Best Mattress for Adjustable Bed

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Best Mattress for Adjustable Bed

In the past, adjustable beds were only used in hospitals. They help patients by allowing frequent repositioning, thus avoiding pressure pain. Adjustable bed frames help patients perform day-to-day activities, such as eating, reading, and easy repositioning. But now, adjustable beds are making their way into residential homes, as more people are noticing their overall benefits. What sets adjustable beds from other types of beds in the market? Does it improve the quality of sleep? What kind of mattress can I use on this bed?
Best Mattress for Adjustable Bed

Major Benefits of Adjustable Bed Frames

To understand the best mattress for an adjustable bed frame, you must first understand the finer points of an adjustable frame. If you are not familiar with adjustable bed frames, then you might be curious as to why someone would purchase such a product, as you may associate them will illness. But wait until you read about the tremendous benefits they can offer people of all ages.
Adjustable bed frames are beds that can be manipulated into different positions. They can raise or lower the head or foot of the bed, which can alleviate pain and pressure on the back. Aside from this, their versatility is also popular for resolving symptoms of some medical conditions, including:

  • Snoring and breathing difficulties
  • Edema
  • Sleep apnea
  • Acid reflux
  • Fibromyalgia

An adjustable bed improves sleep quality and supports comfortable slumber. Furthermore, these kinds of frames also help older adults and people with mobility problems to safely and easily climb in and out of bed. This greatly supports independence.
Best Mattress for Adjustable Bed
Adjustable beds are not only for those who have disabilities or health problems. Most people who buy these kinds of beds are looking to improve their comfort and convenience. Adjustable beds are the most advanced beds available in the market. Additionally, there are plenty of choices for specific kinds of adjustability, as well as choices for mattress materials.
Adjustable beds are stylish and modern. Users won’t feel the hospital or medical ambiance that was once associated with these beds. This is because manufacturers specifically created them to look just like their modern counterparts. An adjustable bed won’t look out of place in your bedroom. Instead, it can blend perfectly well with the décor.

How To Compare Adjustable Bed Frames

Adjustable beds are starting to become more and more popular ever since people discovered the advantages they provide. For the majority, they are the epitome of bedroom comfort. However, not all adjustable beds exhibit the same quality. Each brand has different characteristics that impact the quality and value. It is essential to study your options and weigh them carefully.
Generally speaking, adjustable beds have very high customer satisfaction ratings. This is because they can offer the capacity to lower and raise your feet and head.  They often have other amazing features that promote comfortable sleep. Prices vary according to features and manufacturers.
Many people have queries about adjustable beds. One way to address them is to research the brands that offer the best quality adjustable beds in the market. After all, shopping for an adjustable bed is a major investment. Being informed is one way to guarantee that you will get your money’s worth.
Buying an adjustable bed is an exciting task, but don’t get too overwhelmed because you might overlook some important factors. Take time to read the guide below before you begin your adjustable bed shopping.
Below are the factors you need to consider before investing in an adjustable bed.

1. Price

One way to determine if an adjustable bed is of good quality is when its essential features are not sacrificed by price. Aside from this, manufacturers that clearly present their retail prices to the public are considered as reliable and top-rate, as they can inform their clients about the best prices of their product.

  1. Features

Adjustable beds come with different features. For instance, the Yaasa adjustable bed frame allows you to elevate the head, foot, or place your body in a zero-gravity position. The latter allows your spine to be put in a neutral position, relieving any pressure to the spine.
Best Mattress for Adjustable Bed

3. Warranty

Beds with a longer warranty period tend to be more durable. When you are looking for adjustable beds in the market, opt for something with a more extended warranty. Another factor to consider before purchasing adjustable beds is to examine the manufacturing details, such as mechanical parts, electronics, and materials. Longevity and durability should also be analyzed.
Consumer Ratings
One way to determine if a brand offers premium-quality adjustable beds is to visit their retailer blog, website, or other review sources. These sources contain customer ratings and feedback. It is where you will find negative and positive comments about the brand and the products they sell.

