How To Choose the Right Mattress Without Overspending

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How to Choose the Best Mattress For Me

A lot of us find ourselves tossing and turning at night. All we wish for is to get a good night’s sleep. When our mattresses start to sag, we start asking, “How to choose the best mattress for me?” Suddenly sleepers find that there are a host of mattresses out there. Whether you’re looking for pillow-top mattresses, a crib mattress or even an RV mattress, you’ll need to do some homework to understand the different type of mattresses sold today.

Different Types Of Mattresses


How to choose the best mattress for me?
Many visit their local mattress store, but more people are checking online to find a mattress. Are you are looking for the perfect mattress for your bed? There’s an excellent selection to choose from these days. Mattresses come in a wide variety of prices and materials.

How to choose a mattress and box spring?
Here are some questions you should be asking yourself:

  1. Are you considering pillow-top mattresses?
  2. What kind of sleeper are you? (side, back, stomach, all of the above)
  3. What type of firmness do you like?
  4. Do you have any medical conditions to consider?

All Foam Mattresses


Benefits Of All Foam Mattresses
Foam mattresses are often chosen by those who want “a little give” in a mattress. These mattresses can be made using polyurethane, but other manufacturers may incorporate some latex into the mix as well to provide additional support to the spine. A foam mattress offers a faster response to your body than an innerspring mattress but provides less body contour than memory foam.[1]

Also, foam mattresses are affordable when compared to other types of mattresses.

All Foam Mattress Pros
Investing in foam for your bed mattress is an excellent idea if you are on a budget as it is affordable without compromising the quality of your sleep. The bubbles that make up the foam simply part when you lie down then goes back up when you get up. For those who prefer a medium-firm mattress, this one fits the bill. It doesn’t sink like memory foam but includes a sufficient amount of support for your body to help you sleep better at night.[2] Adding a mattress cover can prolong the life of your bed.

All Foam Mattress Cons
Although foam mattresses can elevate your sleeping experience, they may not be appropriate for some sleepers especially those who have specific health issues, such as back problems. The lack of firmness can affect their condition. It may also not be recommended for those who are heavy due to its low support and are looking for an additional comfort layer for their back.

Foam mattresses may have an off-gas that disappears a few days.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Benefits Of Memory Foam Mattreses
Memory foam mattresses are popular for many who often end up tossing and turning at night because they cannot find a comfortable position. This type of mattress contours around your body so you’ll find comfort while sleeping. You can add a mattress protector on top to help lessen the sinking and to keep any dust mites at bay.

Memory Foam Mattress Pros
Memory foam offers pressure relief so there will be less pain on your body when you wake up. It may come with cooling properties too, so that you won’t feel hot and sweaty at night.

Memory foam is also known for its excellent motion isolation.

A mattress topper works well with a memory foam mattress. Combined, the two offers more than an adequate amount of support to your body. The foam inside of it that forms to follow the contours of your body as you sleep allow less pain and refreshing sleep.

All Foam Mattress Cons
Some users prefer more support than memory foam mattresses can offer.

Sometimes, memory foam gasses have an off-gas which dissipates after a few days.[3]

Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid Mattresses are mattresses with foam top layers and pocket coil springs as the base support.

The combination of memory foam and spring mattresses is unique and offers the best of both worlds. These mattresses provide contouring features without the motion transfer that is typical of springs while giving the user support from the coils. All of these features help to alleviate any pain as you sleep.

Hybrid Mattress Benefits
Hybrid foam mattresses are perfect for those who are looking for support, comfort, relief from pressure points, and additional bounce to their bed because of the coils that are incorporated into the design. Some even come with a cooling system.

Hybrid Mattress Pros
A hybrid comes with different levels of firmness to them when you sleep. You will find that some have 1.5 inches of foam on top while others have 3 inches of foam on top. Going beyond this amount and you might as well stick with memory foam. A hybrid offers a mattress firmness that is perfect for many different kinds of sleepers.

Hybrid Mattress Cons
Hybrid foam mattresses are that they can be expensive since they use both foam and coils. You should remember you’re investing in your health.[4]

Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses may not be as well known to consumers as other mattresses. So, it’s natural to ask, “How to choose a latex mattress?” First, you should understand exactly what is a latex mattress.

Latex Mattress Benefits
Latex doesn’t retain heat which is a plus to those that are living in slightly hotter climates. The mattress is considered firm, but there is also a bounce that is evenly distributed on the bed. This allows an evenness to your bed as you sleep.

