Split King Adjustable Bed Frame – Perfect For Any Couple

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Quick Overview

The split-king style of bed is gaining in popularity. While Split Queen frames are available through custom order, the Split King adjustable bed remains popular. For decades, adjustable beds were widely utilized only in the hospital and medical settings. Today, consumers can select from a wide range of bed frames, mattresses, and accessories. The structure, durability, quality, and strength of the bed frames can vary for each kind and with every manufacturer.
Adjustable bed frames come with solid steel frames. This is to provide the bed with excellent support. Compared to their hospital counterparts, consumer adjustable bed frames have more advantages, convenience, and health benefits. Adjustable bed frames allow different configuration settings for elevating the foot or head sections of the bed. Now, more than ever, the use of these metal bed frames can be easily customized to match your various preferences.
It also comes in various types such as the Split King adjustable base where you and your loved one can independently control their own side of the bed. You no longer have to prop yourself with too many pillows to achieve the level of elevation that you prefer. Using this kind of bed affords a lot of health benefits.

The Health Benefits of An Adjustable Bed Base

Among the cited health benefits of an adjustable base, here are the most notable ones: it may reduce inflammation and circulation issues, helps relieves back pain, arthritis, neck, and shoulder pains; eases symptoms of heartburn and acid reflux; prevents insomnia and other body aches and pains.
Split King Adjustable Bed
Sometimes, the aches and pains you feel in the evening are due to the stress and tensions. With a Split King adjustable bed, you and your loved one can be well supported to help ease and relieve pains and aches on the various pressure points of the body, helping both of you to get a more restful sleep.

Sleeping Well On Adjustable Split King Bed

How could this be? With a Split King bed adjustable bed, there are two twin XL frames and mattresses. Each mattress and frame adjusts independently of the other. This type of frame has the ability to change from a flat zero degree incline to an almost upright position, all depending on your preference. This feature is not available on ordinary beds. It enables those with back pain, arthritis, sleep apnea, and other health conditions to help find the relief they need and sleep well with their loved one all night long.

Medical Problems and Sleep

Pain can exist in various forms and from various sources. Arthritic pain may require anti-inflammatory medicine to help treat swelling and pain. (This is done with the aid of a medical professional.) The arthritic person suffering from pain may need to make an effort to prevent arthritis triggers by avoiding climbing multiple flights of stairs, avoiding physically strenuous activities, and other motions that place a huge amount of stress on the joints.
Another common medical problem faced by many adults is back pain. Usually, back pain is felt in the lower lumbar region where the spine meets the pelvis. Sadly, back pain can be a very tricky medical problem with its culprit not easily ascertainable. Additionally, back pain can be aggravated when undue pressure is placed on this part of the body.
Other than pain, sleep apnea is another problem that can deprive a person of a good night’s sleep. It at night when breathing is inhibited by an obstructed airway as the tongue falls back into the throat. The most typical symptom of sleep apnea is snoring. It is said that there are approximately 22 million adults that suffer from this medical condition.[1] What’s more, is that those who share a bed with someone who snores heavily may also be deprived of a good night’s sleep. A Split King adjustable bed can be useful in reducing sleep apnea occurrence and help the other person sleeping with the patient to have a good night’s sleep as he or she is able to adjust his side of the bed to a more comfortable setting that the snorer would prefer under the circumstance.

Zero Gravity Position In Adjustable Beds

What is great about adjustable beds is they offer zero gravity position that raises your legs and upper torso while sleeping. This helps distribute the entire body weight all over the length of the person to recreate an almost ‘weightless’ feeling. This kind of sleeping position can help eliminate lower back pain and arthritic pain because the spine is put in a neutral position.
Split King Adjustable Bed
Only an adjustable bed can offer the functional capacity to enable this position. The split adjustable bed allows two people to sleep side by side with different settings for the bed sections. Each person can choose their own position, which best suits their sleeping preferences. The Split King adjustable metal bed frame is perfect for any couple because of its many features and innovations that the manufacturers have incorporated into this wonderful product.

