Solutions to Shoulder Pain From Sleeping On Side

Shoulder pain is a common complaint. That isn’t surprising given that the shoulders are one of the most complex areas of the body. Putting uneven pressure on the joints can trigger inflammation, as well as pain in your muscles and your tendons, leaving you with a limited range of motion. Reducing the stress you put […]

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How To Sleep With Upper Back Pain

Understanding Your Back The spine (backbone) consists of 33 interlocking bones that run the length of your neck and back. In the center is an opening (spinal canal) through which runs the spinal cord. Between each vertebra is a spongy disc that provides cushioning. Spiky “processes” jut out and attach to ligaments. (The ligaments are […]

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Chest Pain When Lying Down To Sleep


Chest Pain Risk Factors Family History Aging Obesity High Cholesterol High Blood Pressure Smoking Diabetes Stress Poor Sleep Hygiene When we think of chest pain, we often think of cardiovascular disease, but that is not always true. Chest pain can also be symptomatic of lung conditions (pulmonary embolism), GI issues (gastroesophageal reflex), or anxiety disorders. […]

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