Weighted Blankets

Recent scientific studies have indicated a significant reduction in cortisol (stress) levels, while increasing serotonin (happiness) production. This promotes a healthy heart rate, circulation, and induces a wonderful sense of happiness and wellbeing.

Not only does the Yaasa Weighted Blanket promote sleep and induce a sense of calm, it’s also the softest and most comfortable blanket you will ever wrap around you. The hand-knitted design allows for ultimate breathability so that you get the sensation of pressure without the overwhelming heat, keeping you perfectly warm, calm and beautifully snug.

Heavily Stylish & Breathably Cool
All Yaasa Weighted Blankets are hand-knitted to create our unique design and provide better breathability than traditional weighted blankets.

Alleviates anxiety, helps with stress
The weight of the blanket provides a warm, gentle pressure that mimics the feeling of being held. This comforting pressure immediately induces calm and contentment.

Promotes Better Sleep
The blanket naturally stimulates the production of serotonin (our happiness hormone), reducing cortisol (our stress-hormone) to give a sense of ease and helps falling asleep.