Top Reasons Why Split King Adjustable Beds Are In Demand


The Split-King Up Close

The Split king sized bed measures sixty inches by eighty inches. It comes in two separate thirty inches by eighty inches frames. A Split King mattress is actually two Twin XL frames that lie side by side. Also, these bed frames can accommodate just about any type of mattress, be it a foam mattress (regular foam, gel memory foam, a memory foam mattress or latex foam) or a hybrid of these. Innerspring mattresses (traditional spring), air bed mattresses, and waterbed mattresses are not recommended.
The ability of each partner to independently customize their “side of the bed” is a real gamechanger in your quest to get a great night’s sleep. When each person has their own twin XL mattress and frame, the bed becomes easier to move. This is helpful if you have to move through very small spaces.

Flexible, Movable, & Lesser Weight

A Yaasa adjustable base includes amazing wall hugger technology. This allows the user to elevate the head of the bed without moving away from nightstands. You’ll never have to reach back for a glass of water again. Plus, the retainer bar holds your mattress in place if you choose to elevate your upper body. Don’t forget the whisper-quiet motor!

Fewer Limitations

Couples like the Split King adjustable bed because they can easily maneuver it across the room, especially through small doorways. It allows individual adjustment for the split mattress that couples need without being separated. It can be adjusted individually to suit their personal sleeping settings and preferences.

Couples Benefit From Split King Beds

The Split King bed is very useful for couples, especially where one partner is suffering from a medical condition and needs to sleep in a certain position but without having to sleep in a separate room or bed. The adjustable beds are a perfect way to transform the bed into one that enables the couple to do things together and at the same time curbing individual health problems.

Entertainment & Productivity In One Bed

Couples love the Split King adjustable bed because of its flexibility and ability to offer each of them the accessibility to achieve positions that can maximize productivity or entertainment in the bedroom. Plus, USB ports are built within the frame, creating a cleaner look. Each couple can use their own remote control to adjust their side of the bed. Wireless remote controls with backlit lights add another layer of sleekness.
Split King Adjustable Bed

Easy To Assemble

A Yaasa Split-King adjustable bed frame comes with free delivery. However, for those that want it even easier, you can order “white glove delivery” for a nominal fee. With white glove service, Yaasa experts deliver and set up the adjustable foundation for you. For a limited time, you can get a Yaasa bed mattress free with the purchase of an adjustable frame. A Yaasa mattress is a hybrid of body contouring memory foam top with a pocket coil bottom. It’s the best of both worlds.

What About Bed Sheets?

Split King sheets include an individual sheet for each mattress with a single top sheet that covers the entire bed. This design affords individuality while promoting closeness.
Split King Adjustable Bed

Final Words

There are several good reasons to choose a Split King adjustable bed base over the traditional king bed. Having a single big bed can be difficult to set up in small spaces. Not only is it huge and heavy, but it can also at the same time be too large and space consuming for small and tight spaces like hallways and doorways. A Split King adjustable mattress can be adjusted separately from the other, enabling one person to lie down while the other one sits or reclines. It allows couples to do whatever they love without the other person having to leave the bedroom or the bed interfering with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of an adjustable bed?

In addition to easing back pain and other joint ailments, adjustable beds have been cited as helping with sleep apnea, snoring and Insomnia. They have also been known to improve blood circulation thus reducing swelling across the body.

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How do adjustable bed frames work?

An adjustable bed allows you to adjust the hinged panels that form the base at various angles to relieve pressure from your body as you sleep or relax. One of the top reasons sleepers purchase an adjustable bed is to achieve the Zero Gravity Sleep position which eliminates the weight of gravity on the body by supporting each body part equally.
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How much are adjustable beds?

The price range of adjustable beds varies depending on the brand, features, and add-ons. Usually, you will find adjustable bases priced from $800 and above.
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