10 Minute Wakeup Routine

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Quick Overview

Your mattress plays a huge part in the overall success of your best night’s sleep and more importantly how you feel when you wake. At Yaasa, we have you covered with four unique mattress styles to accommodate your sleep style. Our team has your back (literally) when it comes to choosing your mattress of choice. Now that we have those grounds covered, we wanted to share a few friendly tips on how to get your morning off to an even better start.


Okay, let’s be honest, most of us do not have time for a daily 30-minute mediation. Our lives are in constant motion from point A to B. Within all the craziness, it is so important to take a moment, yes literally 1-minute, to sit and reflect in silence. The best time of day to offer this to yourself is right when you wake. Why you might ask? The mornings are typically the time of day when your thoughts are less frantic and you can bring your focus to your breath in a quiet space (i.e., in the comfort of your bed). Check out the below steps to get you started.

  • Wake up from your dreamy state of mind
  • Prop yourself in a comfortable upright position of choice
  • Set a timer for one minute
  • Close your eyes
  • Breath in natural state without any effort
  • Continue to focus your attention on your breath and how it moves throughout your body


Mornings are hectic, we get it. Sometimes waking up for your favorite 6am yoga class doesn’t always go as planned. Getting in a quick 5-minute home practice will jump start your body and mind. What’s even better, you can stay put in your pajamas. Roll out your mat and follow the below flow to get you ready for the day!
Childs Pose: Bring your knees wide, press your hips back to your heels, reach your arms out long and lie your forehead down. Stay here for 10 full breath cycles (1 minute).
Seated Side Stretch: Slowly rise form Childs Pose and set your hips on your heels. Inhale as you bring your arms over head. Exhale, take your right palm down to the floor (or a block), as your left arm lengthens overhead. Breath deep into your left side body, 5 full breath cycles (30 seconds). Inhale, arms tall overhead. Exhale, repeat on the opposite side.
Seated Forward Fold: From Seated Side Stretch, bring your seat onto the ground and lengthen your legs out in front. Inhale, your arms overhead. Exhale, hinging from your hips, lengthen your torso over your thighs. Your palms can rest lightly onto the ground. For more activation, grab for the outer edge of your feet, as you bring more length into your spine. Feel free to micro-bend your knees. Stay for 10 full breath cycles (1 minute).
Supine Twist: Inhale, gently rise from Seated Froward Fold, stacking vertebra by vertebra. Bend your knees and scoot your hips forward, lie onto your back. Bring your knees into your chest. Send your left leg long onto the ground. Keep your right knee bent, interlace your palms over your right shin. Draw your knee around your right ribcage. Stay here for 2 full breath cycles (10 seconds). From here, draw your knee across your torso, rolling onto your left hip. Stay here for the remaining 8 breath cycles (40 seconds). Come back through center, draw both knees in one line. Repeat on the opposite side.


Lemon water, need we say more? First off, this powerful drink has so many benefits for your body inside and out. Let’s not forget that liquids play a huge role in the overall functions of your body. As humans, we are made up of 60% of water. With that being said, give your body what it’s made of. Lemons are jam packed with vitamins and minerals that will be sure to get your morning off to a good start.
Benefit breakdown:

  • Promotes a healthy immune system
    Lemons are packed with Vitamin C which helps boost your immune system. High levels of Vitamin C also act as a de-stressor. We love a healthy body and calm mind!
  • Assists your digestive system
    Lemons help break up the toxins in your digestive track. They also aid as a natural diuretic, which help relieve symptoms of bloating.
  • Potent levels of potassium
    This magical mineral enhances your metabolism and muscle functions. It also balances out the effects of sodium which can help maintain healthy blood pressure levels, assisting in a healthy heart.
  • Cleanses your system
    Enhances enzyme functions within your liver, which helps flush out unwanted toxins.

Suggestive use:
Drink one cup of warm water with half a lemon every morning. If you struggle with sipping on something tart, try adding a teaspoon of raw honey. Enjoy!
So there you have it, meditate, stretch and sip your way into the day. All you need to do is set your alarm for 10 minutes earlier than you normally rise. Easy right? We promise you won’t regret this little addition to your morning routine.

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