Crystal Healing: Does It Really Work? What Science Says

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Can Crystals On Your Desk Really Help? What Science Says

Crystal healing is attracting much attention these days, so it is reasonable to ask: “Can crystals really add to the physiological and psychological benefits that  office ergonomics and a wake up routine can provide?” 
Industrial and technological uses of crystals are extensively researched in haloed universities and laboratories around the world, but crystal healing, per se, has not yet received this golden standard of peer review.
To bridge this gap, we asked Vivien Schapera, a crystal healing expert who has committed 25 years to investigating the healing effects of crystals, to share her insights. Vivien points us to three minerals that can positively influence our health in the workplace; citing  supportive scientific evidence and explaining how to activate crystal energy.
Let’s see what science has to say!

The Properties of Crystals

Whether we realize it or not, the fact is that we are living in a crystal age. Our modern electronic devices rely on crystals in order to function. Watches and pacemakers use Quartz to maintain a steady beat. Medical and physical therapy devices incorporate crystals in their technology.
Crystals have chemical, physical and electrical properties that can all be harnessed to improve our lives. The chemical properties correspond to their chemical composition; the physical properties correspond to their color, and ability to refract and organize light; and the electrical properties are stimulated by heat and pressure (pyro- and piezo-electricity).
Why is this significant? Because we, as living organisms, also have a chemical, physical and electrical nature. Consistent anecdotal information indicates that when correctly activated, crystals can impact all three of these dynamics in a living organism.
So, when you wonder: “Can crystals really improve my health?” the answer is “Yes, as long as you thoughtfully engage the science of crystals.”
Now let’s look at one of the most significant ways that crystals can help us at work.

EMFs and Crystals

A side-effect of our technological age is the escalation of EMFs in our environment. EMFs are the electromagnetic force fields that are generated when a device or organism converts other forms of energy into electrical energy. 
EMFs are a natural occurrence but because of our digital devices, and our continuous interaction with them, EMFs have become a source of concern. 
The thinking is that we are over-exposed to EMFs and this can have both short-term and long-term consequences for our health and well-being. Short-term effects include feeling foggy, drained and tired; long-term effects include serious concerns regarding cancer and neurological maladies that seem to be on the rise.
It stands to reason that if crystals can help generate EMFs, they can also help counteract negative characteristics of EMFs, and this is indeed the case.

Crystals for Counteracting EMFs

According to research, the three most useful crystals for counteracting EMFs are Pyrite, Shungite, and Black Tourmaline.
Pyrite is rich in iron and can absorb radiation. This is well-documented in the scientific literature.
Shungite is composed of carbon, and significantly, the carbon is organized into fullerenes. 
Fullerenes were only discovered toward the end of the 20th Century, and this is what the Encyclopedia Britannica has to say:  ”They are excellent conductors of heat and electricity, and they possess an astonishing tensile strength. Such properties hold the promise of exciting applications in electronics, structural materials, and medicine.” 
Fullerenes deserve and receive extensive research, and we can access their extraordinary dynamic, and do our own research, via Shungite.
Black Tourmaline is also known as Schorl and has many industrial uses. This is the abstract from an article on tandfonline
“The industrial use of black tourmaline is based on the pyroelectricity, emission of far infrared radiation, adsorption of ions, release of negative air ions, and influence on biologic activity. 
“The crystal structure of schorl was analyzed through a virtual three-dimensional hard ball model and related to these properties. 
“Explanations for the pyroelectricity, emission of far infrared radiation, adsorption of ions, and release of negative air ions are given based on the crystal structure characteristics.” 
Every one of the health-supporting properties described here can be applied to our daily life!

Accessing Stone Dynamics in the Workplace

Many people place Pyrite and Shungite in front of their computer screens, and on their desks. This is helpful, in situ, but placing stones in your environment does not help you when you are away from your desk. 
Wearing stones, and carrying them in your pockets, ensures that the stones are directly and positively affecting your personal bio-electricity at all times. 
Pyrite is heavy, so it is reasonable to place it on your desk, especially as it absorbs radiation. Now and again, hold the pyrite to encourage direct benefit to yourself.
Shungite and Black Tourmaline are both readily available as pendants and pocket stones. Shungite is so powerful in its positive effects, that it has also been made into wearable belts. 
Remember that crystals respond to heat and pressure, so warming the stones by holding them, and squeezing or rubbing the stones, will activate their electrical nature. This electricity from the stones will join forces with your own electrical nature – specifically your nervous system, and the bio-electricity of each and every cell of your body – and encourage excellent energetic flow through your being.
Think about how science engages crystal energy – as part of a circuit. Now apply this insight: If you have a crystal in each pocket, instead of only one crystal in one pocket, you can create a circuit, with your whole being, invigorating your bio-electrical flow.
When it comes to crystals, test them out for yourself. But remember, just as with seeds in a packet, correct treatment is necessary. If you don’t sow your seeds, they cannot grow. That doesn’t mean they don’t work, it means you didn’t handle them in a way that activates their potential. 
Crystals do not depend on your belief to work. Like electricity, they have an inherent nature. By tapping into this inherent nature, you can open up a whole new world of discovery.


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About the Author 

Vivien Schapera is a Teacher, Healer and Author living in Cincinnati, OH. Her most recent book The Complete Guide to Crystal Surgery (2020) is a pioneering, award-winning text in the field of Energy Healing and establishes her as a leading voice in crystal healing technology for health and wellbeing. You can find out more about crystals, healing and Vivien’s work at www.CrystalHealingTechniques.com