Are Weighted Blankets Hot to Sleep Under?

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Quick Overview

While a weighted blanket sounds like a great idea, you’re probably wondering “Are weighted blankets hot to sleep under?” With this guide, we’re here to put your worries about weighted blankets to bed. A weighted blanket might be heavy, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s hot. With carefully selected fabrics and fillers as well as a revolutionary hand-knitted design, you’ll find The Yaasa Weighted Blanket to be breathable and cool year round.

Best Fabrics For a Weighted Blanket

You’ll find many weighted blankets on the market to be made of thick minky fabric coverings like flannel or fleece. These will without a doubt trap heat and cause night sweats, which won’t help your sleep quality. They also won’t be as soft on the skin as a cotton cover. As with clothes, synthetic fabrics should be avoided in a weighted blanket. Instead, look for all-natural, lightweight fabrics like breathable cotton that are cooler and softer to the touch. You also should make sure your gravity blanket is durable and machine washable so that it doesn’t get destroyed after one cycle in the washer.
Weighted Blanket Materials To Avoid:

  • Polyester
  • Acrylic
  • Acetate
  • Nylon

Are Weighted Blankets Hot Because of the Fillers?

In addition to the fabric of your weighted blanket, you should also consider the filling. Most weighted blankets consist of an outer shell with an interior lining that is filled with poly pellets, discs, organic grains, or beads. Here are the most common fillers of weighted blankets:

  • Plastic pellets: Often used in stuffed animals, plastic pellets are the most likely to trap heat as they have no cooling properties. Like any other weighted pellets, grains, or balls, they are also not going to provide an even spread of weight as they can move around and clump inside the blanket.
  • Micro-glass beads: Often found in higher-end weighted blankets, micro-glass beads are a bit better when it comes to heat as they will stay cool. They’re also better for the environment and hypoallergenic.
  • Organic fillings like rice or beans: Avoid these at all costs as they will eventually rot, especially when you try to wash the blanket.
  • Weighted Fibers: The best option by far when it comes to filling your weighted blanket is to have a blanket with weighted fibers, like The Yaasa Weighted Blanket. As the fibers are woven evenly throughout, they can’t move around, so weight is always distributed evenly. The looped design lets air flow freely throughout the blanket, plus you can stick your hands into the holes as a comforting gesture. It’s like holding hands with a blanket!

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The Best Weighted Blanket for Hot Sleepers

The revolutionary design of The Yaasa Weighted Blanket allows it to be supremely soft and cooling in hot weather. Instead of plastic beads trapping body heat and creating lumps in the blanket, The Yaasa blanket is made with 100% recycled polypropylene yarns, which are hand-woven into interlocking loops that allow airflow and even distribution of weight throughout. Of course, while the woven design of The Yaasa Weighted Blanket allows you to stay cool in the summer months, the blanket is also warm enough on cold nights. The wonderfully thick woven design allows the Yaasa blanket to be suitable for all seasons. In an array of stylish neutral tones, the blanket also looks stylish at home year-round!

Other Ways to Create a Cooler Sleep Environment

Wondering why you don’t sleep well on a hot summer night? Turns out, there is a very strong link between thermal temperature and your sleep quality. Whether you’re naturally a hot sleeper or not, when you are sleeping, your internal temperature drops as a part of your circadian rhythm. A room that is too hot will disrupt your sleep, causing you to wake up and not be able to fall back to sleep.

For this reason, we completely understand why you’d be super picky about your bedding; in fact, we’re right there with you. But, besides opting for a cooling weighted blanket, you can also make other choices for your sleep environment. Here are some tips we recommend:

  • Set the room to a cool temperature at night: Studies show that sleeping in a cool environment can help you sleep. According to the Sleep Foundation, the optimal temperature for sleeping at night is around 65 degrees Fahrenheit, so why not give this temperature a try tonight?
  • Try Cooling Sheets: You know how you flip the pillow over to get the cool side? This is what The Luxury Sheets by Yaasa always feel like. Made of hotel quality bamboo rayon, these sheets stay cool throughout the night and have natural moisture-wicking properties so you don’t wake up in a pool of sweat. The breathable material is also hypoallergenic, free of harmful chemicals, and sustainable so you can feel good while you sleep without harming the environment.
  • Wear Lightweight Pajamas: There’s no need to layer up in heavy pajamas if you have the right type of bedding. Instead, keep your pajamas cool and light with breathable fabrics like organic cotton, viscose bamboo, or silk. As heat escapes through your feet, wearing a pair of comfy socks to bed can actually help you fall asleep faster.
  • Opt for a Cooling Pillow: Designed with breathability in mind, The Memory Foam Pillow by Yaasa has tiny channels in the foam that allow air to circulate. The pillow is encased in a breathable fabric cover that stays cool even if you’re a hot sleeper.
  • Look for a Cooling Mattress: Your mattress can also help regulate your body temperature at night. The Yaasa Mattress is made with a top layer of foam that increases air flow and keeps you from overheating.

Why Use a Weighted Blanket?

A weighted blanket is a blanket intentionally designed to be heavy to put gentle pressure on the joints and muscles. At around 10% of the body weight of the user, a weighted blanket simulates the feeling of being hugged while you sleep. Many people feel that the Deep Touch Pressure reduces stress, aids insomnia, and even soothes achy joints. According to occupational therapists Kristen McGurrin, MOT, OTR/L and Ashley Tillinghast MS, OTR/L, “A weighted blanket can provide calming input, which helps organize the body’s nervous system to promote relaxation and support healthier sleep patterns, as well as support and maintain calm during daily activities.” The weight of heavy blankets can also boost serotonin and dopamine, reduce cortisol levels, and increase melatonin. Besides these common benefits, weighted blankets are often used to treat ADHD and the sensory issues of people with autism spectrum disorder.

Experiencing the Deep Touch Pressure benefits of a high-quality weighted blanket can change your sleep for the better. You shouldn’t miss out because you’re worried about overheating!

Learn more about the benefits of weighted blankets with Yaasa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do weighted blankets really work?

Yes, weighted blankets work! When evenly distributed, the weight of the blanket on the body stimulates Deep Touch Pressure therapy, which medical studies have shown can soothe anxiety, increase serotonin and melatonin, alleviate poor sleep, and soothe ADHD and sensory issues.

Can I use a weighted blanket every night?

It is perfectly safe to use a weighted blanket every night and many adults do. By using a weighted blanket daily, you can reap all the benefits of Deep Touch Pressure and boost your sleep and overall wellbeing. Even in the hot summer months, you can use a cooling weighted blanket.

Is there a weighted blanket that keeps you cool?

Thankfully, there is! While some weighted blankets trap heat, The Yaasa Weighted Blanket uses a handwoven design with open loops to allow airflow throughout the blanket. The breathable cotton blanket has weighted fibers that are interspersed evenly so that the blanket doesn’t clump in one area. Even hot sleepers love the Yaasa Weighted Blanket.