggest all parents who choose a standing desk for their children to think of introducing them to yoga as well.
But encouraging children to adopt yoga as a lifestyle or start studying at a stand-up desk won’t be easy. You know this all too well… you can’t just tell them “yoga is good for you” and hope they will listen. Kids don’t work like that.
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So how can we help our kids get into yoga?
In my opinion, the only effective way to influence someone towards a specific outcome is to become a living example. The best way to get our kids into yoga, is to embody the teachings of yoga for ourselves. Children are beings of tremendous curiosity. So, simply put, give them something to become curious about!
So, here are some tips, tricks and suggestions for being that shining example and motivating your child to get into yoga!

1. Be Regular

An effective yoga practice can look vastly different person to person. Some might include only the postures. Others might explore breathing exercises and mindfulness practice. 
Whatever your yoga looks like, the one common theme for every sincere yogi should be regularity. When yoga becomes a non-negotiable part of your daily and/or morning routine, your children will take notice and potentially start to emulate what they see.

2. Teach, Don’t Preach

Some parents these days seem to walk the path of, “do what I say, not what I do”, which can be an extremely confusing concept for children. 
A teacher is someone who actually practices what they preach. Whereas a preacher is simply all talk. Younger generations will always look to their elders (especially before the teenage storm). So set a good example, one you can explain through your actions instead of your words.

3. Keep Learning

Parents are teachers; and the best teachers are also lifelong students. 
Within the world of yoga, it is a dangerous thing to believe you have it all figured out. Even the most advanced yogis recognize the fact that there is still so much to learn. It is important to find time to go on retreat, or take a workshop with your favourite teacher, or simply find a good online program. 
Make the commitment to keep learning. It will leave you feeling inspired and that increased inspiration will be felt by the whole family.

4. Find a Community

The best things in life are meant to be shared. The Sanskrit word “Satsang” means to be in the presence of good company. 
For the yogis, regular Satsang is one of the most important pillars to successful practice. Yoga is challenging. Especially on our off days; but having the support of friends, family and other community members is an easy way to stay motivated, committed and ready for more.
Yoga teaches us to become self-sufficient; to remain unruffled by the sway of emotion. 
Yoga is the process of becoming the best possible version of oneself. It is only natural that we parents would want to encourage our children towards such a lifestyle .. but remember, it all starts with you!
Be the example.

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Daniel Rama is a world-renowned movement instructor and co-founder of the Becoming Balance School of Yoga. Together with his partner, Rama leads international retreats, workshops and yoga teacher trainings. To learn more, visit www.danielrama.com or find Rama on Instagram @danielrama_