4. Health Benefits

One thing that sets an adjustable bed apart from its alternatives are the health benefits it offers. These benefits cover relief from symptoms of edema, sleep apnea, snoring, acid reflux, fibromyalgia, muscle pain, breathing difficulties, back/shoulder/neck pain, and many more. Generally, adjustable beds with wide-ranging positioning options are considered as top-rate.


Best Mattress For Adjustable Bed

Now that you have a good understanding of an adjustable bed frame, it’s time to look at mattresses for these amazing beds. Some mattresses work better than others for adjustable bed frames. Foam mattresses, memory foam mattresses, or pocket coil are examples of good adjustable bed mattresses. A latex mattress or hybrid of any of the above mattresses also works well. The mattresses mentioned above work well because they don’t lose their support regardless of how the bed is adjusted.
Other mattresses are not recommended for adjustable bed frames. Air mattresses, water mattresses, or the traditional innerspring mattresses tend to provide uneven support when adjustable frames are manipulated.

Best Mattress for Adjustable Bed: Introducing the Yaasa Mattress

The Yaasa Mattress is an excellent mattress for an adjustable bed. It features a specifically crafted combination of pocket coils and foams (including memory foam) that offer optimum support in a way that other varieties of mattresses don’t provide. This hybrid mattress is versatile. It adjusts according to the individual needs of the sleeper and offers the best comfort and support. It also has incredible breathability.
Best Mattress for Adjustable Bed 2019
The Yaasa Mattress is made with an Infinity Foam top layer, a one-of-a-kind material that eliminates heat retention to support a cooler night’s sleep.  This offers the perfect blend of contouring, support, and pressure relief in just the right places. This finishing touch seals the unmatched slumber experience offered by Yaasa Mattress. Furthermore, those that prefer softer or firmer experience can find comfort in this brand of mattress. This is because the manufacturers combine different layers of pocket coils and foam to cater to the unique sleeping needs of every individual. These multiple layers provide a sufficient amount of pressure relief and body contouring, leading to a peaceful slumber each night.
The Yaasa Mattress has an edge-to-edge pocket coil system that offers maximum edge support. Every coil is individually wrapped. This means that it can expand and compress on its own, providing pressure relief to the sleeper in the appropriate places. The coils are located between layers of foam which creates a sense that you are floating while you sleep.
If you think that the Yaasa Mattress is already an incredible product, how about if you pair it with the Yaasa Adjustable Bed? Currently, you can get the Yaasa mattress free with the purchase of a Yaasa adjustable bed frame. This duo allows you to adjust your legs or head in a comfortable position, with just one click. It’s a real “cloud nine” experience.

How to Get The Best Deal

The true essence of getting the best deal when buying an adjustable bed is when the quality, price, features, and durability go well with each other. Fortunately, online shopping makes it easy to hunt for adjustable beds that offer the best deals. With just a few clicks, one can easily compare features and prices from different brands. This makes shopping convenient and hassle-free.


Shopping for an adjustable bed is not just a trip to the mall to find a good looking bed that matches your bedroom décor. Adjustable beds offer medical benefits, optimum support, pressure relief, and comfortable sleep for people of all ages. That’s why you need to look for the best bed for you. It is an investment that you should carefully research before you attempt to splurge your money. Look for an adjustable bed that has a good price, high-quality, longer warranty, and stylish design. On top of that, it should deliver what is expected from it, such as maximum support, breathability, and pressure relief.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best mattress for an adjustable bed?

The Yaasa Mattress is an excellent mattress for an adjustable bed. It features a specifically crafted combination of pocket coils and foams (including memory foam) that offer optimum support in a way that other varieties of mattresses don’t provide.
Foam mattresses, memory foam mattresses, or pocket coil are also examples of good adjustable bed mattresses.

Will my current mattress work with the Yaasa Adjustable Bed?

Yes, the adjustable bed is compatible with most mattresses except waterbed mattresses and some traditional spring mattresses that use a border rod or wire.  If you are unsure if your current mattress will work with the adjustable bed, contact our customer support team at hello@yaasa.com or 855-622-3711
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