Adjustable Twin Bed – Why The Yaasa Adjustable Bed Is Top Rated 2019

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Adjustable Twin BedWhen trying to achieve a great night’s sleep, there are many things you need to consider, and that includes choosing the best bed and mattress. Buying any type of mattress and adjustable frame won’t do.
You have to research a good brand, make a list of adjustable mattress features you like, create a fixed budget, and decide the ideal mattress size that will fit your bedroom. If you’re looking at buying an adjustable Twin bed, this guide can help you out.
Adjustable Twin Bed
Many people refer to Split King as an adjustable Twin bed. Why? A Split King is created by placing two TwinXL frames side-by-side. This feature allows closeness for partners, but each person independently controls their side.

What Is An Adjustable Twin Bed

The original Twin bed started making an appearance in the bedroom during the 1890s when interior decoration became a trend. It earned its nickname “Twin” by replacing a full-size mattress with two identical single innerspring mattresses. When the 1930s came around, Hollywood also started embracing the concept of Twin beds. By the 1950s and 1960s, it became fashionable when popular TV shows such as “Dick Van Dyke” and “I Love Lucy” used it as a prop.
The standard Twin is the smallest mattress size you can find (not including the crib mattress.) It’s ideal as your child grows. Toddlers can use it through their childhood. However, if a longer bed mattress is required, you can also opt for a Twin XL which is 6 inches longer. If you are looking for a wider bed, you can buy the Full-Size mattress which is 16 inches wider than the Twin.

Mattress and their corresponding frames have evolved. These days, an adjustable Twin bed is called a Split King. Why? The Split King frame holds two Twin XL mattresses offering closeness but allowing each partner to retain control over their side of the bed.

What is An Twin Adjustable Bed

Compared to the standard Twin, the Twin XL spring mattress is broader and closer to the length of a Queen or Split King bed base. The dimensions of each mattress are 38 inches wide by 80 inches long. This makes it the same length as a Queen or King size mattress. In the case of a Twin adjustable base, you enjoy the width and length of a 76×80 inch bed while maintaining individual control of your own side.  

Benefits of an Adjustable Twin Bed


Comfort is the number one benefit you can get from a full Twin-size adjustable bed frame as you can use it with just about any mattress. You can stretch out your body and move without disturbing others.

  • Quiet Whisper Motor – The Yaasa split King bed frame offers a whisper-quiet motor that will not disturb you or your partner as you find your perfect position.
  • USB ports – USB ports are built into the frame on each side. You’ll never have to worry about your electronics losing power or unsightly wires again as you work or play from your bed.
  • Wireless remote control — The backlit wireless remote makes channel surfing a pleasure whether the lights or on or off.
  • Retainer bar — The retainer bar ensures that your mattress does not slip, no matter the frame position supporting a good night’s sleep.
  • Wall Hugger Technology – Yaasa’s wall hugger technology allows you to reach your nightstand no matter how high you raise the head of the bed.

Medical Benefits

  • Enhances Respiratory Status – With the ability to raise the head of the bed, those with respiratory problems can find some respite. Whether you have COPD, sleep apnea, or snore, both you and your partner will appreciate the fact that you can raise the head of the bed for maximum comfort.
  • Boosts Circulation – For those with lower extremity edema or other circulatory problems, being able to raise the foot of the bed while sleeping can make a world of difference. When you sleep with your feet elevated, your heart has to work less to circulate the blood and fluids tend not to pool as much.
  • Zero Gravity Position – The Yaasa adjustable bed frame allows for a  Zero-G position. This allows for the head and feet to be raised at a correct angle to relieve spinal pressure.
  • Helps With Gastrointestinal Issues – Conditions such as acid reflux, occur when the esophageal muscle is weak and allows gastric juices to flow up into the esophagus. This condition is also called heartburn and may be helped by sleeping with the head of the bed raised.

White Glove Delivery
You can have a Yaasa mattress and frame shipped to your home for free. Or, with a fixed fee you can arrange for White Glove delivery. With glove delivery, experts come to your home to set up your frame wherever you want.

Types of Mattresses for Twin Adjustable Bed

Memory Foam Mattress

A memory foam mattress is good at conforming to the body shape and providing lumbar support while lounging in bed. Memory foam mattresses remain a favorite to use with an adjustable bed base. Because of its unique foam construction, it can absorb the body’s pressure and evenly support an individual’s weight. When used with a Twin adjustable bed, a gel memory foam can provide pressure relief and overall body comfort.

Foam Mattress

The difference between a foam mattress and a memory foam mattress is that viscoelasticity is added to the former, allowing it to better contour to the individual’s body. Foam mattresses can be used on an adjustable bed frame.

Latex Mattress

Like the memory foam bed frame, latex mattresses also boast an excellent high-density foam construction, making it effective at providing comfort and support for patients with sleep issues. However, the latex mattress is more “buoyant” and slightly more rigid. There are two types of latex foam: Dunlop and Talalay latex. If you are environmentally-conscious, buying an all-natural latex foam is recommended as they go through a sustainable manufacturing process.

Traditional Innerspring Mattress

A standard spring mattress comes with classic innerspring or coil construction and a padded top or foam. Many people opt for traditional innerspring because of the low cost – but that comes at a price. Unfortunately, it is not the most compatible foam for an adjustable foundation. Its coiled springs make it stiffer and harder to work with a reclining bed. It is also known to create more pressure points rather than provide relief, making it a bad option for aches and pains.

Pocket Coil Mattress

Pocket coil mattresses boast individually pocketed coils. These work well on adjustable bed frames. Over the last 20 years, traditional innerspring mattresses have been replaced by the pocket coil. In fact, some manufacturers use the term interchangeably. Make sure you check with your manufacturer what definition they use.

Air Bed Mattress

An air bed mattress has one or two inner air chambers that allow users to adjust the mattress’ air pressure. Although they are made with soft encasement and padded foam, it is not ideal for use with an adjustable base. That is because the sleep positions that an adjustable base is capable of doing can effectively impede the airflow of an air mattress. That, in turn, decreases its ability to give a good massage and provide comfort or relief to the foot and other pressure points.

Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses are often a combination of latex or pocket coils with a foam or memory foam top. These mattresses are not only comfortable but work well on an adjustable bed frame.

An adjustable bed base can change your world. The split King option allows partners to customize their experience, both together and separately. Whether you want to watch TV, relax with a book, or ease the end-of-the-day aches and pains, and adjustable Twin bed frame can help you.