How to choose a latex mattress? Make sure that it gives you the firmness that you are looking for by lying on top of it. You can add a mattress pad if you want to feel a slight “give” to your mattress.

Latex Mattress Pros
“Firmness with a bounce” is what latex mattresses are all about. Motion isolation is very good these mattresses. Latex pushes back against you as you lie down so you can enjoy maximum support and comfort.

Latex Mattress Cons
You should also consider the cons when you are wondering how to choose a latex mattress. If you are not comfortable on a firm bed, this one may not be the best choice for you.[5]

Organic Mattresses

An organic mattress is eco-friendly and usually contain cotton, flax, or hemp with alternative solutions to fire retardant chemicals common in other types of mattresses.

Organic Mattress Benefits
It’s eco-friendly which means that you will minimize your impact in the environment.

Organic Mattress Pros
Aside from using natural fillings for the bed, it does offer the same support and firmness as with hybrid, spring, and foam.

Organic Mattress Cons
It’s hard to distinguish the real deal since some manufacturers claim that they are all-natural but do not give lists of materials used.[6]

Number Beds or Air Beds

An air mattress is a custom-inflated type of mattress that you can fill to your preferred firmness either manually or with the use of an electric pump.

Number Beds or Air Beds Benefits
Fully adjustable due to the air pockets present. If you want a firmer mattress, you can manually or use the electric pump to inflate to make it firm.

Number Beds or Air Beds Pros
Provides support and firmness to prevent pain in the body as you sleep. A self-inflating mattress can work for those who want to have control over their comfort level.

Number Beds or Air Beds Cons
The mechanical components tend to give way faster especially when used regularly.[7]

Sleeper Position


For those who ask, “How to choose the best mattress for me?” your preferred sleeping position and any medical conditions.

How To Choose A Mattress For Side Sleeper
Mattress firmness has an effect on side sleepers. Side sleepers prefer a softer mattress to conform to their body’s pressure points from the shoulders, arms, hips. Firmer mattresses can add to pain caused by joint conditions. Side sleepers should choose a mattress that adequate softness based on your preferences. Hybrids provide the best of support and softness.[8]

Best Mattress for Side Sleeper
How to choose a mattress for side sleeper? When you choose a mattress to get a good night’s sleep, hybrid, memory foam and air mattresses are good options since they sink to prevent that tingling sensation.

How To Choose A Mattress For Stomach Sleeper
Stomach sleepers tend to have greater pressure applied to their hips as well as their pelvis since these are the areas where their weight is often distributed. If you are wondering how to choose a mattress and box spring, you need to consider this.

Best Mattress for Stomach Sleeper
How to choose the best mattress for me if I am a stomach sleeper? You should opt for mattresses that are firm such as hybrid, latex, innerspring mattresses with pocket coils, or an organic mattress.

How To Choose A Mattress For Back Sleeper
As the name suggests, back sleepers are those who prefer to be facing the ceiling when they sleep and have the least range of firmness. This means that you will need a firm mattress and appropriate choice of pillow. A hybrid mattress will ensure proper spinal alignment.

How To Choose A Mattress For Back Sleeper
How to choose a mattress and box spring for a back sleeper that provides maximum comfort? You can choose from hybrid, foam, memory foam, latex, to innerspring, and hybrid even depending on your preferences.

Whether you are asking, “How to choose a mattress for side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper?” it pays to do a bit of research first.

How to Choose the Right Mattress Topper

You have several choices when picking a mattress topper. First, you should ask yourself if you want a thin one such as a pad, or a thicker topper? The latter can make a difference in softness and comfort.

There are several factors to consider when deciding how to choose the right mattress topper:

  1. Price
    Price varies according to topper material. Material choices vary from egg crate to down so the price range can be quite broad. However, you should not equate price with comfort.
  2. Comfort
    Just like mattresses, toppers offer a wide array of comfort. Some even conform to your body.
  3. Pain Relief
    Those with medical conditions that require extra support or pressure relief must take care of how to choose the right mattress topper. The thickness and density options can impact their comfort. Toppers can range from a thin pad to between 2-8 inches thick.

There’s a lot of things to consider when buying a mattress and mattress topper. It’s really about finding the right combination to fit your needs and desires. Options abound. You may find yourself looking up “How to choose a latex mattress?” or “Does this mattress topper work well on a memory foam bed?” When you take the time to understand what you need in a bed, you’ll buy one and worry about overspending.