How Do Adjustable Beds Work?

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Quick Overview

Technology can be a real struggle. Thankfully, an adjustable bed isn’t anywhere near as complicated to use as the latest tv show options, in fact, it’s designed to be so simple so you can practically use it in your sleep. Once you’ve taken the plunge and made the investment in an adjustable bed, you’ll be amazed by all the easy-to-use features that make your life easier. If you’ve ever wondered, “how do adjustable beds work?” — this guide is for you. Anyone can use an adjustable bed with a few instructions.

The Basics of Adjustable Beds

You might be wondering, what is an adjustable bed and what are the benefits of using one? An adjustable bed has a moveable frame that will allow you to make yourself comfortable in any position. People with insomnia, injuries, back pain, poor blood flow and mobility restrictions can benefit from using an adjustable bed.
Where an adjustable bed base differs from a traditional bed is that it has a more complex frame with an electric motor that allows different parts of the bed to move to put the user in the best position. In a Yaasa Adjustable Bed, the top of the bed frame is split into four sections to support the body. The upper body portion of the bed frame is the largest, allowing you to sit up in a reclined position at any angle. Dividing the frame into these distinct sections allows the user to achieve different positions for sleeping, sitting up, propping up the feet, lifting the knees, and more. This customization is ideal for anyone who has sleep apnea as it inclines the upper body to provide better airflow.
The other part of the bed that is critical to the functioning of an adjustable bed is the underside of the frame, known as the joints. The joints hold the motor and rotate at precise angles. In the Yaasa Adjustable Bed, this part of the frame is hidden so you won’t have an eyesore in the bedroom! The Yaasa Adjustable Bed comes in the commonly available sizes of Twin XL, Queen, King, and Split King. The benefit of a Split King is that you and your partner can adjust your side of the bed independently to get the best sleep quality possible.

Do Adjustable Beds Need Special Mattresses?

Higher-end adjustable beds, like the Yaasa Adjustable Bed are compatible with many different mattresses and don’t require a specific adjustable mattress. The most popular types of mattresses to use with an adjustable frame are memory foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses, and traditional innerspring mattresses. High-density memory foam, which is typically found in both memory foam and hybrid mattresses, is flexible and contours to the body, making it an ideal choice for an adjustable bed. A regular mattress with innerspring coils typically works with an adjustable bed, but not always. If you have an innerspring mattress, it’s best to ask an expert before using it as compatibility will depend on how the coils are structured. Other options include latex mattresses, water beds, and air mattresses, which are less popular and do not work as well with adjustable beds because they do not contour to the bed frame and the body in the same way the other popular models of mattress do.
Many people ask, do adjustable bases ruin mattresses? The answer is no if you stick to a hybrid or memory foam mattress, and most often not with other mattresses. Right now, the Yaasa Adjustable Bed comes with a free luxury mattress made with high-quality foam. If you have any doubts about your current mattress or think it’s time to upgrade, you can use the complimentary mattress to achieve total comfort and relaxation. Pair with The Yaasa Luxury Sheets made of bamboo and The Memory Foam Pillow and you’ll feel like you are sleeping on a cloud!

How Do Adjustable Beds Work with Electricity?

Rest assured, the Yaasa Adjustable Bed is very easy to set up and use right away. What makes it special is that it has numerous electrical components that stay completely hidden and don’t make any annoying noises. With a Yaasa bed, no loud motors will wake you up at night. The advanced features of the adjustable frame include the following:

  • Whisper Soft Motor: There’s no point in bringing another noisy piece of machinery into the house when you are trying to get a better night’s sleep. The Yaasa Adjustable Bed has a discreet whisper-soft motor that plugs into the wall and is hidden underneath the sleek, aluminum frame.
  • Remote Control: A wireless remote control accommodates easy changing of positions, whether you are in the bed or not. If you have mobility restrictions, you can use the remote to adjust the bed to the proper position before you get into it. The Yaasa Adjustable Bed wireless remote control is backlit so that you can see the buttons in the middle of the night without turning on the light and disturbing your partner. It is programmed with different positions like the Zero-Gravity position, but can also be set with your favorite positions.
  • Wall Sliding Technology: When you have an adjustable bed, you quickly learn how beneficial it is to have wall sliding technology. This technology allows you to keep the same distance from the wall no matter what position you move the bed. This not only allows you to stay close to your nightstand but also prevents damage to your wall, headboard, and bed frame.
  • USB Ports: Whether you’re working in your bed or charging your phone at night, having nearby USB ports to charge your tech is a welcome convenience for most people. The Yaasa Adjustable Bed makes it simple with USB ports on the sleek bed frame.

How Does an Adjustable Bed Work with a Headboard?

If you’re wondering how to attach a headboard to an adjustable bed, it’s likely easier than you think. Often, adjustable beds come with headboard and footboard brackets so that you can attach them directly to the bed. If not, you can either opt for a bed frame that fits around the adjustable bed and includes a headboard, or you can choose a freestanding headboard. If you decide on a freestanding headboard, you will need headboard brackets to attach it to the wall. Once this is complete, simply slide the bed back until it meets the headboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of an adjustable bed?

In addition to easing back pain and other joint ailments, adjustable beds have been cited as helping with sleep apnea, snoring and Insomnia. They have also been known to improve blood circulation thus reducing swelling across the body.

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How does an adjustable mattress work?

The mattress will bend with the adjustable bed frame, allowing you to lift your upper body, knees, and feet as needed. With a high-quality bed frame, you should be able to use most kinds of mattresses.
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What is the best mattress for an adjustable bed?

The Yaasa Mattress is an excellent mattress for an adjustable bed. It features a specifically crafted combination of pocket coils and foams (including memory foam) that offer optimum support in a way that other varieties of mattresses don’t provide.
Foam mattresses, memory foam mattresses, or pocket coil are also examples of good adjustable bed mattresses. 
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Do you need a pillow with an adjustable bed?

This will depend on what pillow you use as many people use the wrong type of pillow for their head and neck. If you do use a pillow, we recommend that you use a memory foam pillow as it will keep the head in alignment with the spine while you sleep. Your best bet is The Memory Foam Pillow, which will provide support by contouring to the head and neck.

Can I attach my headboard to an adjustable bed frame?

The minimalist design of the Yaasa adjustable bed makes for seamless integration with most bedroom furniture sets and styles. 
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How much are adjustable beds?

The price range of adjustable beds varies depending on the brand, features, and add-ons. Usually, you will find adjustable bases priced from $800 and above.
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